Revisit of Ikan Bakar @ Petaling Street

Many years ago, when we were still dating, we used to go to Petaling Street pretty often. That’s because Hon’s office is downtown, and we like to kill time by going dinner and whatever lah, instead of stuck in the traffic jam. Actually find excuse to be together longer mah :P.

We enjoy the famous Ikan Bakar @ Petaling Street. You will definitely not miss this one as it’s just beside the famous Mata Kuching Drinks stall.

But ever since we got married, I’ve not tasted it!! Yes, as far as I recall, I’ve not eaten this for almost 8 years!!

A few nights before CNY, Sue and myself decided to take a drive to Petaling Street. Our mission:

1. buy some twirled bamboo for CNY

2. eat the food that we’ve not been eating. When you have kids, you gotta change your menu as well. So when chances like this comes along, we will usually go all out spicy food!!

Our first stop, assam laksa. We could smell it the moment we came out of Pak Ping building!!

Since we are so greedy, we decided to share 1 bowl of assam laksa, so that we can eat other stuff later LOL.

Next stop, Ikan Bakar. This stall has not changed since 8 years ago. You just go there, tell them what you want, the boss will say, “come back 30mins later”

So we placed our order:

1. Ikan Bakar

2. Sotong with ladies fingers, bakar also!!

We went shopping, 30mins later come back. Sat on one of the table, and our dinner were served.

It’s amazing how they can remember the order, even without us prompting!!

It still taste like before. Super spicy, super yummy!!

And guess what, it only cost us RM16, inclusive of 2 rice!! Very worth it lah. Where else can find such good food at a fraction of price in KL!!

These 2 dishes, goes down very well with the Mata Kuching Drink hehe…

As I’m writing this post, I can feel my saliva dripping. What about you?

Lets hope I don’t get some acne popping over to visit me after this spicy dish :).

Mon Hue Restaurant, HCM

I thought I shall not bore everyone with my travel post. And since I’ve been to HCM for like umpteen times, there isn’t really much left for me to write about, except about their food LOL.

So I thought I should share some good restaurant over there, in case you are going, you can give it a try :). But do note that these recommendation are personal preference, you might like it, you might not.

Hue is a place in middle Vietnam, I’ve not been there, just close to there. I was at Danang for 4 hours this trip, which is pretty close to Hue. Their food, simple & yet delicious. Hue is known for spicy food.

During my recent trip, I met up with Mr. Hon there (Thank God he’s there, I don’t have to worry bout food LOL). So one of the night, we had dinner with his friends at Mon Hue Restaurant. My first time there, not my first encounter with Hue food though.

One of the recommended eat in this restaurant: Oyster Rice (the pic on the top right). I love this!!

It’s a simple bowl of rice, with a few pieces of rice crackers, topped with fried baby oysters, lots of Vietnamese vegetables, one good spoonful of chilli flakes (Vietnam type). Mix them up, add more chilli flakes if you lurve spiciness, and there you go. Looks like a bowl of Nasi Goreng Vietnam LOL.

Beware, only eat this if u can stand the oyster fishy smell.

A Vietnamese meal is never complete without some Nem (Spring Roll). We ordered 2 varieties. I think it’s Chicken and Beef on sugarcane. Slice the meat out and place them nicely on the rice paper, dump some leaves and whatever you want (given to you) wrap them up. Dip in the sauce, they even gave us pumpkin like sauce (I like the sauce!!) and goes into the mouth :).

On the bottom left, that’s egg roll, nothing fancy, didn’t really like it.

More Vietnamese Tapas :P.

On the left and right, they are all made of rice, it’s like chu cheong fun you know..but served differently.

On the left, they are put on little saucer, topped with some spring onion, fried pork lard, that yellow stuff I think it’s salted egg yolk or something like that. Typical Hue food.

On the right, they are served on banana leave, sprinkled with some meat floss and God knows what..tasted a bit like dried shrimps. Nice lah!!

Bottom left was the beef variety of the satay, eaten with the rice paper & veg.

