Mommy, I rub

(photo taken 13 Oct 2010)

Few weeks back, Faythe followed MIL to Vietnam, hence I had to work from home to take care of Vyktore. He’s quite a good boy and he never disturb me during the afternoons. He’ll either read his books, play with his robots, cars & dinosaurs, or fell asleep.

On one of the days, while checking out what he was doing, I spotted some colour pencil lines on the wall O.o. Then I went close and check it out. Mr. Picasso Hon drew some potato-head-figure on the wall in our bedroom. He smiled sheepishly and said, “Mommy, this one Ivan, this one Izac”.

Haiya boy, no drawing on the wall!! Forgot to warn him and didn’t know he started to enjoy drawing.

Few days later, Daddy & Faythe came home, then I showed Daddy Mr. Picasso’s work.

Daddy: Vyktore, who draw on the wall?
Vyktore: Jie jie…
Daddy: Are you sure?
Vyktore: Yes!!
Mommy: How can be Jie Jie? Jie Jie not at home, it’s Vyktore right?
Vyktore: No, it’s Jie Jie

Denial stage..but after some probing…

Vyktore: Vyktore draw one.
Daddy: Cannot draw on the wall OK. It’s OK..Your punishment

Daddy gave him an eraser and asked him to erase off his drawing on the wall.

Without much protest, he happily took the eraser and started erasing.

Vyktore: Mommy, I rub erase
Mommy: OK, make sure erase all off OK

Till today, he has not finish erasing his art!!

Once a while, when he remembers he’d go:

Vyktore: Hey..eraser *found the eraser on our luggage bag*. Mommy I continue to erase

OK boy, hope you will finish erasing soon. Luckily you were not decorating my wall with ink stamps. Then Daddy would probably get you to repaint the wall 😛

Mommy: When?

(photo taken in Mar 2010)

Few nights ago, I made milk for Vyktore & milo (milk plus 1 scoop of milo) for Faythe. When she got her bottle, we had a lil conversation.

Faythe: Mommy, when can I stop drinking from the bottle?

I was quite taken aback when she asked this. Seriously, I’ve never forced her to drink from bottle till now, but it has never crossed my mind when I want to wean her off from bottle since she has never complain anyway. She was once weaned from her bottle when she was 2, then she stopped drinking for sometime, in the end we started it again.

Mommy: Hmm..why, you don’t want to drink from the bottle anymore?
Faythe: *Silent*
Mommy: You can drink from the cup, but if you do that, it will spill all over the car, and your mil will go like this n this (pretending to be milo swinging left n right) n oops…spilled on your baju.
Faythe: hahaha *She laughed, then started drinking her milo and never did brought the question up again*

She usually drinks in the car in the morning, so I came up with that reason since I couldn’t think of anyway to tell her that she can drink from cup if she wants to.

Now the million dollar question, when should I start weaning her off the bottle? I don’t have problem with her drinking from bottle since she (as well as Vyktore) does not have the habit of falling asleep with the bottle. But probably sometimes she feels weird sucking on it.

Time to introduce the straw & cup probably. But with that, she won’t be able to enjoy the drink lying down, that’s the down side of it.

Does your 5yo still drinks from bottle? What are your plans?

Their Pets

OK, I finally have time to blog about the kids rather than my trips. Yay!!

Both Faythe & Vyktore adores mini toys instead of soft cuddly giant toys. I’m glad, at least my house will not be filled with big cuddly toys which tends to collect more dust.

Faythe loves cat. Hence she has a pink cat. At first she named her Rosie. But after watching Cats vs. Dogs Movie, she named her cat, Katherine. Konon lah, that’s a heroine cat :). She holds Katherine to sleep every night, except some nights when she left it in MIL house. Then she’d comfort herself by saying, “Katherine just want to rest in grandma house. Next day I’ll bring her back” O.o.

Vyktore, he loves dog. But I didn’t put up a pic of him and his pup, Gary. Yes, his pup is named Gary LOL. The one seen here is call TV Monster haha…and look, he is smiling just like the monster :P. He will put the monster beside him when he sleeps, cover with blanket somemore ^.^. Sometimes he’ll tell me, “Mommy, TV is sick, he’s sleeping upstairs…shsshhhh…”.


Trick OR Treat on 31 Oct, 09

Last weekend was Halloween. Usually I don’t celebrate Halloween. But this year, MIL bought some costumes for them to dress up for Halloween. Since she’s staying in apartment temporarily, it’s fun to bring the kids around for a trick or treat at the neighbours.

Faythe were dressed as skeleton jack. Her all time favourite character. In fact she’s been practicing her trick or treat at home. But when the day comes, she’s a bit shy and dare not greet the neighbours.

