Adjusting to Stay-At-Home-Mom Lifestyle

It’s been 6 months & 12 days I have left my previous job. I had a hard time settling into a proper schedule for the 1st few months due to all the changes in the family (outgoing maid, Christmas, travelling, Chinese New Year and more travelling). I came to realise that I needed a schedule for myself to work on so that I can manage things better.

I wanted to do meal planning on a weekly basis, but after trying for a week, I gave up. Too much planning, I kid you not! Fast forward to today, I’m glad that I’ve got my SAHM lifestyle pretty settle down and things are rolling smoothly.

My Fitness Plans

When I started the year, I target to go to gym or workout at least 3 times a week to shed some kilos and loose a couple of inches (I’ve gained 10kg the past 1 year…OMG). But only making 3 days effort doesn’t seem to flourish into anything except the urge of eating more LOL. A friend introduced me to an app call MyFitnessPal, which helps to track your food intake, exercise, and weight gain/lost. I started using this app late January, and it made me realise that if I don’t go exercise, I am confined with just eating 1200 cals per day. This is somewhat a problem for someone like me who enjoys food. Hence I started to resume my kickboxing class, alternating with gym session, but Saturday and Sunday is no exercise day. Then CNY and some travelling with friends kick in and it all went hair-wired (more eating, not much of exercise LOL). I came back to HK on 21st March, weighing 2kg more!!! Dang!!!

I decided that my workout plans are screwed entirely and I need to be more discipline (for food and workout). I started using the MyFitnessPal App extensively, tracking all the food I eat everyday and became more cautious with my daily food intake. I also use Record App to have a more accurate recording of my workout sessions, which syncs its data to MyFitnessPal (same company). I ensure that I go to gym everyday (including weekends), except on day I go kickboxing, then I’ll take a break from gym. And lastly, Zumba class, 4 times a week. I pushed for the first 21 days really hard, because apparently, once you start an activity and maintain it for 21 days, it becomes a routine in your life. I passed the 21 days, but going into 2nd month, it seems even harder than the 21 days itself. Struggle, but I told myself, the changes will come. Gotta be patient and continue workout. I started loosing my 1st 1kg end of March, which help motivated myself.

Fast forward to today, I’ve lost about 3.5kg, but since I’ve gain 2kg during CNY, it’s just 1.5kg I’ve lost from where I started. A lot of handwork and hours of sweat. Control my food intake (but still giving myself some treats once in a while) and I’m happy that I’ve reduced by 1 size. I still have a whooping 7kg to loose…so the journey hasn’t ended. But I’m penning this down so that I can remember it later down the line.

My workout activities for a week:

Mon – Thu: 45 mins in gym in the morning (30 mins on the cross trainer, 15 mins for abs & legs workout – my problem areas) 

Mon – Thu: 60 mins in Zumba class in the evening (this is killer, but I totally love the sweat)

Fri: 120 mins kickboxing (this is another killer, but heck, gotta kick some asses)

Sat – Sun: same as Mon – Thu activities but I tend to cut it short to just 30 minutes sometimes due to weekend activities with Church and Family

I skip gym sessions when I have errands to run, e.g. marketing, school field trips, but I figure that doing these activities (walking) will also account for my daily exercise that I need to do, so it’s totally fine to skip gym session.

My Time in Kitchen

Now that I have my workout in place, I needed to plan my time in the kitchen as well. Life as SAHM is not easy life. No maid (just part time maid to help cleaning) means that I have to get up as early as 6:15AM to prepare kids lunch, wake the kids up, do all the marketing, cooking and whatever that the part time maid doesn’t do. And since I go for Zumba in the evening, I have to workout some meals that I can prepare earlier before my Zumba class that I can just quickly cook or heat up for dinner after Zumba class. The timing for Zumba class is not ideal (6-7pm), but it’s a FOC class, so it’s worth all these planning LOL. Not working mah, so gotta look for FOC/cheap alternative instead of spending more money right.

For lunch, I usually combine with breakfast since I only eat after I go gym, about 10AM. I will try take something heavy, sometimes I’ll eat with hubby outside, other times if there’s extra food from the kids lunch, I’ll just eat them. No additional cooking needed and keep it simple.

