June – Sep 2014

OMG, I’ve not updated my blog for more than a year. Clearing cob webs all over the place. Life had gotten too busy in the past 1 year. A couple of overseas trips, crazy workload and growing kids. That’s what kept me busy for the past 1 year.

I actually drafted this post last year, but totally forgot to publish it on the blog.

Here’s a quick flash back of what we were up to from Jun – Sep 2014.

In June 2014

After 2 of my projects go-live, I took 8 days off work and brave myself to bring Faythe and Vyktore to Tokyo. Yes you hear me correct, just the 3 of us. Prior to that I spent my weekends planning for the trip with both of them to ensure we cover as much as we could during our stay in Tokyo.

Happiness on their faces upon arriving in Tokyo.

We went to Ghibli Studio, Harajuku. Spent 3 Days in Disneysea & Disneyland (12 hours everyday). We also made a trip over to Odaiba to visit the Trick Art Museum where the kids had plenty of fun. Then we took a long trip to Hakkeijima to view some sea creatures and catch some fishes before heading to Yokohama to visit 2 Museums (Ramen Museum, Cup Noodles Museum). We had great fun and was totally max out by the time we return to HK before continue slaving myself at work.

Here are some photos taken from our trip.

Us in Disney Sea. We enjoyed the weather and all the rides.

DIsney Sea Performance during the day. The parade was performed on the Lake. We were so impressed with the performance.

Our favourite ride, Toy Story Mania. We went for the ride for both the nights.

The night time performance and fireworks is Amazing as well at Disney Sea.

Faythe & myself.

The Disneyland Castle lighted up at night. They were telling all the princess story with all the different lighting.

Alice in Wonderland projected over the castle. Love Love Love the performance.

Oh and Rapunzel Story portrayed on the Disneyland Castle.

The rainy weather never did dampen our Spirit in enjoying the Disneyland & Disney Sea.

We spent 1/2 day in Odaiba to visit Lady of Liberty. I love the the view of Lady Liberty, with the Rainbow Bridge behind her.

Here’s Vyktore pretending to be attacked by Shark. One of the reason we went to Odaiba is to visit the 3D Art Museum.

Faythe being attacked by a giant spider at the 3D Art Museum.

Hakkeijima trip was all for Vyktore, the animal lover. Various sea creatures, giant moon fish and whale shark. It was a very far trip, further to Yokohama.

The kids amazed with the tall fish tank and fish swimming in it.

Faythe had fun catching fishes at Hakkejima. The fish we caught were fried on the spot and we ate all of it.

After Hakkeijma, we went back to Yokohama for the Ramen Museum. This is a place where they have various Ramen served in different ways. We went to 3 different shops to try 3 Ramen and we all LOVE it.

On the last day in Tokyo, we went to Yokohama again to spend our time at the Cup Noodles Museum.

Various different type of cup noodles on display in the Museum. We also participated in decorating & selecting our cup noodle. Faythe was so delighted and thankful because we purposely went back to Yokohama just for the Cup Noodle Museum.

Our last lunch in Tokyo. Tasty Pork Cutlet served with Japanese Curry. The Pork Cutlet was crunchy on the outside, but the pork meat was juicy and succulent on the inside. Never had I tasted such yummy Pork Cutlet.

In July 2014

We went to stay a night at Macau and dine with Kungfu Panda and his clans. Then we visited the notable Transformer Exhibition which was a huge let down.

Us having breakfast with King Julian of Madagascar. The food served were mediocre, it was just the cartoon characters which were good.

Kids showing their excitement before going in to see the Transformer Exhibition.

Bumble Bee.

In Aug 2014

Elephants from Elephant Parade finally landed in HK and it was great that Citygate was one of the few locations where they place the Elephants.

Faythe picking the nose of the Dragon on the Elephant.

Myself with the Blue Elephant. Photo taken by Faythe.

Vyktore with his anxious face, taking photo with the Mahjong Elephant. This is so Hong Kong.

This is his Favouriter. Turquoise Elephant with the Dragon on it.

Then I brought the kids to work at HP Office to participate in the Annual Bring Your Children to Work Day. Kids had fun using Lync Conference and playing games. We also took the opportunity to take photos of more Elephants that was up for display at City Plaza.

Future HP Lady CEO, Faythe Hon.

Future HP CIO, Vyktore Hon.

All the kids listening to the briefing before the games start.