And lastly, bun (fat bihun) served with veg, carrot, and some satay meat…

There were actually a few more stuff we ordered, but I was too busy eating..BURP.

Are you feeling hungry now?

So where’s this restaurant? They have like 7 branches throughout HCM. I seriously don’t know which one I went, thought it’s in Nam Ky Khoai, but I can’t find the add in the name card. So I’m listing down 3 of it here which is nearer to where I’m familiar with, the rest are a bit too far.

  • 302 Hai Ba Trung St, W. Tan Binh, District 1, HCMC – I think I went to this one, It’s at the main street, Daiso on the same road as well.
  • 98 Nguyen Trai St, W Ben Tanh, District 1, HCMC
  • 7 Cao Thang St, Ward 2, Dist. 3, HCMC

This is not a sponsored post :P. But who knows, they might just give me free lunch if they finds out that I’m promoting them LOL.

So now who needs to loose some pounds? click here for stomach fat loss.

Food Review: Bruno’s

Can’t remember when was the last time I posted up some food on my blog, so lets get ready your bib ;).

The restaurant name is call Bruno’s.

Located at Jaya 33. It’s on the ground floor, facing mainroad. It’s really at one corner, so you gotta look properly :P. If Coffeebean/Starbucks is on your left, turn to right, walk straight to the end.

We were there with another couple friend. This is a non-halal join. They serve dishes mainly comes with porker. Of course they have other stuff too. Apparently it’s even better than the other porker joint in Bukit Bintang area (can’t remember the name).

Pictured here from top left:

  1. Spaghetti with porker in tomato based sauce – yummy
  2. Pork chop with roasted veg – this is a steal!!
  3. Lamb shank – so tender and just nice
  4. Pork ribs served with veg and salads – this is not bad but cost the bomb on the bill
  5. Pork belly spaghetti – fattening but still have to eat LOL

I don’t mind going back here again definitely, but probably minus the one that cost a bomb pork ribs.

Food Review: Smelly Taufu

I remember I blog bout eating chau tau fu (smelly taufu) sometime ago, when I first met Peter. Ever since then, I never had any chance to eat smelly taufu until recently, my colleague helped me bought 5 pieces. Whoa….I really missed the crispy-ness on it’s outside, the softness on the inside. But nobody seems to agree with me on this at home. Seriously, you gotta try it, especially if you are a taufu lover. Apparently, the Malaysian version is less smelly compared to the HK one.
Since the taufu is already cold, I usually reheat with the oven for 10mins, taking it out at 5 mins and turning it around. Then dip into the chilli sauce, and savour the 1st bite. Yummy……then Faythe came.

Faythe: Mama, what are you eating?
Mommy: Smelly taufu…you want to try?
Faythe: *Look at me disgusted*
Mommy: *shows her the taufu* come smell n see….
Faythe: *smelled it* don’t want…*and she ran away*
Mommy: Chuckles…

After finishing my smelly taufu, at night, I went to Faythe, open my mouth and breathe to her.

Faythe: Mama…very smelly…
Mommy: hahaha…come come, do again…

She ran away.

Big Apple
(credits & details here)

OK more food review. I remember Angie wrote bout Big Apple Donut. It sure looks good. And I knew bout it when I passed by The Curve one day. I could no longer contain my desire, I headed to The Curve. Grab a box of 6 Donuts (You can only see 4 here, already chomped down 2 LOL). If you buy a box of 6 it’s cheaper. Usual price per piece is RM2.

My first bite, whoa… was so so so soft, so so so yummy!!! I love every bite of it. And I chomped down like 4 at 1 go together with my kids haha…Daddy is not a donut fan.

Looking at the pic, that’s the order:

  1. Brown with a dollop of yellow in the middle – that’s chocolate banana. Very nice, one of the signature donut.
  2. Yellow topping – that’s shaded Cheese on top. This is nice too, a bit of salty taste. I kept it in fridge, next day still taste as good :).
  3. White topping – that’s with vanilla filling inside. When you bite, there’s vanilla cream in it, the white topping is icing sugar. Feel very cold when you eat this.
  4. White with Chocolate topping – this my favourite!! the top is white chocolate (I think), then filling is peanut butter!! Slurps. This is the one I like best and also their best seller.

