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Revisit of Ikan Bakar @ Petaling Street

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Many years ago, when we were still dating, we used to go to Petaling Street pretty often. That’s because Hon’s office is downtown, and we like to kill time by going dinner and whatever lah, instead of stuck in the … Continue reading

Mon Hue Restaurant, HCM

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I thought I shall not bore everyone with my travel post. And since I’ve been to HCM for like umpteen times, there isn’t really much left for me to write about, except about their food LOL. So I thought I … Continue reading

Food Review: Bruno’s

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Can’t remember when was the last time I posted up some food on my blog, so lets get ready your bib ;). The restaurant name is call Bruno’s. Located at Jaya 33. It’s on the ground floor, facing mainroad. It’s … Continue reading

Food Review: Smelly Taufu

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I remember I blog bout eating chau tau fu (smelly taufu) sometime ago, when I first met Peter. Ever since then, I never had any chance to eat smelly taufu until recently, my colleague helped me bought 5 pieces. Whoa….I … Continue reading

Big Apple

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(credits & details here) OK more food review. I remember Angie wrote bout Big Apple Donut. It sure looks good. And I knew bout it when I passed by The Curve one day. I could no longer contain my desire, … Continue reading

Bora Asmara Night

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(credits & details here) OK…look at the title twice and I can tell you, this post is not about me *ber-asrama* with my Mr. Hon OK :). It’s a restaurant name that we went. Actually we’ve been here once, but … Continue reading

Saturday: Eating Day

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What did we do last Saturday? Daddy was flying noon to Shenzen. So I thought, that’s a good opportunity to drop by at Peter’s Restaurant for some dessert. Why I have to wait when Daddy is not around, cause he … Continue reading

Food Review: Duck Rice

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(credits & details here) hehe..Monday again, tempt you with Duck Rice this time. Want to eat Crispy-Skin-Still-Hot Duck Rice. Head to Paramount, Sunrise. Ermm…it’s actually quite easy to find, if you know where is KFC in Paramount, it’s at the … Continue reading

Food Review: Mini Boat Porridge

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Monday morning, let me tempt you with some yummilicious food review hehe.. I’m sure most of you out there watch HK TVB Series, and they always mention the word *teng chai chuk* (as in mini boat porridge). And you must … Continue reading

Food Review: Fish Head Noodles

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(credits & details here) Another food review. I recall LaundryAmah wrote before bout this famous Fish Head Noodle. When I saw that..salivating liao haha.. So when my colleague asked if I wanna go eat Old Klang Road Fish Head Noodle..I … Continue reading