Mini Uno

Uno, the card game that I grew up with many years ago. I tried teaching Vyktore and Faythe the Uno concept and how to play few years back, but at that time they haven’t quite grasp the concept. But now that they are older and better in maths, Uno is a really fun game.

Recently, we won a mini Uno pack from the school funfair. Best thing to bring along in the handbag. We can play while waiting for our food to arrive, instead of poking at the iPhone LOL.

Yes, look at how tiny they are. Suitable for the little children’s hands. Easy for them to handle.

On weekends, we will also play Uno when we have nothing better do to and the kids are up for a challenge.

Sometimes they get upset cause they are still not smart enough to win ME. So I do give them some chances along the way and at times pretend to be loosing. Just so that a war doesn’t erupt at home.

Here are some photos taken during one of our mini UNO game during the weekend.

And here I am struggling to hold them cause they are too small for me hahaha

Hiking to Wong Lung Hang (黄龍坑道) – 6 May 2014

Before the weather gets too warm and start of summer, church friends organized another hike at Lantau Island. We were not told that it’s a rock/stream hiking trail. Only saw some beautiful photos on some blogs. Hence I packed my camera to ensure I snap some good photos.

Around 15 odd of us met the petrol station across across North Lantau Hospital. I decided to warm up and walked to the petrol station with a Katherine while the kids followed Hon and went there via public transport. Soon, everyone started arrive and we started our hike.

For the first 30mins, it was pretty easy walk along the road. Then we entered the Wong Lung Hang Picnic Site, and thereafter that’s where the torture begins (*.*).

Sharon told us that she hiked before and we need to be prepared to get ourselves wet as there are some parts of the hike we need to go in to the stream. *Gulp*. My biggest worry was not my kids of course. But instead of DSLR which I can’t get it wet.

As we go deeper into the stream and forest, the hike gets more tricky. At some point, you need to stand and plan your route to ensure that you walk through shallow part of the stream. While I struggle to hike up to the waterfall, both Faythe & Vyktore were doing fine. They were so fast and I soon lose sight of them.

In fact, I was the last arriving at the base of the waterfall. Of course the scenery was awesome and was worth the 3 hours climb!!!

The water was so clean and cold. Even the kids who wanted to swim earlier pulled back. We took our break and ate all the food we brought up since we’ve burned all our energy on our way up LOL.

After rest for a while and take some photos, we make our way down. Gosh, going down was much worse. This is because most part of the stream were covered with rocks and you can barely see what’s lying over the rock in front of you. Me being me, keep on worried about my camera getting wet.

This part is like a mini spa. It’s near the main waterfall, but a secluded spot where you can sit down and let the water gush down your shoulder after a tiring hike :) .

In the end, we took about 4 hours to finally reach the base. There were only 4 of us left. Hon, myself, Vyktore and Pastor Kevin. Gosh, my legs start to ache as we inch our way to have a quick bite where a few others waited for us there.

To take it further, we walked home after our tea. By the time we arrived home, I could feel the legs aching much more. Kids being kids felt nothing. They were still jumping around after taking their shower. But soon, fell asleep by 8PM.

I fell asleep by 10PM and the next day I woke up and try to remember what happened. I felt as though I was beaten up hahhahaha…

It was a great hike despite all the challenges. It’s worth it definitely. But I’d think twice if you ask me to go again. Definitely not gonna lug the DSLR along :) .

Look at the water, so clear, I could see my shoes LOL.

Wish I could swim LOL. This is definitely a rare scenery in HK itself.

Visit to Fanling & Water Baptism – 1 May 2014

What better to do on Public Holiday than to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Wanted to bring the kids out of HK since 1st and 6th was public holiday. But thought it would be crowded, so probably the better option is to stay in HK.

Church organized water baptism on 1st May at a farm in Fanling. Hence we decided to join in the fun. Hon also ordered a roast pig to be shared among fellow church goers. Something that we have not done for years.

