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June – Sep 2014 ?>

June – Sep 2014

OMG, I’ve not updated my blog for more than a year. Clearing cob webs all over the place. Life had gotten too busy in the past 1 year. A couple of overseas trips, crazy workload and growing kids. That’s what kept me busy for the past 1 year. I actually drafted this post last year, but totally forgot to publish it on the blog. Here’s a quick flash back of what we were up to from Jun – Sep 2014….

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Mini Uno ?>

Mini Uno

Uno, the card game that I grew up with many years ago. I tried teaching Vyktore and Faythe the Uno concept and how to play few years back, but at that time they haven’t quite grasp the concept. But now that they are older and better in maths, Uno is a really fun game. Recently, we won a mini Uno pack from the school funfair. Best thing to bring along in the handbag. We can play while waiting for our…

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Hiking to Wong Lung Hang (黄龍坑道) – 6 May 2014 ?>

Hiking to Wong Lung Hang (黄龍坑道) – 6 May 2014

Before the weather gets too warm and start of summer, church friends organized another hike at Lantau Island. We were not told that it’s a rock/stream hiking trail. Only saw some beautiful photos on some blogs. Hence I packed my camera to ensure I snap some good photos. Around 15 odd of us met the petrol station across across North Lantau Hospital. I decided to warm up and walked to the petrol station with a Katherine while the kids followed…

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Visit to Fanling & Water Baptism – 1 May 2014 ?>

Visit to Fanling & Water Baptism – 1 May 2014

What better to do on Public Holiday than to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Wanted to bring the kids out of HK since 1st and 6th was public holiday. But thought it would be crowded, so probably the better option is to stay in HK. Church organized water baptism on 1st May at a farm in Fanling. Hence we decided to join in the fun. Hon also ordered a roast pig to be shared among…

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Weekend is approaching… ?>

Weekend is approaching…’s mid of June today and weekend is approaching. I’m glad that the week is over without any big hiccups over the last few days. School exams are over too for Faythe and she did pretty well. I’m currently compiling a list of To-Dos for their Summer Holiday and hopefully we can check check check most of ’em if not all of ’em. Needless to say, I’m just 1 month away from celebrating the 1st Anniversary of living abroad LOL….

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大澳 (Tai O) ?>

大澳 (Tai O)

Tai O is a fishing village town cum island by itself, situated on the western side of Lantau Island. Some history of Tai O can be found here on wikipedia. Residing nearer to Tung Chung and easily accessible via bus or direct ferry. If you remember the movie, Project A by Jacky Chan, that police station in the movie, was actually filmed here. We didn’t manage to visit the police station, but only caught a glimpse of it as we…

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長洲 (Cheung Chau) ?>

長洲 (Cheung Chau)

I’m sure most of you have heard about Cheung Chau (長洲) after watching TVB Drama Series for so many years. I’m one of them too. And I was excited when I came to know that Cheung Chau is not too far from Lantau Island. Cheung Chau is also famous for the Bun Festival which is held every year during May. I would definitely consider going there for photoshoot during the Bun Festival next time, when my kids are older and I don’t…

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長沙灘 (Cheung Sha Beach) ?>

長沙灘 (Cheung Sha Beach)

Well, I’ve came here for almost 10 months, but haven’t quite blog about our adventures thus far, thought I’d start with this recent one. Lantau Island, that’s where we stay is pretty well preserved. If you’ve seen the various photos I’ve posted on my Facebook, you would be surprised that it’s Hong Kong. That’s also one of the reason why we are living there instead of in HK Island. You feel less hectic and more at home here than in…

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Day 3: Farewell with KL Working Moms ?>

Day 3: Farewell with KL Working Moms

Since we have some errands to run downtown, I made arrangement to meet up with Paik Ling for lunch. Jaccs & Elaine also joined us since they are all working in KL City Centre. And this wraps up all the farewell lunch/dinner that I’ve been having. We had non-halal Japanese food and it was yummy!! Thanks ladies for the treat and good thing Hon was not bored to death with us yakking non stop during lunch. By the end of…

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Day 15: The TANK & it’s living things ?>

Day 15: The TANK & it’s living things

Can you see the glass in between? Look closely They’ve been with us for 6 years. When we first moved in, they were size was barely the length on an iPhone. At the time they left us, they were both about 35cm long. Lets talk about the tank before we talk about the fish as the tank marks an important part of our house. When we were renovating our house, we converted one side of the house into a fish…

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