For dinner, I usually stick to soup with a steam fish since we have the tier-steamer, it’s very convenient. Soup boiling at the bottom, steam your food on top. Then a stir fry vegetables for the complete meal. Hon wants to cut down on rice as well at night, so sometimes we will just eat the dishes. If kids request for noodles or rice, I’ll just prepare for them. On other days, I’d prepare stews or casserole kinda food, which I start doing all the chopping and cooking at 2/3PM, and have it all done by 5PM. After Zumba class, just reheat and we have our dinner served. On Fridays, where I only go for kick boxing, I’ll cook something more elaborate since I have more time in the evening. Weekends are usually lazy day in kitchen, we either eat out or cook whatever I can dig out of the fridge.

I’m getting more skillful in the kitchen (AHEM) and challenge myself with more variety of dishes for the family. Photos can be viewed on my instagram account, jazzmint. I crawl the internet for new recipes and I use an app call PepperPlate to store all my favourite & tested recipes. It’s so easy with this App, so I don’t have to go to my bookmarks when I need to cook. Yes, I admit that I’m not a born Nigella Lawson. I’m never good with cooking and I’m still improvising them as we speak here. Having recipes as a guideline is really a beauty. If I need my food to be more flavourful I can also adjust the ingredients accordingly.

Needless to say, with all these cooking going on, there’s also a lot other activities happening in the kitchen, such as clearing of all the expired/old food and rearranging of things in kitchen. I wasn’t very happy with my previous maid. Not only she’s a lousy cook, but she’s probably the worst person when comes to keeping track of inventory in the kitchen. I found so many repeated food stuff stored in different containers in different parts of my kitchen. Frustrating is the word. But as of today, I’ve somehow sorted out 80% of the entire kitchen. I’ve cleared up plenty of rubbish in the kitchen and have an inventory of what’s in the kitchen at the back of my mind. I’ve rearranged the kitchen cabinets the way I like it (more organised) so I can find things easily. I’m still working on the kitchen drawers rearrangement, but I’m slowly loving my kitchen now :).

I’ve also started to explore new wet market in HK, because the one nearest to our home is very expensive. Just this week, I went to Tsuen Wan Wet Market and was delighted with the range of stuff available there, not forgetting cheaper groceries as well. I usually do marketing every 2 weeks, but since I discover this new market, I now want to go there every week instead.

Some before and after photos here as a record.

My Time with Faythe & Vyktore

Both of them are no longer toddlers, and they spend half the time in school. They leave as early as 7:10AM and comes home by 3:30PM/4:30PM depending on whether there’s ECA (Extra Curricular Activity) or not. They are both very happy to come home having Mommy to greet them nowadays. I ensure they shower and change into fresh clothing once they come home. Those days when I’m still at work, they won’t shower till when it’s near dinner time (roll eyes). I’ll also check if they need help with homework or not and we will do the homework usually before I go for Zumba classes. At times when they needed more homework attention, we will get to it after dinner. During exam month, they will have to work on worksheets after they finish their homework. Yes, I’m a 1/2 tiger mom LOL. Must have balance of work and play right.

Sometimes, I’ll also prepare some light snacks for tea time for them when I’m not lazy LOL.

On nights where we finish dinner early, we spend time together. We will chit chat and tell jokes. I enjoy listening to all their crazy ideas. We also play games. I’ve recently started teaching them Bahasa, once a week. They seems to enjoy it so far.

I’ll tug them into bed (no bedtime story since they can now read themselves, just hugs and kisses) by 10PM.

Weekends, we will usually chill out at home or go to town if we feel like it.

My Time with My Other Half

Now that I’m not working, he doesn’t have any reason to get upset that I’m back home late LOL. We get to spend time going lunch dates as well, which is great to improve our relationship. But on the downside of it, because I’m around at home, I seem to be more busy when he’s around as I need to cook breakfast for him, cook lunch for him, fix his laptop, fix his printout…Now he’s doing his promotion course for his work, I’m also helping him up, like a pilot side-kick *sweat*

My Time for Myself

I have plenty of time for myself, now that I’m no longer working. I must admit that at times, I’m like driving an F1 car. I’ll be going to gym, rushing back to cook, go Zumba, work on photobook and so on. But sometimes, I’m just so slacking I can sit there for hours playing my Candy Crush, Soda Crush, Farm Hero and what have you. Bad and addictive. Trying hard to control myself, but when I get hold of my iPad, it just comes so naturally LOL. Which is why I’m choosing to update my blog today, cause I’ve done my rounds of games hahaha…I hope I can be better at controlling myself in another 6 months time.

