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Annual School Funfair – 6 Apr 2014 ?>

Annual School Funfair – 6 Apr 2014

The school organised their 1st ever funfair earlier last month. They plan to make this an annual event. As I’m so busy with work, I didn’t want to volunteer myself to help with the preparation work. Instead I happily volunteer myself as the photographer for the event. I last took photos for the school during Sports Day and they were glad to have an official photographer covering the event. We arrived at school around 8AM and everyone was still busy…

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Kids School Sports Day, 14th Jan ?>

Kids School Sports Day, 14th Jan

For many of you who are unaware, we’ve made a bold decision to transfer the kids out from Local Public School to Private School when the school term started in Sept 2013. We (as in the kids and parents) could no longer stand the bulk of homework that bug us every day, long weekend ad holidays. It’s definitely much more costly, given that the school is not even walking distance from home. But it’s probably the best decision we’ve made…

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Wild Wild West Theme Party ?>

Wild Wild West Theme Party

So the school holiday has started, and thank GOD that Mr. Hon is around to entertain them before they drive my MIL nuts. It’s really such coincidence that he’s around at the perfect timing. So he can be a good daddy coming 2 weeks ferrying them around, bring them movies, send them for classes, etc…he even cooked for them yesterday!! picture of our red indian gang Before the school ends, they had a party in the school, as usual. This…

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School Outing: High 5 Bread Town ?>

School Outing: High 5 Bread Town

a giant loaf of bread greeting us I took half day off on Tuesday to accompany the kids to High 5 Bread Town, part of their school outing activity. To be honest, I never want to miss any part of my kids life, watching them grow, from a baby till now simply amazes me. Although I’m a FTWM, I’m quite blessed to witness their many 1st in their life (not missing them). Also to admit, I’m kiasu lah LOL…want to…

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Of H1N1 & Borobodur ?>

Of H1N1 & Borobodur

Last friday, SIL sms-ed to inform me that Faythe’s classmate been contracted with H1N1. But school at that time didn’t take any actions. I checked with SIL (also a paed) what we should do. She advise that we should give the kids flu jab, just in case. Today I sent them to school as usual, at 10am, I received a call from the principal. Usually when I get a call from school, I sort of panic. Cause I’m worried something…

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Faythe & Vyktore’s Sports Day, 22 Aug 09 ?>

Faythe & Vyktore’s Sports Day, 22 Aug 09

Sorry, went MIA for sometime. Was busy rushing out photos for our customers over at TwoPixels. Right before the 1 week break, the kids had their TJC sports day in Yuk Chai Primary School. I was all excited as this is the 1st ever sports day for both my children. Anxious, whether they know what to do, worried if they’d cry if they see me at the parents tent. Basically all sorts of feeling. (her fav pose without looking at…

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Rewind: Mid Term Review ?>

Rewind: Mid Term Review

(photos taken the weekend right before school starts) School started like 3 weeks ago after the end of 1st semester. Right after the semester break, the kids school had Parents Teachers Day. Being a part time single parent, I was there to listen to 2 teachers and go home to report to Daddy what’s going on with the kids. I must say that I’m pretty happy with the current school they are attending. Albeit a bit far from home, but…

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Rewind: School Party: Noah’s Ark Theme ?>

Rewind: School Party: Noah’s Ark Theme

Lets rewind to 3 weeks ago right before the kids break for the 2 weeks holiday. They had a party in the school. The theme this year is Noah’s Ark. When I told Faythe about this and mentioned that she can pretend to me some kind of animal, guess what she wanted to be.  A STAR FISH *roll eyes*. Then Daddy said cannot, cause StarFish sea creature, didn’t go on Noah’s Ark..kanasai… Eventually MIL managed to convince Faythe to be…

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05 Jan 09 ?>

05 Jan 09

I must admit that I have alot of backdated post, which I’m gonna post it up the correct date (time travel LOL). But this has to be the most updated… First day of school today and how did my 2 precious children fare? I’d rate it as 80% not bad…well at least they didn’t cry Faythe was all ready for school as usual after much psyching from me. I bought her a Princess Bag which has little mermaid and…

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