Kids were all excited as they went there last year. They were telling me there’s goats, rabbits, fishes, tortoises and even cow there.

Church rented mini bus and we gather at Novotel Citygate at 9AM. Left for Fanling, which took us about 1 hour or so to get there. It was darn far. And it passed by the area at University Station that we went on our Geological Tour few weeks ago.

Everyone was excited about the roast pig and couldn’t resist to take photos with it. And of course savoring the roast pig once it was chopped into tiny little pieces by 2 butchers LOL.

Even bones and all the parts were not spared. All the ladies having a gala time dividing the remaining of the roast pig.

Kimchi fried rice with roast pork LOL. Yes we got creative later on.

We also setup the BBQ pit and even heat up the roast pork on it so that the skin stays crunchy and warm.Of course, after all the pig out session, it was finally water baptism time. There were 5-6 kids/teenager and a few adults to be baptist this round.

It was a great day to spend our Labour Day and weather was great as well, although at times it looks gloomy and about to rain.

We finally left Fanling at about 330PM and arrived at Tung Chung close to 5PM.

Serai. There were plenty in the farm and we helped to get rid of it by hoarding all the serai back. According to the ladies, these are expensive stuff in HK.

Kids surrounding the rabbits cage and trying to disturb them.

What’s everyone looking at? Check out the cow’s butt on the left of the pic LOL.

Kids playing with the water after the water baptism was executed.

Weekend is approaching…’s mid of June today and weekend is approaching. I’m glad that the week is over without any big hiccups over the last few days. School exams are over too for Faythe and she did pretty well. I’m currently compiling a list of To-Dos for their Summer Holiday and hopefully we can check check check most of ‘em if not all of ‘em.

Needless to say, I’m just 1 month away from celebrating the 1st Anniversary of living abroad LOL. Excited? Yeah, maybe I should throw a BBQ party. *giggles*.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and Happy Father’s Day. Reminds me that I need to go book for hi-tea after this.

Here’s leaving you with a photo taken last year when the house was still empty. 

大澳 (Tai O)

Tai O is a fishing village town cum island by itself, situated on the western side of Lantau Island. Some history of Tai O can be found here on wikipedia. Residing nearer to Tung Chung and easily accessible via bus or direct ferry. If you remember the movie, Project A by Jacky Chan, that police station in the movie, was actually filmed here. We didn’t manage to visit the police station, but only caught a glimpse of it as we travel back to Tung Chung by boat.

We came here last Feb during the end of winter. It was freezing cold but we enjoyed it. Since we were there after 2pm, we didn’t have much time to explore the entire Island, just a little bit here and there and there seems to be so much more to offer & explore here as compared to Cheung Chau. As usual, we wouldn’t miss trying out the restaurants there to fill our tummy. And we all agree that the trip to Tai O is better off with ferry than the whirly-windy road up the hill & down the hill via the bus.

Here are some photos taken during our 4 hours trip. More photos over at my FB album.

depleted wall and door, love the effect of it.

Look at this boy with oversized sunnies LOL

Youngest in the group, Ben.

Dried food products. Seems like it’s cheaper to buy here than Cheung Chau.

BBQ dried seafood.

One for the family. Gosh..the kids are not looking!!

drinks of all kinds of colours

Old roofs could still be seen here.

There were alot of old post boxes like this and I couldn’t resist to take pics of each of them.

pretty rose.

Old school grilles, with designs somemore..rare-ness :)

this is how they make assam?

Salted egg yolks!! We didn’t know they were selling salted egg yolks like this. We bought some to try, lovely.

Everyone busy lining up to by some peanut kuih, erm but we dare not try.

There were alot of houses like these, made of just metal sheets? Not sure why they use this instead of bricks.

The man squatting in front of the metal house. I asked him to pose as if he’s some gangster killing time LOL.

The house is so small, you have to use an external stairs to go upstairs LOL

A simple worship place, made with metal also O.o

Wow, I wish I could move this to my balcony LOL.