Kids, in meeting room. We did Lync Conference with other teams. Kids were all excited experiencing the technology they’ve never been exposed before.

Look we found the Orange Elephant in CP1, HP office.

Goldfish Elephant at display at CP1, HP Office. This is by far my favourite.

Souvenirs from HP, personalized photo frame.

In Sep 2014

Summer Holiday is over and kids are back to school. They went back to KL for a short holiday prior to that. We spend our weekends making Gummy Sushi and Gummies they bought from KL.

Gummies made by Faythe.

Sushi anyone? These are too sweet to my liking.

Faythe enjoying her gummy creation.

I also sign up for 2 baking classes with the kids. Learned to make Serradura & Brownies.

Reading instructions to make Serradura.

Enjoying all the biscuit crumbs leftover.

Faythe “curi makan” while waiting for the brownies to be ready.

Then we spent a night camping (the 1st time for the entire family) and star gazing at Pui O.

Beautiful sky at Pui O.

Gazing at stars and took this lovely shot.

Kids enjoying the hammock we setup by the beach.

Getting ready to go to bed. They are all very happy being the 1st time camping.

Early morning at Pui O.

This was where we camped last night.

Vyktore enjoying the hammock. He hates the sand so much he refused to get off.

A small crab by the beach.

What an exhaustive 4 months. I started off 2 new projects in July when I came back from Tokyo. AD & Exchange Migration Project. Very complex in an ageing environment, and I see that this is the “project” that will bring my career to greater heights.

I’ve been catching up with my Photobook Project. I completed Year 2008 Photobook and got it printed before the end of Year 2014. I have also completed Year 2009 Photobook and recently got them printed as well.

OK, lets hope I’ll squeeze some time to write about the past 8 months of 2015 in the next post.

Hiking to Wong Lung Hang (黄龍坑道) – 6 May 2014

Before the weather gets too warm and start of summer, church friends organized another hike at Lantau Island. We were not told that it’s a rock/stream hiking trail. Only saw some beautiful photos on some blogs. Hence I packed my camera to ensure I snap some good photos.

Around 15 odd of us met the petrol station across across North Lantau Hospital. I decided to warm up and walked to the petrol station with a Katherine while the kids followed Hon and went there via public transport. Soon, everyone started arrive and we started our hike.

For the first 30mins, it was pretty easy walk along the road. Then we entered the Wong Lung Hang Picnic Site, and thereafter that’s where the torture begins (*.*).

Sharon told us that she hiked before and we need to be prepared to get ourselves wet as there are some parts of the hike we need to go in to the stream. *Gulp*. My biggest worry was not my kids of course. But instead of DSLR which I can’t get it wet.

As we go deeper into the stream and forest, the hike gets more tricky. At some point, you need to stand and plan your route to ensure that you walk through shallow part of the stream. While I struggle to hike up to the waterfall, both Faythe & Vyktore were doing fine. They were so fast and I soon lose sight of them.

In fact, I was the last arriving at the base of the waterfall. Of course the scenery was awesome and was worth the 3 hours climb!!!

The water was so clean and cold. Even the kids who wanted to swim earlier pulled back. We took our break and ate all the food we brought up since we’ve burned all our energy on our way up LOL.

After rest for a while and take some photos, we make our way down. Gosh, going down was much worse. This is because most part of the stream were covered with rocks and you can barely see what’s lying over the rock in front of you. Me being me, keep on worried about my camera getting wet.

This part is like a mini spa. It’s near the main waterfall, but a secluded spot where you can sit down and let the water gush down your shoulder after a tiring hike :).

In the end, we took about 4 hours to finally reach the base. There were only 4 of us left. Hon, myself, Vyktore and Pastor Kevin. Gosh, my legs start to ache as we inch our way to have a quick bite where a few others waited for us there.

To take it further, we walked home after our tea. By the time we arrived home, I could feel the legs aching much more. Kids being kids felt nothing. They were still jumping around after taking their shower. But soon, fell asleep by 8PM.

I fell asleep by 10PM and the next day I woke up and try to remember what happened. I felt as though I was beaten up hahhahaha…

It was a great hike despite all the challenges. It’s worth it definitely. But I’d think twice if you ask me to go again. Definitely not gonna lug the DSLR along :).

Look at the water, so clear, I could see my shoes LOL.

Wish I could swim LOL. This is definitely a rare scenery in HK itself.