I still have plenty of backlogs photos that I need to touch up. Not forgetting the phonebooks that I need to work on. So far I’ve only completed 3 books this year.

OK, I’m gonna leave this blog space now, after all the reflection of my past 6 months achievements and bloopers. I need to work harder to update the blog instead of crushing games :).


I don’t mean to greet you with this yucky creature on my blog LOL, but seriously, this is what we caught like 1 month ago after we came home from our CH Trip.

It has been going in and out of my house via the small gap of our sliding glass door. So one evening, it was attempting to come in but failed. So I thought, why not set the trap right at the small gap of the glass door. So we (my bro & me) hung a piece of biscuit in the trap, opened the trap door and had it facing out, so that if it tries to come in, it will run straight into it!!

Then we went for dinner. When we came home…VOILA!! We got 1…

Faythe freaked out when she saw this. But Vyktore (surprisingly) was all excited and claimed that he’s not scared. He even watched us KO it with hot water. I’m very brave right :P.

And guess what..after this, there were 1 more that was coming from the kitchen, to the car porch, using the same gap at the sliding glass door!! Arghhh…So I set the trap again, with a piece of oatmeal biscuit. Seriously, they are that hungry, it even bite our house cushion covers at one time when we were at overseas :(.

Left the trap for few days, nothing happen. But after a week, VOILA!! We’ve got 2!!! Am I that good or it’s pure greed :P.

2nd one died under the cold rain.

Since then, fingers crossed, so far no further sign of this thingy in the house.

Am I afraid? Nah…Mr. Hon feels afraid and geli, but not me. I can whack cockroaches with newspaper, catch mouse, what more eh LOL…but I feel very geli if it’s lizard..and the tail!!

Note: Promise that I won’t put this up for more than a week, if not you’d be thinking my blog had turned into a pest infested blog LOL

Summer Project: Kid’s Room Rearrangement

When I was young and still single, one of my favourite pastime was to clean my room and rearrange the room furniture LOL. Don’t ask me why haha..but I feel that by rearranging the furnitures, it gives a good feel, like something new. Maklum lah can’t afford to buy new furniture, but by just rearranging it will make me feel good too. You know it feels like getting a hairdo or changing hairstyle once a while. That’s how I feel.

So 2 weeks ago, since no photoshoot and weekend quite free, I thought I should do something to the abandoned room. Kids didn’t want to sleep here, so dusty (no thanks to my maid!!!), toys all over the place, books not arranged properly…the list is endless. Hence I started the furniture rearrangement project :).

Here’s how it looks like previously, something like this, but with more mess (just imagine OK).

With just the bed, it’s quite OK, but hubs wanted to have that big table there, which took up alot of space!! Then we even put a shelf (courtesy of Tesco) on the table (since no more space right). At the window, we stacked up the Ikea chest so that all can fit into 1 room LOL. At the side, there’s also Ikea chest and the kid’s clothes rack was there too (can’t see the clothes rack cause I hid it under the bed).

Very cramp and I didn’t like it, especially having the table there.

So after living with this for almost 1 year, here’s what I did 2 weeks ago:

  1. Moved the table out and went downstairs (since they are doing homework downstairs, might as well lah)
  2. Pasted the Little Mermaid wall border on 2 sides of the room. Wanted to do this so long ago, but Mr. Hon keep dilly dally, so I do lah. It was actually pretty easy!!
  3. Rearrange the bed to L shape to free some space
  4. Moved 1 Ikea chest downstairs, Kept 1 Ikea chest under the bed
  5. Got a new curtain. Since this room will be Faythe’s room eventually, and she likes purple. got her a purple curtain with bees on it.
  6. And a few more arrangement to move the furnitures all to the side to create more walking space
  7. Moved the clothes rack right to the end

The photos are with alot of mess cause I practically dumped all the toys & books at one side while moving all the furniture, then sort them accordingly, asked the maid to wash all the washable toys (and the chest!!).

