Vyktore & His Academic Achievement


Two days ago, Vyktore called me from school to tell me he got 100% for Mathematics and 95% for Chinese. He’s so happy. When he came back, he quickly urge me to recalculate his average marks for this term. His average score came up to 97%. This is an important day to remember, because for once he scored so well. Whereas Faythe only made it to 96% this round, due to her Mathematics marks.

Faythe was really upset because she lost to Vyktore, first time after so many years. All this while, she is always ahead of him. Victor is always pushed by me to work harder and set his target to be as good as Faythe. He finally did it. He really deserve a good reward from us.

One of the reason why he work so hard is the reward system that we impose on both of them. It’s a simple & straightforward reward, but overtime, it’s working really well.

Our reward system is based on $$$ & Internet time.

We give them a target of 80 as starting point. For each point above 80, they will get $10 & 5 mins of internet time.

When we first started (around 2 years ago), Vyktore only had the average of 83 (after averaging all the main subjects). This means he only get $30, and 15 mins of internet time. He proof himself from time to time, slowly inching towards average of 90s, whilst Faythe maintained above 90 average all the time.

This time, is his first time getting above 95, and also beat Faythe by 1 point. Amazing, all his handwork finally reap the fruits.

Here’s a conversation captured with Vyktore 1.5 years ago when we were discussing about his results.

VMHK: Mommy I’m now in the middle.
Mommy: Middle of what?
VMHK: Middle in my class. As I’m no. 8
Mommy: Oh..yeah..you gotta work harder to be on top, at least top 3.
VMHK: I will get closer to the tree….
Mommy: What tree?
VMHK: The tree. You know all these scores are like climbing a tree. Now I’m in the middle. Then later I’ll climb closer to the top of the tree.
Mommy: Oh I see. What tree is this? Money tree?
VMHK: No. It’s the food tree 
Mommy: What? Food tree? So what do you get when you arrive at the top of the food tree?
VMHK: All the food that I want to eat 
Mommy: LOL…my son and his food…

Well Done Vyktore!!! You truly deserve it after many years of hard work. You are getting close to your food tree LOL

Annual School Funfair – 6 Apr 2014

The school organised their 1st ever funfair earlier last month. They plan to make this an annual event. As I’m so busy with work, I didn’t want to volunteer myself to help with the preparation work. Instead I happily volunteer myself as the photographer for the event. I last took photos for the school during Sports Day and they were glad to have an official photographer covering the event.

We arrived at school around 8AM and everyone was still busy preparing for the day. Since we are having it in a public area, there were plenty of stuff we need to help to carry over to the Park. Boy everyone was so excited, especially seeing all the gifts they could win in the Funfair Games Booth.

Faythe is in choir and Vyktore is in Martial Arts. Both of them performing for the day. We headed to the Park and help to setup the Games Booth. The weather wasn’t looking too good. Cloudy and windy. Looks as if it’s gonna rain.

There were many booths mainly games. There were some booths setup for selling food and drinks all prepared by the parents. There were also a few booths setup for art (e.g henna tattoo, stone painting, marbling, etc).

Oh and not forgetting the giant Bouncy Castle that they put on and the kids were dying to jump on it. The HM officiated the event at 11AM. There were some performance lined up apart from Choir and Martial Art.

Right there and then, it started drizzling. At first we stuck ourselves at one of the booth, but the rain got heavier, so we ran over another side to get some cover. It rained for quite a while and kids were getting hungry. I loan an umbrella from a parent and went to buy ourselves some food.

it continued to rain and kids were getting impatient. Faythe was entertaining us with her ukelele and finally Vyktore said that he didn’t care anymore about the rain. He wants to go enjoy himself. So I allowed them to go and spend all the coupons I’ve bought earlier for the funfair while I take cover and sat at one of the booth.

They kept running back and forth to me each time they won toys/gifts from the Games Booth. What fun was that. Wish the rain would stop. But it didn’t. It went on till 4PM and finally I decided to call it a day after we have done spending all the coupons.

The kids had so much fun and they can’t wait for next year’s Funfair.