Vyktore, actually we got him a bumble bee costume. But on that day he went berserk and refuse to wear *roll eyes*. So he wore his Thomas & Friends Shirt. That’s it.

The cousins each wore a Thomas & Friends Top & Skeleton Jack as well.

The kids for sure enjoyed themselves giving out treats to everyone. How did you celebrate your Halloween?

Oh, and on Sunday, we went to 1u, there were Halloween Deco as well. And there was a witch walking around. Faythe took picture with her, with my phone camera.

Of Bru, Grin & O-vin

Like 1 month ago or so, 1 fine day. Vyktore told me, “Yerrow, Yerrow” while pointing at Faythe’s mini colour pallette.

At first I thought it was a fluke, so I ask him again, what colour is this? He repeated Yerrow. Whoa…little did I know this boy been learning colours in the school. Then he went Bru pointing at the blue colour pallette.

Then I went Pink, he repeated Pink, I went Yellow, he repeated Yellow….and since then, naming colours is one of his fav pass time till now LOL.

This is what he usually do:

While holding the transformer DVD Cover:

  1. What colour? Yellow…… pointing at Bumble bee
  2. What colour? Bru (Blue)….pointing at Optimus Prime
  3. What colour? Brack (Black)…pointing at Megatron

And he repeats this a gazillionth time till we start repeating after him to assure him the colours are correct. O.o.

While flipping the book:

  1. What colour? Purple…pointing at some purple colour picture
  2. What colour? Pink…pointing at the pink colour car

Funny thing is he ask the question himself and answers back himself haha…..

Sometimes I’ll test him and ask him:

Mommy: Vyktore, Mommy’s baju what colour?
Vyktore: Grin (Green)
Mommy: Mommy’s watch what colour?
Vyktore: Why (White)
Mommy: Jie Jie’s baju what colour?
Vyktore: Look at Faythe….Purple!!
Mommy: No, jie jie’s baju is pink.
Vyktore: Purple…..*giggles* Purple *giggles* – I think he did this on purpose for the fun of it

I’m getting quite good in deciphering his gibberish language nowadays and I understand 90% of his words :). The colours he knows very well:

  • PInk
  • Purple
  • Rid (red)
  • Bru (blue)
  • Grin (green)
  • Why (white)
  • Brack (black)
  • Yello (Yellow)
  • O-vin (Orange)

He makes alot of mess when we do painting at home, cause he likes to mix colours together. He’d go:

  1. Yello & O-vin
  2. Bru & Grin
  3. Bru & Yello

And the list goes on…..

Another milestone for Vyktore :).

Her Conversations

I’ve not been putting down diligently Faythe’s lil coversations with us since many many moons ago. So this is gonna be a long one. I usually store these conversations as draft, but never had a chance to publish them.

(photo taken recently during our PD Trip in August 09)

Being a 4.5 yrs old, she’s ever so talkative & at times challenging you with her wittiness. Sometimes we’d just go speechless with her sense of bluntness and innocent.

While I was bathing her the other day…
Mommy: oh no, how come there’s a red bump on you, who bit you?
Faythe: Mosquito.
Mommy: Oh, why do you think mosquito bit you?
Faythe: You know the mosquito likes to bite me cause I’m all honey & sugar & everything sweet inside my blood. That’s why they like me.
Mommy: O.o

Some guest came to MIL’s house and commented that she doesn’t talk, she tried defending herself…
Faythe: I can talk, Dog cannot talk one

When she refuse to go to school, I was trying to coax her…
Mommy: Faythe you must go to school OK. You see Ivan, he’s so clever. He goes to school never cry. His teacher also says that he’s a clever boy cause he never cry. He’s so clever right. You want to be like Ivan?
Faythe: NO
Mommy: Why NO?
Faythe: Cause I’m a girl, I don’t want to be a boy
Mommy: Oopss…*mental note, gotta use girl as example next time*

On her toy dog…
Faythe; Mama, you see my dog can line up one (like everyone else while purchasing movie passes)
Faythe: Mama, you see my dog can eat one (pretending that the dog is eating with us in the restaurant *roll eyes*)
Faythe: Mama, you see my dog can watch movie also (sat the dog next to her while watching movie)

In the quest for a sweet…
Faythe: Mama, can you give me a sweet?
Mommy: OK here you go
Faythe: Thanks mama. Now I feel much better
Mommy: *huh…*

She adores me like a…
Faythe: Mama, you are my pillow to hug, I miss you…
Mommy: melted. You are m bolster :)

When she’s lazy…
Mommy; Faythe, can you on the fan for mama?
Faythe: OK. But now I’m going up…and sitting down on the chair, so I cannot on for you. You on yourself OK.