Basically I created more walking space.

And here’s the finaly result:

After sitting there over the weekends and a few nights (also shouting at the kids not to enter the room), here’s the finished product, before the next wave of messiness comes :P.

  1. Rearrange all the books according to category: Scholastics 1 tier, Hardcover books 1 tier, workbooks 1 tier, boardbooks 1 tier, puzzle based books 1 tier. I also gave away some books of which they’ outgrew to Jayden.
  2. Sorted out all the toys: 3 chest for masak masak (1 for food, 1 for plates, 1 for rest of the cooking utensils, all cutleries in a box)
  3. All the cars went into 2 smaller boxes and 1 of the chest, together with some bigger cars that can’t fit into the small box
  4. All robots into 1 small box and 1 of the chest, together with some bigger robots that can’t fit into the small box
  5. They had plenty of uncategorised toys (like those from McD, KFC, loose ones bought fr here n there). All these into 1 chest. I also put them in small boxes based on category (Kungfu Panda 1 box, KFC 1 box, Monsters vs. Aliens 1 box)
  6. Barbie dolls and her accessories all in 1 chest
  7. Faythe’s girlie stuff 1 chest (hairbands, bracelets, fake lipsticks, mirrors, etc)
  8. Puzzles 2 chest. Sorted out all the puzzles and each of them either in their own box or in ziplock bag LOL
  9. Blocks 1 chest
  10. Stringing materials (Montessori) & blocks puzzle 1 chest
  11. Placed the radio on top of one of the chest at 1 corner

Notice that I hid 1 chest under the bed. I decided to keep all the stuffed toys there since they don’t really hug them but occasionally likes to play with it (pretend play). So that their bed is not cluttered.

The chest which I’ve moved downstairs, I kept all the painting, colouring materials there. So anything to do with art, writing, drawing, all downstairs. Room is strictly toys and sleeping.

Oh and what’s with the giant chair next to the book shelf?

I moved that chair from my room to theirs. Since it’s sitting at one corner look so pathetic LOL and we only use it when we need to massage our leg with the iSqueeze.

Why put there?

  1. In case I want to take nice photos of them I can ask them sit on the chair LOL (no lah that’s not my initial purpose, just thought of this haha)

Actually when I was pregnant, I always have a wish that someday, I can have a nice lil corner where I can sit down and read them books while putting them to sleep. I happen to see alot of angmo photos have something like this.

So to make my wish come true, I move the chair there, right next to the book shelf for easy access. So I can read the book to them while they are trying to fall asleep on their bed *dreaming still, since haven’t even start retraining them*.

I’ve also placed a standing lamp beside it, so I can actually off the main light and leave that on..muahahaha…

The turtle on the chair is actually a night lamp that projects stars to the ceiling. Redeemed this from Credit Card Points :).

Few more things to complete the summer project:

  1. Over the weekend, went to Ikea to buy a flower shape lamp, need Mr. Hon to mount it on the wall where Faythe’s bed is. Will put this at the edge just next to the chest so that she doesn’t accidentally get tangled with the wire while sleeping.
  2. Hang up the Safety Poster. Need Mr. Hon to drill also
  3. I also want to use one of the wall to put some pictures (their art work or photos), still thinking where’s the right place

Note: If you notice, there’s something hanging down from the main light at the ceiling, that’s a Hari Raya Deco LOL. Faythe told me that it looks like Princess Jasmine’s Castle and we bought it last year. She wanted to hang it there, like the castle over the cloud LOL. Memang alot ideas.

OK, so now gotta start retraining again, hope they’ll sleep in this room…gotta have new strategy, anyone can share with me kids sleeping strategy that you have successfully implemented? Hope they don’t need any sleep aid to get them to sleep in their room.

26-28Feb: Weekend Rajin-ness

It was a long weekend last week. And it’s a pity that Daddy had to leave on 25th, just missing the long weekend, sigh.

And I have 1 photoshoot scheduled on Friday. So I thought I must be a bit rajin since it’s weekend. And I did :). On Friday night, we had dinner at Lala Chong with Jayden & Family. Hence I didn’t cook.