So what are you waiting, go grab your donuts today. This shop is located next to Eden at The Curve. If you are coming from the inside of the Curve, it’s where the Apartment (new rest, next to Italiannes) is…just walk along that lane, you can see it!!

Bora Asmara Night
(credits & details here)

OK…look at the title twice and I can tell you, this post is not about me *ber-asrama* with my Mr. Hon OK :). It’s a restaurant name that we went. Actually we’ve been here once, but didn’t bring camera. So today when Daddy decided to bring some friends there, I made sure I lugged my camera along.

Only Vyktore, no Faythe cause she decided that she prefer to stay at MIL’s house…This restaurant..I tell you, if you don’t go inside Penchala, you will never know!! It’s a hidden treasure. Most of the patrons were Malay, except us and some Ang Mo. It’s a very nicely setup restaurant. The moment you step into it, it’s like you are in Indonesia!! Yea…my maid told us it’s like Rumah Bali *Bali House*.

We ordered the food (Daddy & another friend), whilst myself and another photo kaki busy snapping photos. I love the setup there cause it’s like a place of it’s own. You can choose to dine in air cond, or open air. Sit one teak table…or in the hut. Very cool.

Their signature dish, is the fish. One is called Dancing Fish, the other one starts with B…sorry I can’t remember, was too busy snapping pics and eating. For desserts, we had fried banana with ice cream. Yummy.

And it was around 9pm+, they started the live band. It’s a percussion band. Pretty interesting and the songs they sang were pretty good. Got thai, got english..a bit like salsa stuff. And the musicians were pretty good in gelek the bum bum LOL.

And boy who enjoyed it most? My Lil Vyktore!! He was so amazed with the musicians. And there was one part they made some funny noises, he was laughing his hearts out. They even passed him one of the instrument and let him shake it LOL. He instantly became entertainer among the crowd. Running up and down, shaking the instrument. Then on and off he’d clap hands when everyone else claps haha…

Left the place close to 10pm, Vyktore konk-ed out after his night dose of milk. Want to see more pics…click HERE. I manage to compile some shots into album :). Enjoy. No map available, buzz me if you want to go here.

Saturday: Eating Day

What did we do last Saturday? Daddy was flying noon to Shenzen. So I thought, that’s a good opportunity to drop by at Peter’s Restaurant for some dessert. Why I have to wait when Daddy is not around, cause he don’t like dessert LOL. He doesn’t like sweet food and he thinks all those desserts & cakes, are not filling haha.

So Cheryl, myself, 2 kids & maid, met up with another friend and we had late lunch at Peter’s Restaurant. I’ve featured the yummy Mango Fettucini before and I wanted to try it again…and intro to my friends. So off we went, all with stomach growling. The menu had a great selection of which we couldn’t decide what to choose!! Peter’s wife recommended some chef’s specialty, and we made our orders.

  1. Steam Egg Custard – this is my favourite, but I took the wrong order. Should have ordered warm with milk, not cold with milk LOL. The warm one with ginger juice is not bad too
  2. Curry Fish Ball – yum yum…this is HK style curry fish ball. Reminds me of eating fish ball with curry sauce from the chu cheong fun stall at my house
  3. Fried bananas with chocolate filling (far right) – this is very yummy!!! Crispy outside, inside is soft.and the banana goes very well with the chocolate. Faythe likes it alot, she finished the whole plate (I ordered 1 plate just for her)
  4. Mango Fettucini – this DE CHEF SPECIALTY. If you like Mango, and a lil bit of jelly strips made of santan, you’d love this ;). Both my friends love it. Cheryl even took home 1 LOL.
  5. Rice – this new on the menu. A pot of rice, served with minced pork, half salted egg, and vege. You gotta mix all of them up, eat together with the salted egg…just heavenly!! I’m sure Daddy will love this kekeke…
  6. Fried crabstick – this is good too. Crabstick, wrapped with popiah skin, fried!! Very nice.