Kids School Sports Day, 14th Jan

For many of you who are unaware, we’ve made a bold decision to transfer the kids out from Local Public School to Private School when the school term started in Sept 2013. We (as in the kids and parents) could no longer stand the bulk of homework that bug us every day, long weekend ad holidays. It’s definitely much more costly, given that the school is not even walking distance from home. But it’s probably the best decision we’ve made ever since we’ve moved to HK.

Now, back to the Sports Day, this the 1st year for all of us in this new school and my 2nd time attending School Sports Day in HK. 1st was last year with their previous school and it kinda got me thinking how come sports was about Parents and Kids participating in sports event. This made this year’s Sports event so much better.

The school booked the Stadium at Shing Mun Valley and we all headed there with the school bus. Although there were much fewer students in this school than the previous one, but it was a true sports day. They had track and field events!!

Faythe & Vyktore competed with their peers during the 100m heats and both qualified to the finals.

They were also teamed up in different House Colour (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue), just like back home :).

There were team events as well for each House to collect their points. Red house came in leading the pack. Both Faythe & Vyktore were in that House. Good thing they were not in different Houses!!

The P5 & P6 had a 4 x 100m relay in the afternoon event. And the final event was everyone including parents and teachers run the 400m.

The medal & trophy ceremony followed suit before we were all dismissed and left the Stadium and head back to the school.

Vyktore came in 2nd in the 100m Finals. He was so delighted. Faythe wasn’t the Top 3 since she had to compete with P4 students. We told her to try harder next year and she might even win since she will be competing with P3 & P4 next year.

I totally enjoyed myself attending their Sports Day this year. I’ve never cheered so loud since I left school. Made me felt like part of them :).

Am now looking forward to their next year’s Sports Day.


Wild Wild West Theme Party

So the school holiday has started, and thank GOD that Mr. Hon is around to entertain them before they drive my MIL nuts. It’s really such coincidence that he’s around at the perfect timing. So he can be a good daddy coming 2 weeks ferrying them around, bring them movies, send them for classes, etc…he even cooked for them yesterday!!

picture of our red indian gang

Before the school ends, they had a party in the school, as usual. This year theme is Wild Wild West. At first thought of dressing Faythe up as Pocahontas, Vyktore as red indian boy, then MIL told me that she and SIL went to investigate and found very nice headgear for all the 4 kids (2 of mine, 2 of SIL’s), so they told me, might as well dress them up like red indian, and Faythe becomes the red indian chief’s daughter.

So OK lah, I let MIL kow tim everything. MIL did a great job, she bought the white t-shirt from daiso and tie-dyed all of them.

Then rented the headgears and bought some chains, necklaces, bracelets to go with it. MIL also bought axes for them to carry.

The night before the party, I left the kids to overnight at MIL’s place as she’s gonna be doing face painting for them in the morning.

So Mr. Hon & myself went to the school early morning to wait for them to arrive.

Vyktore keeps playing with his headgear and covering his mouth ^.^.

When I first saw them, as if it was like a groom seeing his bride the 1st time LOL…wow, so nice!!

Upon them entering the school, all the kids were looking at them, somemore all 4 dress the same hahaha…and our whole family was there!! Mr. Hon, MIL, SIL, myself & 2 maids.

After taking some photos of them, they went to their respective classes and sat down.

We hang around till 845am, when we finally left them to enjoy their party. I sent my car to service, which is just nearby.

My not so lil princess looking cool :).

Faythe was one of the best dressed that day and came home with goodies bag. She’s very happy of course :).

OMG…i thick skin a bit, but he look so *yau yeng* in this photo!! He actually wanted his face painted blue, like avatar O.o.

Vyktore came home with 2 necklace missing O.o….we kept the headgear before we left since he didn’t want to wear it, luckily we did, if not that would have been added into the missing list too.

Here are more photos of them.

Vyktore trying to adjust his headgear

Vyktore & class teacher, Sui Fun. He likes this teacher more compared to last year’s teacher :P.

Faythe and her classmates, Evan. The other boy not sure what’s the name.

that’s the look of red indian chief & the daughter LOL

There goes another great party.