On Saturday, did a whole list of stuff. Early morning went to do marketing. So I actually woke up at 6am to plan what I want to cook for the kids for the weekend. Yeah..I seldom cook, so whenever I need to cook, I have to dig out all the recipe books & go thru my feedreader (read those cooking blogs LOL).

After marketing, I packed my PC and went to digitalmall to get it inspected as the Display is giving me problem :(. And it still is right now *fumes*.

Then went to SP Setia to cancel off the house that we booked 2 months ago. No no, we are not moving, but someone itchy somewhere just went to book 2 units of houses in SP Setia for investment, then decide not to take it later. So I had to go cancel it off.

When we got home, all so tired…apalagi..nap time :P. Woke up at 4pm and did a photo session for Faythe.

Seriously, when I start taking photos for my kids, I realized how much they’ve grown before my eyes. Their feet are no longer wrinkly like the ones of the newborn babies. They no longer like to pose in front of the camera (cause they get so sick of me pointing the camera at them LOL). I even have to negotiate with her to take photos.

And here are 2 photos which I like most. young already got eyebags O.o.

After that, I drop Faythe off to art class & went home and cook up a storm :).

Vyktore is a picky eater. Sometimes I really don’t know how to describe him. He’s not those type that refuses all food, but only certain food. Since I had plans to cook Spaghetti, I had to think of something for him, cause he doesn’t eat Western Food. But he eats Nuggets though :P.

So I cooked Pumpkin Spaghetti for Faythe & rest of us. While for Vyktore, I fried Nuggets. Yes, we had homemade Chicken Nuggets!! Simply delicious..slurpss….We had so much that I even manage to freeze some uncooked ones for this coming weekend.

The nuggets were a hit for Vyktore. He easily polished off at least 10 pieces. Faythe ate like 5 pieces and she finished her spaghetti as well. She told me that the Spaghetti not nice haha..but she still finished it. She wants me to cook the bologna spaghetti next round.

On Sunday, I woke up at 10am :P. Why? Cause at 1am, Vyktore had a very horrible nose bleed. So I had to clean him up and put him back to sleep. After that I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to finish up 2 photobooks to rush for the 40% off. Yes!! Then after I woke up, continue to finish up another photobook ( addicted to making photobook O.o).

  1. 40 pages book for Eelaine’s baby
  2. 136 pages book for my Australia Trip back in 2008
  3. 40 pages book for Phuket Trip in 2009

This also means I’m so so broke..even with the discount I still had to pay RM600 for book 2 & 3. Gotta be more rajin to paid post :P.

Then we had simple lunch, Lotus Root Soup & Rice.

Later on, put the kids to sleep for their nap while I do my own stuff.

Sent Faythe to art class at 5pm, then cook up a storm again. This round I cooked Mustard Cabbage Rice. It’s a 1 pot recipe. Just dump everything into the rice cooker and cook. Simply delicious. I got the recipe from Women’s Weekly Magazine. Will share with you later when I have time to put down the recipe hehe..

Didn’t take any picture cause too lazy liao.

With so much of cooking & eating, I wonder when I’m gonna find myself diets that work for me.

So that was our long weekend. And here’s a photo of Vyktore, pretending he’s listening to music :).

He’s slowly loosing his chubbiness and getting taller by the day.

A poison attempt by my MAID?

I’ve not blogged about my maid for sometime. Not because she has gotten worse or anyhow better from the last I wrote about her. But I rather not pollute my blog with all maid dramas. But this round, I simply can’t help to write about this, just to serve as a reminder to all readers who has a maid at home.

FYI, my maid is a Cambo, and she has worked for me for 1.5yrs. She understands English perfectly, she can even answer me back sarcastically.

On 2nd day of CNY, I had friends over at my house. After dinner 2 of them continued to lepak around my house and we decided to play some dice game (a game which requires you to drink when you guess it wrongly). So Mr. Hon asked the maid for some ice to chill the diluted Whisky.

Our maid told us that we ran out of Ice. Fine. It’s never a practice to make ice cubes at home, we usually buy them from 7-eleven in a bag.

