An uneventful 2020

Life in HK

It is now October, Year 2020. What started to be an explosive decade of great things to come has turned into a year everyone wish it never came. COVID-19 pandemic hit China like a Tsunami during Chinese New Year. It sent Wuhan (the epicenter of this pandemic) under lockdown on the eve of Chinese New Year. Together with a few other cities as well.

This was criticized by the world, for being inhumane. The lost of freedom. But it was probably the best China could do at that time, whilst everyone is still trying to figure out what sickness is this that causes death by the hundreds and infecting every walks of life, particularly the elderly. 

While China did the world a favour, the rest of countries acted like nothing happen. Businesses was as usual. Not much pre-cautionary actions were taken. Then this vicious pandemic came and swept the whole world in Feb & March.

One by one country declared lockdown. Travelling came to a standstill. Italy records hundreds of death everyday. It was scary. They too had to lockdown the country to reduce the chances of it spreading wider. Eventually, many countries enter into their own form of lockdown and social distancing rules. Virus do not choose skin colour or religion. 

And here we are now in mid October, the last quarter of 2020. There’s still no sign of recovery in anywhere, except China itself. Malaysia has gone into wave 2 and some of the cities will be lockdown starting from 14th Oct. It was all because of some stupid leadership decision. Taking for granted that history never repeat itself. But no, he’s wrong. This virus is deadly, and it mutates.

Hong Kong has just came out of Wave 3, and last week we had a scare of new cluster at the hotel. Fearing that Wave 4 would come, strict social distancing rule is back in place. Election been postponed for another year, which was a wise move despite criticism from many others. 

As I’m writing this from home, Typhoon Nangka is approaching Hong Kong. T8 signal in force. My friend jokingly mentioned that she pray this Typhoon will take all the viruses away. She promises she would never eat Nangka in her life. I’d raise my feet and join her too. 

I am also worried that Daddy might get stucked in Malaysia with the lockdown enforced. He’s due to fly back on 20th Oct. Lets hope he can make it back here without much drama. 

Meanwhile, I’m here holding the fort making sure we are in good hands. I’ve started working again early last month. I count my blessings that I was able to get a job so quickly within a short timeframe of 1 month. Never had I thought I’d be going back to work, in this situation. Well, life must go on. Things hasn’t been fine and dandy in Hong Kong Airlines due to mismanagement. The pandemic just made things worse. Pay cut after pay cut for almost a year, and we still don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hence there was a need to step up and get back to work.

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