School Outing: High 5 Bread Town

a giant loaf of bread greeting us

I took half day off on Tuesday to accompany the kids to High 5 Bread Town, part of their school outing activity.

To be honest, I never want to miss any part of my kids life, watching them grow, from a baby till now simply amazes me. Although I’m a FTWM, I’m quite blessed to witness their many 1st in their life (not missing them). Also to admit, I’m kiasu lah LOL…want to take their photos mah

Vyktore looking bored in the class

And since Daddy is not around most of the time, I do feel that I have to play a part to document important events in their life so that when we are old, we can still remember what they did back those days.

Faythe, patiently waiting for the trip

We were all supposed to gather by 830am in the school. But after all the yakking, washing hands and what nots, finally at 9am, all the kids board the bus and hence begin our trip to Bread Town. Faythe was in Bus No. 7, Vyktore was in Bus No. 6. I followed Vyktore since he’s quite a handful, but to my surprise, he’s very good boy when he’s at school O.o. Mental note to myself, next year must follow Faythe.

Vyktore was pretty excited once we board the bus. I doubt he remembers us taking a bus last year to bird park. He’s pretty observant lately and ask alot questions along the way to the Bread Town.

Upon arrival, all 200 students and countless teachers & parents were crammed into the receiving area. Gosh, it was so stuffy and dark, some children started to get restless.

Kids getting restless waiting for the tour

We waited there for at least a good 30 mins, before the principal came and requested some of the older kids to go out to start the tour first, while the rest of the children sat there and wait. I’m glad that both Faythe’s class also stayed on together with Vyktore’s, so I could take some photos of Faythe as well.

I love his expression LOL. As though he stole the bread 😛

Each of them were given Sausage Roll (new product of High 5?) as tea break while sitting impatiently for their turn. Vyktore only eat the bread. So I gave his sausage to Faythe, the sausage lover :).

Then suddenly, Vyktore said, “Mommy, I want pangsai (big biz)”. Oh no…

So I brought him to the toilet behind, but it was all squat toilet, he was so afraid he’d fall into the toilet bowl (though I was holding him), he decided to hold on to his bowels. Poor fella.

Preparing for a class photo. Look at Vyktore ^.^ (hide my face)

Wait punya wait, I think after another 30mins, we finally moved out from that receiving room and went into another side of the Bread Town, where there’s a huge fake bread and all the classes stopped there to take group photos.

This is Faythe’s class, notice her tilted head LOL.

Then the kids were being seated in a mini theatre and they put on a mini video clip about bread & it’s history.

Oh..this cheeky boy again!!

After the history session, the tour guide finally tell us that we are not moving into the Bread Town. 3 things you can’t do while you are there:

  1. No Food
  2. No Drinks
  3. No Photos

No. 3 was a bit potong steam for me LOL. But it’s a private company and their policy, so have to observe lah, if not next time you’ll see my face in the factory black list :P.

Touching the fake roti

The tour starts with some statues of people preparing bread, etc…all those that they show in the mini video clip, they made it real life!!

We also had a chance to have a look at the many types of toaster, slicer, dough kneading machine and what have you.

Then comes the hot & interesting part.

We were showed how bread are made. There’s a glass tunnel where we walk thru. On the left & right we can see the workers & all the machines. Seriously, it’s pretty much all machine made. The workers there are just doing QC.

It’s an eye opener for me!! Vyktore was amazed as well, looking at all those giant machines.

Before I forget, this whole trip is so hot!! It’s like we are in the oven itself getting baked LOL.

So after the whole bread cerita (took about 30mins) , we came out to the souvenir shop, where you can buy High 5 products for a cheaper price. Luckily I didn’t buy, cause each of us were given goody bag (I brought home 3!!) consisting of: 1 loaf of bread, 2 cream buns, 2 mini cupcakes & 2 slices of fruitcake. So much so for my ab workouts, all this roti gonna kill it!!

On our way home, Vyktore ate the corn cream bun. He’s a roti lover, he can even it ’em plain!!