Few minutes later, she said got ice, and passed us a cup with ice inside. So Mr. Hon happily drop those 4 cubes of ice into the diluted Whisky.

Then my friend spotted that the Whisky looks weird, like a slurpee texture. So I told her wow..our Whisky turned Slurpee…yummy. And I asked Mr. Hon to add some water.

As we continued to play the game, it was my friend’s turn to drink. She took a sip of the drink with the ice, and she immediately spotted that something is wrong.

Then Mr. Hon tasted his and it tasted like jelly in whisky O.o. And we all tasted it, it is definitely not ice!! It’s either Bird Nest, jelly or something else. But 101% sure not ice.

It can’t be Bird Nest, cause I’ve not been boiling Bird Nest for sometime. And I don’t freeze my Bird Nest.

It’s definitely not Jelly, cause I don’t make Jellies as well. The only possible Ice I would have made was Ribena Ice for the kids!!

We instantly call the maid and ask her what was it she gave to us. And she proudly acclaimed that “It’s ice lah” (Can say lah somemore O.o)

Mr. Hon: Where did you get the ice from?
Maid: in the fridge lah
Mr. Hon: Where’s the plastic bag?
Maid: Throw already, outside the house.
Jasmine: Go search the plastic bag where it’s used to store the ice you gave us and show us.

She went to dig for the plastic bag (with a face black as Pau Ching Tien – that’s her usual expression when she gets scolding)

While she was digging, we already suspect that she gave us some Desicant/Silica Gel as Ice. I have those “Techni Ice” in my freezer, been sitting there for 3 yrs. Ever since I stop transporting BM from office to home, I just kept them in freezer. Only 4 cubes. And I notice it was missing from the freezer!!

Minutes later, she came back, don’t have….

Jasmine: How can don’t have, you just threw the wrapper outside, not 10yrs ago. It has to be there.

So I asked her to bring the rubbish in and pour everything on the floor and search again.

She pretend couldn’t find, cause I was there searching with her thru the smelly rubbish. But I saw!!

A plastic like Ice Wrapper.

I took it out and inspect.

She quickly claimed, “Ya this the ice lah” (Somemore so confident, you silly woman)

Seriously, she opened up the Techni Ice and gave it to us as Ice for us to consume!!

I can’t imagine if she opened it up for my kids to consume O.o.

Those 4 cubes, I’ve actually put it at the door of the freezer so that the kids would never spot it. Also, for so many gazillionth times that we organise parties (be it big or small), we always use ice from 7-eleven. Never never that we use ice in cubes or any of such that is found packed nicely like Techni Ice. So who on earth did she learned to use Techni Ice as Ice for us to consume. God knows!!

She personally told me that, “I tell myself this is ice, so I give it to you lah”.

Wah liao eh…I shall not explain further what happens next, as all employers who has a maid at home, you’d probably do the same as what I did after I found out what was actually THE ICE!!

Good thing I don’t bake at home, if not she would have mistaken my night cream as icing for the cake!!

Our Anniversary Lunch

In the previous post, I mentioned that we booked lunch @ a Japanese Restaurant. Actually we’ve wanted to go to Umaiya Japanese Restaurant during my birthday back in February, but it was fully booked :(. Hence we postponed it till this round. Good thing it was not fully booked.

Why I booked this place, I’ve heard so much bout it from my dearest colleague that I must go try myself someday. Moreover it’s just 10mins drive from home :).

There are actually 2 Umaiya Japanese Restaurant, 1 in Damansara Perdana, 1 in Damansara Uptown. I booked the one at Uptown.

We were there at 1130am, 2 adults & 2 kids. Yah..not a romantic lunch :P. The buffet starts from 1130-230pm.

Being 1st timer, we were actually unsure how the ordering go about. What I liked about this buffet is it’s ala carte, and they only prepare the food when you order. So it’s freshly made :). Nice right!!

We ordered so many sushi that we stuffed ourselves silly. And I must say all of them deserves two thumbs up. Even Daddy keeps saying it’s yummy kekeke..he seldom say this whenever we eat Japanese food. And because of that, we didn’t manage to order any grill fish, which I saw another table did. We only ordered the beef on the hot plate and boy that was delicious. I finished almost the whole plate :P.