Mommy: Faythe, can you help me to get some tissue from the toilet?
Faythe: Mommy, I don’t know what you talking about…
Mommy: Huh..I think tonight I also don’t know how to tell story
Faythe: (she quickly ran to the toilet to get some tissue for me LOL) Mommy, here’s the tissue

On the phone with her Godmom…
Faythe: Happy Birthday Kai Ma (Godmom)
Godmom: Thanks. Can you give me a kiss or not
Faythe: Cannot…
Godmom: Aiya, why cannot? Can la..
Faythe: Cannot, cause this is a phone, not you..
Godmom: O.o.

Hogging the toilet…
Daddy: Faythe, can you please hurry up, I want to use the toilet
Faythe: *still sitting on our toilet* Daddy you go the other toilet OK. I want to use this one (pointing to the toilet at the other side of the house)
Daddy: O.o *speechless*

While driving home, I picked up the phone and talk, after putting down the phone…
Faythe: Mama (sounded like pretty fedup after nagging so many times), you are not supposed to talk on the phone while you driving!! Afterwards police catch you
Mommy; OK, sorry, I won’t next time OK

When she wants a share of Vyktore’s toy…
Faythe: Vyktore…you must share your toy with JIe JIe OK. Jie JIe share with you my masak masak, my barbie doll. So you must share your robot with me, cause I don’t have…

One morning when she woke up…
Faythe: Mommy, you look like a chicken LOL
Mommy: huh…..*went to see the mirror* wahh……my hair all standing up, memang like a chicken LOL

While we were reading a book…
Faythe: Mommy, tittt…*pretend to press a button on the book*
Mommy: What’s that?
Faythe: I pause the book first, I have to go take something, you wait for me OK
Mommy: O.o

During shopping…
Faythe: Mommy, lets go here and see…
Mommy: I’m not buying anything OK
Faythe: No buy, see only..see only..(but see see a few times, then end up buying and got conned O.o)

One night while we were sleeping…
Faythe: *Knocking our door* HELP ME HELP ME!!
Daddy: *thought what happen* (Opens our room’s door) What happen Faythe?
Faythe: Help me Daddy, help me!! My nose is bleeding HELP ME!!!

She refused to clean her toys one night, but I reprimanded her to stay upstairs till she finish cleaning. After a while she came downstairs…
Mommy: So have you finished cleaning up all your toys?
Faythe: Yes…
Mommy: Good. That’s my girl.
Faythe: No Mommy, not good. You must say EXCELLENT
Mommy: O.o. Who tell you that?
Faythe: My teacher in school say excellent, it’s better than good
Mommy: *fainted* I need to be a teacher soon to counter back all her words 😛

She must be thinking…

seriously, I don’t know what she was thinking, when she put this on her head.

Can you imagine my shocking face when I saw this…LOL

It was on a saturday noon, I was busy typing away on my computer and they were playing in their room (which is just next to each other and joined by the toilet).

Suddenly, Faythe hop over and said, “Mommy see”

So I turn around and that was what I saw LOL. Couldn’t contain my laugh, I quickly snatch my camera and took a photo.

She found a good use of the Tarzan paper bag from Wendy’s, but I’m just curious why she put it on her head.

She told me it’s a mask.

Then she pretended walking like a blind back to her room.

Do you have child like this at home?

Wait till I show you a picture of her sitting on the broom pretending to be a witch :P.

Deciphering Vyktore’s Language

Vyktore is a serious late talker. When we celebrated his 3rd birthday, that was the 1st time he said Nemo (2 syllabus word) after so many months saying MO.

Soon after that, he started picking up words like a sponge absorbing water, repeating every word we say. Sometimes he seems like an old man, keeps repeating his words over n over again until you acknowledge what he says and repeat it yourself.

And the words he speaks are totally out of pronounciation (80% of the time) and we all have a hard time trying to figure out what he’s trying to tell us. Unlike Faythe, when she started talking, she speaks with clear pronounciation without us having to guess what she was saying, Vyktore is the total opposite.

Here are some of the words I manage to decipher for the record :).

  • Wa chi wa-ter – Want drink water
  • Wa chi chu-chu – Want drink susu
  • Toh fah – you’ll never guess what is this, it means Optimus Prime. Don’t ask me why he says toh fah LOL, we try to teach him say Optimus Prime, he just some how short cut it
  • Toh fah big wo-li – Optimus Prime Big Lorry
  • Bar bee – Bumblebee, another short form from him
  • Fider – spider
  • Sh eat fider – fish eat spider
  • A-wu – ants
  • Ra way – runaway
  • Tock up – buttock up (when I wear pampers for him at night I usually say buttock up)
  • Put meh shene – put medicine
  • Yelo – saying hello over the phone
  • Papa jak big sh – papa catch big fish
  • Mac-do-wer – Mcdonald
  • Chi-chen – chicken
  • Sell sory – tell story

Although I have a hard time deciphering all his words, I totally enjoy it because they sound so gibberish and cute. Seriously, I never been thru this phase as a mother of 2, hence I’m enjoying myself decoding and we sometimes have a good laugh after decoding these words. But sometimes it’s quite confusing and frustrating for him and us as well, cause we try to hard to think what he tries to tell us and we keep getting it wrong.