Time to go home, all so tired and stuck in the jam pulak. I almost fell asleep in the bus, but Vyktore keep on disturbing me..sheesh….

I guess it’s an enjoyable trip for them, as well as for myself. But I do feel that alot of time is wasted sitting around doing nothing. I seriously think that this school they should split their school trip. There are just too many students and it’s not easy to do all those co-ordination.

Of H1N1 & Borobodur

Last friday, SIL sms-ed to inform me that Faythe’s classmate been contracted with H1N1. But school at that time didn’t take any actions. I checked with SIL (also a paed) what we should do. She advise that we should give the kids flu jab, just in case.

Today I sent them to school as usual, at 10am, I received a call from the principal. Usually when I get a call from school, I sort of panic. Cause I’m worried something bad happened to them. Maybe they fainted in school O.o. Maybe they had nose bleed (which they often do) & it went out of control. Then the principle told me that they need to quarantine her class, so I need to pick her up.

Good thing I didn’t have any meetings on this morning, so I went to pick her up. Teacher gave her tonnes of homework to make sure she’s occupied O.o.

2 hours later, MIL sms-ed me, Vyktore is also under quarantine, since he has close contact with Faythe. Yikes!!! Do I have to quarantine myself too? I checked with my HR mgr, not necessary, since we don’t have any fever.

They are both fine, in fact I think they are happy they don’t need to go to school, especially Vyktore. Vyktore has a bit of runny nose, but that’s more like dust allergy more than anything.

Time to boost everyone’s immune system with more Vit C.

I’m still busy tidying up my photos from Borobodur. Looking back at all those photos, sometimes makes me wonder how capable human are. Even before Christ (B.C.), they could build such mega structure. Isn’t it amazing. When I was there, I touch and feel the stones & carvings on it. I could feel the history in me. Well, I’m very much of a history freak. My ambition was to be an archaelogist!! *Don’t laugh OK*.

Can’t live my life to be an archaeologist, but visit to such place really brings back good old history memory :).

Here’s a photo taken from the top of Borobodur. The view, simply breathtaking. That lil triangle hanging in the sky is Gunung Merapi, life volcano. Not a photoshop add-on-mountain ya (in case you wondering :P).

I spent like 3 hours trekking this whole place till the driver got worried and kept SMS-ing me where am I. Seriously, I mean, it’s a historical site OK…you sure gotta spend some time here. And with so much of trekking, I doubt I need to get myself a nordictrack audiostrider 990 pro to keep me going.

Faythe & Vyktore’s Sports Day, 22 Aug 09

Sorry, went MIA for sometime. Was busy rushing out photos for our customers over at TwoPixels.

Right before the 1 week break, the kids had their TJC sports day in Yuk Chai Primary School. I was all excited as this is the 1st ever sports day for both my children. Anxious, whether they know what to do, worried if they’d cry if they see me at the parents tent. Basically all sorts of feeling.

(her fav pose without looking at the camera)

Faythe knew what she had to do as she has been practicing that for 2 weeks. She told me briefly at home that she has to catch a fish. Then balance herself by walking slowly, then feed the fish to the shark and run back.

Vyktore, as usual, he doesn’t know what’s happening.

On the day itself, I prepared sausages for both of their class as per request from the teacher. The weather looked cloudy and I was pretty worried that it’s gonna rain.

Vyktore didn’t want to go to school at first, but when we reach a different *school* he started to warm up. I left both of them at the children’s tent and headed to parents tent. Since I was late, I didn’t really get a good seat.

(this photo reminds me so much of myself when I was at her age. I was also dressed in yellow during sports day)

Then I left my stuff with my brother, and I went to take some shots of them prior to the event.

(score chart, love how they name each game)

The day started with 6yo students marching out. Then followed by 5yo, 4yo & 3yo. They all look so cute, marching out, waving at the parents tent. Faythe spotted me, but not Vyktore though I did call out to both of them.

(Vyktore and his class, preparing to march out)

Then there were speeches given by pastor, principle & CES’ director before they flag off the start of sports day.