A man enjoying his snacks by the door

talk about details…even the grill has words engraved on it.

This uncle is trying hard to cycle..salute him.

more post box….

Made them sat on the stairs and took pics.

Fire Danger Warning, but smoking cigar outside.

Another cat.

Ah a postbox with my surname, how cool

Hon’s colleagues, Bala & Janet.

All sorts of jeruk on sale

Trying out the baked salted egg..tasted just like egg+salt, LOL

Vyktore enjoying biscuits sandwiched with maltose.

Fried wan tan noodles with sliced beef. Heavenly.

Sweet & sour pork is a must for kids.

Marinated jelly fish with fish cake. Local dish.

Fried prawns with soya sauce. My favourite.

Scallops steamed with spring onion and vermicelli. Nice.

Fried taufu

Lovely sunset. We’ve not been seeing sunset during winter but managed to enjoy the sunset in Tai O.

Peanut kuih, tried this elsewhere before, not bad.

Giant size dried oysters

waiting for the boat at Pier.

got this shot of them from far.

長洲 (Cheung Chau)

I’m sure most of you have heard about Cheung Chau (長洲) after watching TVB Drama Series for so many years. I’m one of them too. And I was excited when I came to know that Cheung Chau is not too far from Lantau Island. Cheung Chau is also famous for the Bun Festival which is held every year during May. I would definitely consider going there for photoshoot during the Bun Festival next time, when my kids are older and I don’t have to bring them along with me as it’s too crowded.

This was our first adventure to other Islands in Hong Kong. It was a hot Sunday afternoon. There’s a direct bus from Tung Chung to Cheung Chau (3M). We took a bus to the Pier, about 45 mins, then we took a ferry over to Cheung Chau.

Cheung Chau is very commercialised compared to other places like Tai O, Pui O, etc. When we alighted the ferry, the 1st thing that greeted us was McDonald’s!! As it was so hot, we succumbed to McDonald’s and went to get our Coca-Cola Slurpee. And that has to be the best ever Slurpee I’ve ever tasted in my life :) .

Since it was lunchtime, we started walking along the way to hunt for food. Finally went into one of the restaurants and ordered some yummy dishes. After filling our tummy, we just continue walking and explore this place.

We saw a lady selling home made 豆腐花 (tau fu fah) and ordered some to try. Unlike back home where they serve 豆腐花 with gula melaka, here they serve it with syrup or yellow sugar. Still prefer the gula melaka version :) .

After that, we headed to the beach where the kids had a great time playing while the adults chill out with beer at the restaurant (just beside the beach).

From Cheung Chau you can take a ferry back to Central as well and that’s what we did. It was a much longer ride. We had dinner at IFC Mall before heading home and call it a day.

Here are some photos taken at Cheung Chau. For more photos, visit my FB album.

Look, McDonald’s in Cheung Chau :) .

Fried Mantis Prawn.

Stir Fried Kailan (looks super oily eh ^.^)

Kam Heong Lala (without the curry leaves)

Chilli & Salt Fried Tofu (this was a hit)

Stir Fried Crabs with Ginger & Spring Onion

Fried rice for the kids

Sweet & sour pork (for the kids too)

Steam fish..yummy :)

This lady was selling home made tau fu fah. Since it was so hot, we stopped here for our dessert.

Slurps…smooth and tasty tau fu fah.

 Do you think this fella is aged at least 50 years old? Look at how huge it is!!!

 We didn’t ride any of these, but thought that it’ll be nice to take some pics. Next time must rent and ride hehe

 Buying some salted fish to try. 

Walking towards the beach

Cheung Chau Buns

Kids enjoying their beach time

Tallest building in HK, IFC Mall, at HK Central. We took a MTR back to Tung Chung thereafter.