When Daddy came home last week, the 1st thing he asked Faythe, “Can di di talk now”. This is what our witty girl answered:

He can.

In the morning, he will say, “Bad robot, bad robot”

In the afternoon, he will say, “Bad robot, bad robot”

At night, he wll also say, “Bad robot, bad robot”

hahaha……..that is so Vyktore!!

School Excursion: Bird Park

(seen in the photos: Vyktore, Yiu Yiu & Faythe)

Last week before the long weekend, the kids’ Kindy organised a trip to KL Bird Park. It took a while for me to decide whether I should tag along this round. The last round we went to Butterfly Farm (previous school, didn’t blog bout it!!), I went together with my ex-maid as well. This round I was very sure I’m not bringing my M-A-I-D, cause she might just probably gimme more vomit blood scene than the kids. So I did eventually tagged along, with Vyktore. Faythe as the older child will have to take care of herself.

They were all very excited in the morning as they knew they were heading to bird park. Vyktore kept saying, “bird bird”. Faythe as usual ask me 1001 questions, including why our M-A-I-D not coming. She remembers last round our ex-maid did tag along.

Though we were supposed to be there by 830am, we waited quite long to finally gather everyone. Then the vice principal gave instructions and we proceed to the bus. I must say they are pretty well organised, except that when everyone reaches the bird park, the kids were a bit out of control. Some walking faster, some slower. I’m glad I followed Vyktore. Occasionally we will bump into Faythe’s class as well.

There were a bird show which they put on during the trip. After that it was time to go home. Overall I feel that we were there more for the bird show than anything as everyone kept rushing us to make sure we don’t miss the show, then after that was rushing back to the bus *duh*. I didn’t even manage to stop and take a pics of those beautiful birds!! And the weather was so so hot although it was partially covered.

This week back to reality, here’s what Vyktore says:

Mommy: Vyktore, we go school OK.
Vyktore: No No No (his fav word now). Bird Bird…See Bird…
Mommy: No, no more bird…back to school
Vyktore: No No No…bird…bird!!

As for Faythe, I ask her if she wants to go again, she didn’t give me a Yes or No, but she mentioned that she enjoys feeding the bird (she’s very daring!!)

From Meh to Mie….

I notice that I’ve not been blogging bout the kids individually for like ages!!! Thanks to the workload I’ve got at offce & home :(. Not forgetting all those travelling post and what nots.

Vyktore is turning 3 in June and we’re planning for a big celebration (to be fair since Faythe had a big celebration when she turned 3 last year). So what has this little boy been up to?

Speech wise, he’s still very very far from his peers but he’s certainly getting there. He’s been picking up alot of single phrase words and repeating every word of each sentence that we speak to him. Am I worried, YES, definitely!! At certain point of time I wander if he’s autistic or having learning disabilities? But sometimes when I watch him play and learn, I doubt he is.

He’s also starting to string 2 words together, but it’s really funny cause he has a long pause in between 2 words. e.g.


baby……two…… (he can count 2, last week Chin Nee came over with the bumbo boys and Vyktore said baby….two)


Most of the time he doesn’t speak clearly, but I’m trying very hard to catch what he speaks as some of the alphas he’s still not able to pronounce, e.g. F, S, Y.

Lately, he has changed from calling me Meh to Mie. And the other day when he say a plane, he said, Da…di….(too bad Daddy not around).

His world revolves around: CARS, TAIN(TRAINS), COP(HELICOPTER), PANE (PLANE), BOT (ROBOT). Those are what boys made off right ;).

Attitude wise, he’s pretty easy to deal with (probably cause his speech is not that advance yet) and easily contemplated with just his toys.

Oh and he now loves the stroller. Each time we bring the stroller out, he will fight with Faythe to sit on it. I figure that probably because the stroller gives him an experience like sitting on the car :P.

Eating wise, he’s doing very well in this area. He’s the rice boy!! Never go without rice for even a day. He hates western food except macaroni cooked with Chinese boiled soup (typical Chinaman eh). He’s now same weight as Faythe *roll eyes* and I’m pretty sure he will surpass the not-so-big Faythe very soon.

Going to school been easier nowadays as he has started to enjoy himself more.

Oopss..did I just turn this into a monthly update post…I’mafraid I just did. I’m really loving and enjoying every bit of him. He gives me less headache compared to Faythe for sure!!