(Faythe waving at the crowd)

Faythe’s event was 4th. I sat at the line from far and took photos of her waiting for the event to begin. Thank god I borrowed a zoom lense from my friend, it was really helpful. I didn’t have to runaround, just sit at 1 side and I manage to zoom in close to take some shots.

She was so cool walking after catching the fish. Balancing herself very well. Then drop the fish into the shark’s mouth. Then she ran as fast as she could, like Dash (of Incredibles). I told her to run fast so that she can finish fast LOL.

Her team came in 3rd overall.

After that it was Vyktore’s turn (or was it he first then Faythe, can’t remember). They were suppose to hop on the hoola hoop then collect 2 rings, run and go around then come back with the rings. Pretty easy, they even cut short the route for the 3yo.

Nevertheless, this boy of mine is pretty blur. So there was a teacher standing next to him to tell him what to do. If not, I bet he’d run all over the place haha…..

His team came in 2nd overall.

It started raining when the prize giving ceremony started. So they had to present the prize at the children’s tent.

The whole event ended by 12pm and it rained quite heavily when we got into our car.

I must appraise the teachers for organising this event. It was really successful. They even had games for parents. They gave medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd runner up. 4th had some parcel like gift (not sure what’s that). Then each kid is also given a party pack too :).

More photos taken during the day.

Faythe waving at me after she march in & saw me at the parents tent.

Vyktore marching in. He look so so serious LOL.

Vyktore lining up after the march.

Gosh, look at my sleepy princess. And that boy behind LOL.

This is Vyktore, the only one still standing.

6 YO students doing a cheer with the instructor.

They didn’t have enough chairs & tents for the parents. But nevertheless, we as parents wouldn’t mind sitting on the grass. Afterall, nobody wants to miss their kids in action.

Vyktore waiting for his turn and busy biting his naisl….grrr……

Vyktore doing the bunny hop.

Faythe waiting for his turn.

That’s her feeding the shark.

Then she ran as fast as she could.

I tell you, she sure has long legs, just like me :P.

She spotted me from far.

And she showed me how fast she run (like Dash from Incredible) LOL.

Faythe & Nathaniel

Vyktore, trying to point at my camera.

Busy eating nuggets.

Vyktore posing for me.

Faythe & Nathaniel eating snacks prepared by parents.

Daddy tug-of-war.

Mommy tug-of-war.

Vyktore receiving his medal.

Faythe & Vyktore with their medals.

Faythe, Vyktore (posing with his big tummy) & their friend, can’t recall what name.

Faythe, her buddy, Yiu Yiu & their class teacher.

Faythe & Yiu Yiu. Faythe & Gabriel (cousin)

That’s all for the day. I think I’m more tired than them for the sports day…

Rewind: Mid Term Review

(photos taken the weekend right before school starts)

School started like 3 weeks ago after the end of 1st semester. Right after the semester break, the kids school had Parents Teachers Day. Being a part time single parent, I was there to listen to 2 teachers and go home to report to Daddy what’s going on with the kids.

I must say that I’m pretty happy with the current school they are attending. Albeit a bit far from home, but it’s certainly worth all the traveling time. Mind you, my parents sent me to school which were like 25km away from home and if they can do that, I don’t see why I can’t (no lah, their school not so far, but the jam just makes the experience not so pleasant).

Here’s what I’ve managed to write down during the 1-1 session with each of their teacher.


  • controls & writes very well, but her chinese writings are like cendol dancing around LOL
  • she prefers english than rest of the subjects, but her fave being art & craft
  • not very confident with numbers especially 4,5,6.
  • she loves to draw and scribble
  • not very attentive during Mandarin lessons, at times she even fell asleep in class *slap forehead*
  • she follows the rules during games
  • sometimes quite talkative
  • not bossy – she used to be very bossy in her previous school
  • during snack time sometimes she doesn’t eat the food brought from home
  • enjoys devotion time (bible story) & super fun time
  • when she first started, she likes to disturb people when everyone was praying. But now she’d ask her friends to keep quiet LOL
  • very persistent
  • needs to brush up in her Mandarin

Faythe scored 100% for both English & Mandarin, 92% for Maths & B+ for writing.