At last…my tummy was filled to the brim, so are the rest of them. We really appreciate Peter’s kindness, gave us a big bottle of Jasmine Honey Tea and also a lil’ bit of discount. This place is certainly worth coming back for. Faythe also enjoyed playing with Nicole, Peter’s niece, whom is almost the same age as her. She calls her, “kai kai friend”..haha.. Vyktore was busy drinking my honey sea coconut.

Where’s the place? This is in Old Klang Road, near Amah’s office, that’s why that day I asked Amah for the map to her place haha…..If you know where’s Citrus Park, then you will know, it’s just 2 rows of shop behind there.

For more details, visit Peter’s site. The shop is call, Sweet Deli Station.

Food Review: Duck Rice
(credits & details here)

hehe..Monday again, tempt you with Duck Rice this time. Want to eat Crispy-Skin-Still-Hot Duck Rice. Head to Paramount, Sunrise. Ermm…it’s actually quite easy to find, if you know where is KFC in Paramount, it’s at the opposite row of KFC, facing the main road.

When you go to eat duck rice, you gotta be real early!! By 1145am, the place is jam packed with alot of people. The usual order would be vegetables and the bird of course!!!

It’s really yummy because you can still feel the warmness of the bird. But I don’t quite like the owner, pretty stuck up (probably cause her shop famous). But if you can stand her stuck up attitude, you should try this.

Anyone has better duck rice to recommend, please let me know. I love duck rice kekeke..

Food Review: Mini Boat Porridge

Monday morning, let me tempt you with some yummilicious food review hehe..

I’m sure most of you out there watch HK TVB Series, and they always mention the word *teng chai chuk* (as in mini boat porridge). And you must be wandering what is that. I’ve only been to HK once, stopover and of course I didn’t order any Teng Chai Chuk, but if you want to try it in KL, here you are. Those that eaten before, does it really look like this?

Just a bowl of plain porridge. Top with shredded ginger, slices of century egg, fried ikan bilis, peanuts, cuttlefish, fish, fried vermicelli…yum yum…simple and yet so delicious.

Where is this place, not a restaurant, but a roadside hawker stall at SS3 (I think). It’s very near Taman Bahagia LRT Station, behind a row of shops, where they always call *Big Drain Hawkers*, Yes there’s a drain which is very big there haha…

They also serve Fish Head Noodle which is equally delicious. And next to it there’s a stall which sells fried balitong & shell fish (not my cup of tea though).

Food Review: Fish Head Noodles
(credits & details here)

Another food review. I recall LaundryAmah wrote before bout this famous Fish Head Noodle. When I saw that..salivating liao haha..

So when my colleague asked if I wanna go eat Old Klang Road Fish Head Noodle..I quickly went and ate it…So yummy!!!

I brought Daddy there one Saturday morning for brunch. This place is crazy, we have to go there before lunch as it will be gone after that. So imagine how good is that.

We ordered the usual Fish Head Noodle (2 bowls). 1 bowl of fish paste (yue wut). The place was packed…It was like 11am only!!! We had to share table.

The food came after 10mins. We start gobbling down the food…..slurp slurp slurp…..

Daddy’s verdict > Double thumbs up…muahaha….so satisfied.

Faythe we gave her the fish paste instead, she ate 3 of it. Very satisfied too. Vyktore wasn’t with us, next round probably ;).

Where’s the shop:
From Mid Valley, turn towards the Seremban Highway.
Take left turn to Taman Desa Waterpark
Follow the road straight.
First traffic light, turn left
Go straight all the way, about 1km later, you will see a row of shop on the right. The corner shop is the one.

Name of shop: Something steamboat night it’s steamboat shop, morning it’s fish head noodle.

Remember: go before lunch, or else no more food for u!!!