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Adjusting to Stay-At-Home-Mom Lifestyle ?>

Adjusting to Stay-At-Home-Mom Lifestyle

It’s been 6 months & 12 days I have left my previous job. I had a hard time settling into a proper schedule for the 1st few months due to all the changes in the family (outgoing maid, Christmas, travelling, Chinese New Year and more travelling). I came to realise that I needed a schedule for myself to work on so that I can manage things better. I wanted to do meal planning on a weekly basis, but after trying for…

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> Sorting out the the toolbox < ?>

> Sorting out the the toolbox <

Took some time to sort out the ever messy toolbox. I had the kids helping me up in the screw, nails, lock washer, bolts & nuts department. Meanwhile I sorted the rest of the toolbox.  After sitting there for 3 hours, it was finally done and we are proud of our achievement. Now lets see how long this will last before it gets messy again.

Catch-2-Mouse ?>


I don’t mean to greet you with this yucky creature on my blog LOL, but seriously, this is what we caught like 1 month ago after we came home from our CH Trip. It has been going in and out of my house via the small gap of our sliding glass door. So one evening, it was attempting to come in but failed. So I thought, why not set the trap right at the small gap of the glass door….

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Summer Project: Kid’s Room Rearrangement ?>

Summer Project: Kid’s Room Rearrangement

When I was young and still single, one of my favourite pastime was to clean my room and rearrange the room furniture LOL. Don’t ask me why haha..but I feel that by rearranging the furnitures, it gives a good feel, like something new. Maklum lah can’t afford to buy new furniture, but by just rearranging it will make me feel good too. You know it feels like getting a hairdo or changing hairstyle once a while. That’s how I feel….

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26-28Feb: Weekend Rajin-ness ?>

26-28Feb: Weekend Rajin-ness

It was a long weekend last week. And it’s a pity that Daddy had to leave on 25th, just missing the long weekend, sigh. And I have 1 photoshoot scheduled on Friday. So I thought I must be a bit rajin since it’s weekend. And I did :). On Friday night, we had dinner at Lala Chong with Jayden & Family. Hence I didn’t cook. On Saturday, did a whole list of stuff. Early morning went to do marketing. So…

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A poison attempt by my MAID? ?>

A poison attempt by my MAID?

I’ve not blogged about my maid for sometime. Not because she has gotten worse or anyhow better from the last I wrote about her. But I rather not pollute my blog with all maid dramas. But this round, I simply can’t help to write about this, just to serve as a reminder to all readers who has a maid at home. FYI, my maid is a Cambo, and she has worked for me for 1.5yrs. She understands English perfectly, she can…

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Our Anniversary Lunch ?>

Our Anniversary Lunch

In the previous post, I mentioned that we booked lunch @ a Japanese Restaurant. Actually we’ve wanted to go to Umaiya Japanese Restaurant during my birthday back in February, but it was fully booked :(. Hence we postponed it till this round. Good thing it was not fully booked. Why I booked this place, I’ve heard so much bout it from my dearest colleague that I must go try myself someday. Moreover it’s just 10mins drive from home :). There…

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Our Up & About ?>

Our Up & About

(I hope Vyktore’s face didn’t scare you cause his mouth so huge LOL) Wow…are we still celebrating Faythe’s birthday LOL…seems like that post took forever for the next updates. Seriously, I’ve been so busy to even sit down and think straight what I want to blog. This whole week was a mad mad “photoshopping”. We’ve been engaged (two-pixels) for photoshoots over every weekend since like Christmas…Crazy rite. So I’ve been caught up with photo editing at nite, when the kids…

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26 ?>


Do you believe in fengshui? I don’t!! But sometimes, even if you don’t believe, you’ll end up believing it after sometime because life just gets tougher!! Some people say, when bad things happen to you, it happens 3 times berturut turut (in a row). By looking at these pictures, I’m sure everyone is shocked. Me too!! I just can’t imagine how it could happen. On the day after Christmas, we were all sleeping very nicely. At 630am, I was actually…

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