Overall, she’s considered very mature (oldest in the class) for a 4 years old.


  • he loves numbers and would sit down quitely during numbers lesson.
  • able to recognise 2,3,4,5,6, occasionally 8.
  • he’s showing more interest in alphabets but not recognising them yet.
  • loves singing especially fast tunes.
  • not interested with motor skills activity
  • very scared of dirt LOL
  • sometimes picky with his food
  • his strong point: he’s a king at the playground during PE time LOL. He can jump, walk up the slide, all sorts of stunts *shakes head*

Overall, he’s slower compared to his peers and only started talking recently. But can see he’s picking up alot lately and talking non stop.

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Rewind: School Party: Noah’s Ark Theme

Lets rewind to 3 weeks ago right before the kids break for the 2 weeks holiday. They had a party in the school. The theme this year is Noah’s Ark.

When I told Faythe about this and mentioned that she can pretend to me some kind of animal, guess what she wanted to be.  A STAR FISH *roll eyes*. Then Daddy said cannot, cause StarFish sea creature, didn’t go on Noah’s Ark..kanasai…

Eventually MIL managed to convince Faythe to be lady bird. MIL & SIL brought the 3 kids to costume shop to try the outfit and Faythe chose LadyBird.

As for Vyktore, from Day 1 he’s not aware what’s happening. And he refused to wear any of those animal costume. And this lil boy of mine lurves chicken and bird. So I thought, why not sew him a chicken suit LOL.

So presenting the chicken suit boy & the ladybird girl.

That chicken costume is sure hard work. I bought boa feather that came with yellow & white colour and sew them onto his old pyjamas overall back n front. The reason why I use his old pyjamas cause it comes with buttons in front, easier to put on.

I cut off the sleeves and that’s how he looks like. For the pants, I borrowed Faythe’s sports attire LOL. I also cut some felt like a shape of chicken feet and used blue tac to stick to the shoes so that it looks like chicken feet hehe…

It’s not easy, but it was fun. And with some psychoing job from Daddy, Vyktore wore the chicken suit without any issue.

When he reached school and saw so many children dressed up in animal costume, he was pretty happy and after that he didn’t mind wearing the suit after all.

A pic of Mommy with the chicky boy.

That’s the 2 children together with the cousin, Gabriel & Yiu Yiu.

And this my lil princess, sitting down waiting for the party to start. I think the ladybird head looks a bit heavy for her LOL

I’m sure they had fun during the party, though didn’t win best dressed.

05 Jan 09

I must admit that I have alot of backdated post, which I’m gonna post it up later..to the correct date (time travel LOL). But this has to be the most updated…

First day of school today and how did my 2 precious children fare? I’d rate it as 80% not bad…well at least they didn’t cry :)

Faythe was all ready for school as usual after much psyching from me. I bought her a Princess Bag which has little mermaid and she loves it (she’s very crazy over little mermaid now). I’ve wrapped all her books and brought it along. Got those books during the orientation on Sat.

Vyktore, since he’s only joining the 3 yrs old class, there aren’t any books, so we still use his old bag, which he didn’t like it last time, but he likes it now. He actually asked me to put on for him and ran around the house with the bag at home (probably he saw Asimo had a bag, so he was OK with the bag LOL).

When arriving school, they were both OK. I left Faythe with the class teacher and she was fine and started playing with toys. She didn’t even look for me.

As for Vyktore he froze when he saw so many children. I brought him to the class and stayed there. Got my maid to stand at the side and watch him. He settled down and started playing toys.

The school very cool yah..1st day so many toys LOL.

Faythe was OK. She followed the class to wash hand and had her bread. I was there for a while to make sure she was OK and reassure her I’m around, just watching over Vyktore.

Meanwhile, Vyktore got restless and he even attempt to open the classroom door and runaway. Teacher manage to catch hold of him hahaha…He got pretty restless for not able to runaround towards the end he wanted to escape from our maid.

Class was dismissed at 10:30 and I showed the kids the auntie that’s gonna fetch them tomorrow after school. Fingers all crossed and lets hope everything is OK on 2nd day.