長沙灘 (Cheung Sha Beach)

Well, I’ve came here for almost 10 months, but haven’t quite blog about our adventures thus far, thought I’d start with this recent one. Lantau Island, that’s where we stay is pretty well preserved. If you’ve seen the various photos I’ve posted on my Facebook, you would be surprised that it’s Hong Kong. That’s also one of the reason why we are living there instead of in HK Island. You feel less hectic and more at home here than in HK Island itself. More laid back. Even the escalators are slower in comparison (swear I’m telling the truth cause I switch from fast mode to slow mode when I commute within my office and home).

There are alot of hiking trails (we’ve completed 2 so far), beaches, mountains, Island hopping (we’ve done 2 as well) and geological park. Back in March when the weather was finally warmer but not too warm, we took a bus from Tung Chung to 長沙灘 (Cheung Sha Beach). It’s a short ride on a windy road via Bus 35 (the one that goes up to Po Lin Monastery). It only takes 20 minutes from Tung Chung to Cheung Sha Beach.

Kids were delighted as usual since we get to break free from the usual shopping mall visits. We went there with our family friend, of which their kids are same age as ours (their best buddy here).

The beach was rather empty to our delight. We were informed that locals don’t normally flock here. They’d go to more commercialised beaches like the ones in Cheung Chau. Only the angmo will come here, and this area are usually populated by the foreigners that wants a laid back life and mainly those working in Airport.

I wouldn’t say that the beach was fantastic if you compare those back home in Malaysia, but definitely much cleaner and less muddy. I’d rate this above some parts of Port Dickson & Morib in terms of cleaniness.

For once, Vyktore enjoyed the beach so much and I was so delighted that he finally did. All this while he’d just sit on the mat and eat his snacks. Never want to get himself there. He claims that it’s dirty. But during this visit, he totally enjoyed the waves and rolling about on the beach.

There’s also facilities for you to clean up after the beach bathing which is well maintained. Changing room is also available. Don’t need to wrap the towel around you and change discreetly in the public hehe..

Here are some photos taken that day.

We will definitely return here again for beach bathing weekend.



Day 3: Farewell with KL Working Moms

Since we have some errands to run downtown, I made arrangement to meet up with Paik Ling for lunch. Jaccs & Elaine also joined us since they are all working in KL City Centre. And this wraps up all the farewell lunch/dinner that I’ve been having.

We had non-halal Japanese food and it was yummy!! Thanks ladies for the treat and good thing Hon was not bored to death with us yakking non stop during lunch.

By the end of Thursday, I’m so exhausted & my legs are so sore. Because it’s traffic jam all the way and I’m driving a manual car. Also the night before we went for movies and slept pretty late as I had to vacuum pack all my clothes so that I have enough space to stuff all the clothes. I’m like a walking zombie O.o. Almost fell asleep at Great Eastern while waiting for Hon to sort his things out.

Thursday was like the final day to get everything done, but nevertheless, I still have a long list to accomplish for Friday & Saturday. Seriously, it’s like never ending O.o. How come I got so much things to do!!

The most important thing is I need to make sure whatever that I want to giveaway has to be ready before Friday as the Charity Org. people are coming on Friday to pick it up. I don’t want to leave anything behind. So it was more like crazy clearance sale on Thursday night to make sure nothing is left.

Day 15: The TANK & it’s living things

Can you see the glass in between? Look closely :)

They’ve been with us for 6 years. When we first moved in, they were size was barely the length on an iPhone. At the time they left us, they were both about 35cm long.

Lets talk about the tank before we talk about the fish as the tank marks an important part of our house. When we were renovating our house, we converted one side of the house into a fish tank, size 6ft x 4 ft. It requires about 1 hour to fill the whole tank up. *Crazy*. Right below it, there’s a filter system that works by itself for the pass 6 years, with minimal intervention required (thank GOD for that). And the magical thing about this tank is there’s a glass that divides the tank into 2. You will not notice it unless you take a closer look at it :) . It shares the same water and everything, but the fishes are separated.

That, actually enabled us to keep 2 Arowana in 1 tank. Cool right. Invented by Mr. Hon…made by aquarium shop in PJ Old Town. The man actually came to our house and install the tank there n then cause it was too huge to bring over from his shop. And before we put the tank there, that area did look like we are selling hotdogs & tickets over the counter.