Another thing to mention is the sashimi. Each qty you order comes in pairs of 2 pieces of thick sliced fish. So juicy, slurp slurp. We saw this table, they ordered a giant bowl of sashimi (mix of salmon, tuna & white fish). Giant as in like 30 pieces of each fish :|.

Oh not forgetting free flow of beer for beer lovers hehe…

As for the kids, we ordered Garlic Fried Rice for Vyktore. Faythe had Chawanmushi, some sushi, a whole bowl of edamame and or course macha ice cream for them.

Kids below 3 pays RM10 only, for kids above 3-12 pays half the price. Adult is charged at 45++.

I am sure I’m going back there again as the other day actually I haven’t finish eating, but cause the kids were turning the restaurant upside down and Daddy was already full, so we went off at 1pm.

Our Up & About

(I hope Vyktore’s face didn’t scare you cause his mouth so huge LOL)

Wow…are we still celebrating Faythe’s birthday LOL…seems like that post took forever for the next updates. Seriously, I’ve been so busy to even sit down and think straight what I want to blog.

This whole week was a mad mad “photoshopping”. We’ve been engaged (two-pixels) for photoshoots over every weekend since like Christmas…Crazy rite. So I’ve been caught up with photo editing at nite, when the kids are asleep. Day time busy at work. Well do we call it good news or bad news. Seriously, I love my current job (oh, I didn’t even announce I got a job rite…*bleah*) and I also seriously love the photography business as I realise that it could actually be something that I’ve always wanted to do but never got to do it (due to the passion found so late, if I had found this passion earlier I would have been some renowned photographer by know – self flattering).

If I have to choose which one I’d go for, seriously, I don’t know. So there’s still no concrete decision if I’m ever gonna quit my full time job (which I have a love & hate relationship with) to chase the passion of my life. Anyways, so I’m still gonna be running around on 2 sides till god knows when.

So what’s been happening with the 2 kiddos at home:

  1. School coming into 3rd week before the CNY break. Faythe is doing very well as the *BIG SISTER*, she reassures me she’ll look after the brother.
  2. Vyktore, we do worry bout his speech, but I can see it slowly coming, we just gotta be a bit more patient. His latest addition is pek-kui. Can you guess what is that LOL…And he calls me Meh…yikes!!
  3. They run riots at home every weekend and weeknites, by asking me to draw, to sing, to read, to sing, to sing, to sing..whoa..alot of singing..and also to play of course

So what’s for CNY? I’ve done my CNY shopping 2 weeks ago. Today went to Petaling Streeet for a while with Sue and we went drooling over the red lanterns I bought 1 for my house. It’s soooo beautiful (later I take pic and upload ok). It’s a lantern made of cloth, and has silk flowers stuck on it, protruding outside the lantern, nice eh ;). And I went to buy 2 more pieces of CNY clothes for the 2 kids!!

Are we all ready for CNY? Of course. I’m starting to pack my bag, yeah you read me right, we won’t be in town this round :). Celebrating in Vietnam with Daddy this year & my Dad too. Then when we come back, Daddy comes home too. Yay!! Lets hope I get to see some interesting stuff while we are in Vietnam.

I think I’ll be taking a breakkie (very likely) till CNY. So Gong Xi Fatt Chai to all my readers.


Do you believe in fengshui? I don’t!! But sometimes, even if you don’t believe, you’ll end up believing it after sometime because life just gets tougher!! Some people say, when bad things happen to you, it happens 3 times berturut turut (in a row).

By looking at these pictures, I’m sure everyone is shocked. Me too!! I just can’t imagine how it could happen.

On the day after Christmas, we were all sleeping very nicely. At 630am, I was actually awake, but lying down on the bed thinking if I should get up now. Then the air cond went off…and it came back again…after a few mins, it repeated it’s on off stint.

Then I was thinking, what the he** is happening man. But I continued lying down on the bed, till suddenly I heard fire crackers sound. And so happen, my whole house went blackout. The I thought, OH SHIAKS…IS THERE SOMEONE STEALING DADDY’S BIKE!! Yeah, it sounded like someone started the bike.

Then next thing I knew, there were people outside my house and my neighbour was banging the gate, “Fire, fire”.

