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Mommy, I rub ?>

Mommy, I rub

(photo taken 13 Oct 2010) Few weeks back, Faythe followed MIL to Vietnam, hence I had to work from home to take care of Vyktore. He’s quite a good boy and he never disturb me during the afternoons. He’ll either read his books, play with his robots, cars & dinosaurs, or fell asleep. On one of the days, while checking out what he was doing, I spotted some colour pencil lines on the wall O.o. Then I went close and…

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Mommy: When? ?>

Mommy: When?

(photo taken in Mar 2010) Few nights ago, I made milk for Vyktore & milo (milk plus 1 scoop of milo) for Faythe. When she got her bottle, we had a lil conversation. Faythe: Mommy, when can I stop drinking from the bottle? I was quite taken aback when she asked this. Seriously, I’ve never forced her to drink from bottle till now, but it has never crossed my mind when I want to wean her off from bottle since…

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Their Pets ?>

Their Pets

OK, I finally have time to blog about the kids rather than my trips. Yay!! Both Faythe & Vyktore adores mini toys instead of soft cuddly giant toys. I’m glad, at least my house will not be filled with big cuddly toys which tends to collect more dust. Faythe loves cat. Hence she has a pink cat. At first she named her Rosie. But after watching Cats vs. Dogs Movie, she named her cat, Katherine. Konon lah, that’s a heroine…

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Trick OR Treat on 31 Oct, 09 ?>

Trick OR Treat on 31 Oct, 09

Last weekend was Halloween. Usually I don’t celebrate Halloween. But this year, MIL bought some costumes for them to dress up for Halloween. Since she’s staying in apartment temporarily, it’s fun to bring the kids around for a trick or treat at the neighbours. Faythe were dressed as skeleton jack. Her all time favourite character. In fact she’s been practicing her trick or treat at home. But when the day comes, she’s a bit shy and dare not greet the…

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Of Bru, Grin & O-vin ?>

Of Bru, Grin & O-vin

Like 1 month ago or so, 1 fine day. Vyktore told me, “Yerrow, Yerrow” while pointing at Faythe’s mini colour pallette. At first I thought it was a fluke, so I ask him again, what colour is this? He repeated Yerrow. Whoa…little did I know this boy been learning colours in the school. Then he went Bru pointing at the blue colour pallette. Then I went Pink, he repeated Pink, I went Yellow, he repeated Yellow….and since then, naming colours…

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Her Conversations ?>

Her Conversations

I’ve not been putting down diligently Faythe’s lil coversations with us since many many moons ago. So this is gonna be a long one. I usually store these conversations as draft, but never had a chance to publish them. (photo taken recently during our PD Trip in August 09) Being a 4.5 yrs old, she’s ever so talkative & at times challenging you with her wittiness. Sometimes we’d just go speechless with her sense of bluntness and innocent. While I…

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She must be thinking… ?>

She must be thinking…

seriously, I don’t know what she was thinking, when she put this on her head. Can you imagine my shocking face when I saw this…LOL It was on a saturday noon, I was busy typing away on my computer and they were playing in their room (which is just next to each other and joined by the toilet). Suddenly, Faythe hop over and said, “Mommy see” So I turn around and that was what I saw LOL. Couldn’t contain my…

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Deciphering Vyktore’s Language ?>

Deciphering Vyktore’s Language

Vyktore is a serious late talker. When we celebrated his 3rd birthday, that was the 1st time he said Nemo (2 syllabus word) after so many months saying MO. Soon after that, he started picking up words like a sponge absorbing water, repeating every word we say. Sometimes he seems like an old man, keeps repeating his words over n over again until you acknowledge what he says and repeat it yourself. And the words he speaks are totally out…

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School Excursion: Bird Park ?>

School Excursion: Bird Park

(seen in the photos: Vyktore, Yiu Yiu & Faythe) Last week before the long weekend, the kids’ Kindy organised a trip to KL Bird Park. It took a while for me to decide whether I should tag along this round. The last round we went to Butterfly Farm (previous school, didn’t blog bout it!!), I went together with my ex-maid as well. This round I was very sure I’m not bringing my M-A-I-D, cause she might just probably gimme more…

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From Meh to Mie…. ?>

From Meh to Mie….

I notice that I’ve not been blogging bout the kids individually for like ages!!! Thanks to the workload I’ve got at offce & home :(. Not forgetting all those travelling post and what nots. Vyktore is turning 3 in June and we’re planning for a big celebration (to be fair since Faythe had a big celebration when she turned 3 last year). So what has this little boy been up to? Speech wise, he’s still very very far from his…

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