The cleaning of the tank is an uphill task. Usually done by the skillful maid, and then it became part of my job when the maid left/runaway, and then I got fedup and just left it to grow moss allover :P . Not forgetting the food we need to feed them. Consist of mainly:

  1. Frogs
  2. Earthworms
  3. Crickets
  4. Centipede
  5. Baby fishes

Each time we travel for longer than 3 days, we need to appoint someone to feed them. Thanks to Lawrence & Frank for taking care of the fishes each time we are away.

On one of my short business trip, I didn’t appoint either of them to feed the fish because I thought it was a short one, should be alright. Made sure I fed them before leaving, and when I got back, disaster struck. The whole tank of fish on the inner side died. 5 parrot fish, 1 arowana (the one with chip implanted). Reason: Power trip.

Took Lawrence & me 2 hours to clean up the mess.

The day finally came, on 11th June (same day as when we movers came), his new owner came and pickup the remaining arowana & parrot fishes.Took the man 2 hours to get him into the plastic bag. Had to sedate the fish.

He will be missed for sure.

The new owner, proudly holding the Arowana. Good bye…Mr. Hon gonna miss you.

Day 16: The Shipment

This is the 1st installment of our countdown before leaving the country. From now till 17th of July, I will be posting one post a day, of which each post represents a part of our family and what has been happening over the pass 1 month and of course the coming last few days living in KL. Some of it are quite boring, so read whichever you prefer.

everything went in and ready to sail to HK

On 11th June 2011, it’ll always be the day to remember. Movers came and moved all the stuff that we want to ship to HK. The moving weren’t that bad, but the preparation for the move was crazy.

Mr. Hon came back mid May with a big bomb. We gotta start packing cause we target to move the things into container and ship it on 18th June. And because I will be in HK starting 15th June, they have to come earlier to collect the items. So I basically had 2 weeks to pack everything and finalise the list so that they can get quotation over at the HK side.

It was really crazy. He started packing his teapots, only some, then it was all mine mine mine. I tell you, I’m now a qualified logistics worker :P . I bubble wrap every single teapot. Packed every single tea into bags, and then into plastic container & seal them, to make sure in case they fumigate the shipment, it will still be safe for drinking. Clothes, kids books, kitchen utensils, groceries which I bought from Vietnam and some other stuff. Not forgetting tagging all the furnitures that needs to be shipped.

And from time to time, Mr. Hon will add 1 or 2 item into the list *grrrr*. I worked OT everyday after work to pack all the 10 boxes. As for the furniture, we left it to the movers to do it. The house has not been swept/mop since then till last weekend (26 June). Can imagine how dusty is that :P . It looks like a warehouse more than anything.

At the same time I also have to pack things which we want to keep & things we want to throw/giveaway. It weren’t easy, but I just continue to push on.

So when the day came for the movers to collect the items, I was relieved. At least the bulk of mess is gone. And I can move on to dispose/giveaway/keep rest of the items.

Now when I think back, I really can’t imagine how I did it all by myself. Crazy or what. I even used a packing list template from my vendor and printed packing list and stick it on each box haha…really like professional logistics OK :P .

And on that very day, at night, we also celebrated Vyktore’s 5th Birthday. He wanted a Yellowman Cake. Gosh, son, you are really testing me. I didn’t want to waste RM250 ordering a 3D cake for him, so I made the yellowman with fondant, and put it on the orange/cheese cake that I order from Suzette :) .

Vyktore, Faythe, Cousins (Gabriel & Raphael) & Partner in Crime, Jayden

Sweats…that’s the first & last time I’m gonna do anything with fondant. Really not easy lah. But I’m glad that he was very happy when he saw the cake. Can see the grin on his face. He wanted to eat the yellowman O.o.

Happy Birthday my little man…we all love you, very very very much :) .