I was upstairs in my room when I open the window and heard my neighbour shouting, “Fire, Fire!!”

Then I rush down to check what happened. To my amaze, the meter outside the house was on FIRE!!

This time I really panic…cause I had to open up 2 locks to get out of the house (Thanks to the you know who, we’ve added extra security, which turns out to be cumbersome at times like this).

Once I opened the sliding grilled, I rushed to the gate as one of my neighbour was already holding his FIRE EXTINGUISHER. And while he run in, I quickly pull the hose and wanted to open up the water, but thank GOD that he manage to pull off the fire with the extinguisher and it ended up with another bang!!

After that, it was SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES time. My whole house smelt of burnt rubber. One of my neighbour offered to let us take shelter and settle down the kids. While I went back inside and got my handphone and start making call.

First call: Mr. Hon for sure. It’s only like what 5am his time, so when he picked up the phone. I told him, eh house on fire just now. Then he went, you joking right? I was like duhh…you mean I call you at 5am to tell you house on fire as a joke, c’mon lah, it’s not April Fool. No, I’m serious, really it was on fire!! The electricity went berserk and it caught fire. Then the neighbours came and pull it off.

He put down the phone after that, after telling me what to do and giving me a lecture the house must be overloaded bla bla bla…and the maid so blur, bla bla bla…what I did, bla bla bla….

Anyways, after that he called again and ask me to call this n that…oh, and he never forget to ensure his dear fishie was alright, despite the fact that the trauma happened to me and the kids…”kanasai betul laki ni”. I know him, if I can pick up the phone and call him, means I’m still alive and kicking. So no need to worry bout me.

I call TNB and reported the incident. And I specifically ask them to come ASAP if not my hubs is gonna be so mad about what is gonna happen to his fishie due to lack of oxygen in the tank.

Then I called MIL and told her I’ll drop the kids off early.

Then my boss & colleague. I thank GOD that my boss is very understanding. Somemore just started work. I think if other boss, they would have skin me alive for taking EL every week :|.

Then I sent a few sms to get electrician contact and my good buddy replied me with the contact. So I quickly call the electrician and ask him to come over.

I drop the kids off at MIL’s house and went home. The floor was oily…don’t know why!! So I decided to mop it while waiting for TNB & electrician to come. But it’s still oily after that..eww…anyways, since they took so long to come, I decided to snap some photos of the incident as proof (in case I want to sue TNB for causing such a havoc in my house) & testing my new camera (yes, I went to get myself a big present!!).

While waiting for them, I made calls to Alarm man, Roof man as well. I’ve actually made appointment to meet them in the evening, but since I’m at home, might as well the whole bunch come one shot and rob my purse lah…*big damage everywhere*

The people finally came at 10am. TNB checked and confirm the mains were crossed and it was the one giving problem. Arghh…wear and tear wohh…bla bla bla wohh….

So they changed the main incoming wire. Then the electrician spent a good 2 hours drilling, hacking and what not to fix up the temporary bypass electric for us.

TNB says they do not bring meter, so gotta wait for the meter (from meter dept), meanwhile use FOC electric (but according to Eve, they don’t give free, they backdate & charge you…grrr…).

Seriously, I think I’ve had enough of bad luck.

First it was the water tank. Yeah…we used up 400 Gallons on water in the house (till the vy last drop) and yet thought that something was wrong with Syabas, till later I realised it wasn’t and finally when we call the Plumber over, we found out the float was broken and caused the water not to fill up the tank.

Then it was the break in last week.

And now it’s the fire.

It all happens to the house, hurting my pocket so much…so do you believe in fengshui…I do, at least for now for these 3 cases.

Lets hope that’s the end of it.

At night Daddy called while we were at Atria getting something. He seemed to have mellow down from his wake up call and start to talk some sense in him. At least he asked what’s the outcome and all the other stuff (apart from his fishie). As usual, the super wife has settled everything. And he hung up the phone with a “Bye, Love you darling”..wuaahh…so senang only…

Now, I think next thing I really need to buy home insurance. Choi choi..must go call my agent now.

Broken Home

Taking a blog break for now. Need to settle the things at home. Merry X’mas & Happy New Year, in case I don’t put on any post till 2009.