Cycling Trip at 南生圍 – 22 Mar 2014

Office HR organised a Cycling Trip at Nam Sang Wai (南生圍) and invited everyone to join. Cycling on the road is something I have not done for years. Well at least 10 freaking years!!! And since it’s a strictly adults cycling trip, I registered only myself. I manage to rope in some colleagues from my account to join in the fun.

We all met at Tuen Mun (yes, its New Territory again) MTR Station and took a short walk to the Cycling Shop. Since it’s Cycling on the road, we were briefed by a bunch of youngsters on the safety measures, where we heading to and how to wear our helmet.

We then took chance to select our bike after they briefed us how to adjust our seats and shift gears. Once we were all ready, we starting cycling along the road, stopping once in a while to push our bikes across the road before continue cycling.

After cycling probably about 2km, we came to a restaurant cum farm and stopped there for our lunch. The owner was selling some organic vegetables, pumpkins and what have you. I was tempted to buy but since we are cycling, figured that it wasn’t a good idea after all.

We were served with home cook farmer dishes. 6 dishes and 1 soup.

Hainan Chicken. The skin and meat so smooth, I bet Vyktore love it to bit if he was around.

Pork stew with organic pumpkin.

Smoke meat. Now this is interesting. It’s actually cured and smoked with Laici wood.  Hence it has this distinguish taste which I couldn’t resist myself eating more.

Blanch vegetables with Oyster Sauce.

Chives Omelette.

Salt grill fish, with yummy plum and yellow bean sauce. The fish was really the highlight of the day. Dip it in the special sauce, you can eat the whole fish by itself.

After lunch, we took a short tour around the farm and the lake. Our cycling tour guide briefed us on the vegetables that were planted at the side of the lake. I was pretty surprise to find some celery, romaine lettuce and even coriander planted there. Wish I have green fingers.

After the tour, we had our smooth-o-taufoo fah before we head off the road again. The next route was rather long and tiring. It was a single lane road and there wasn’t any cycling path, so we were cycling along with the cars that was coming in both direction.

This the path heading to the single lane road. Decided to post process it to give it the Old School Feel.

Finally after probably another 2km, we stopped by the road side and our tour guide gave us further briefing. Oh he mentioned about the Shan Pui River where Pui Pui the Crocodile was found. Oh this young man is so knowledgeable, he even talked about the migratory birds that we spotted along the river.

I wasn’t paying attention about his briefing as he spoke in Cantonese whereby a lot of terms was pretty alien to me. Unlike the words we use back home. Instead I went around snapping photos.

We then started our cycling again and finally came to a large field filled with trees lined up in rows. Pretty rare sight for Hong Kong. We had some free n’ easy time at the field before we cycle further in, parked our bicycle at the side and took a walk.

It was a beautiful sight. A river, tall grass and bare trees. Oh, and apparently some HK movies and series were shot here. I absolutely enjoyed the tranquility and reminds me a lot of Sekinchan.

Thereafter, we cycle to the riverside and we have to cross the river with a sampan. We had to pack up our bicycle on the sampan to bring it to the other side of the river. Then we cycle all the way back to the Cycling shop and that ends our 8km cycling trip. We took off our cycling helmet, parked our bicycle and bid farewell. It was indeed a tiring day and I was completely flat out when I got home.

Bangkok in 1 day

3 weeks ago, I went for a short break at Bangkok. The last time I went Bangkok was when Faythe was 9 months old, she’s already 7.5 now. That’s how long ago!! Why such a short trip? Cause I followed hubby’s flight there as he had a nightstop over at Bangkok. What was supposed to be a nice experience turned horrow when the flight was delayed for close to 4 hours :(. But I had to go early and check in since it’s a staff travel ticket. Hence I waited for 4 hours at airport.

When I finally arrived and check-in at Novotel, Suvarnabumi, it was already close to 5am :|. Luckily I manage to catch some sleep in the plane.

This means I only have roughly 12 hours to complete whatever I need to do, which includes: shopping, dining & massage.

First, we stopped at Platinum Mall. I bought some accessories at a steal of price. Next was clothes shopping, only managed to get some ruffled tops for both myself and Faythe.

Then we went to book our massage session at one of this huge massage parlour. Next was more shopping, but this round it’s at Terminal 21. This is a rather new mall, with a chic concept. It’s built like an airport concept, where each of the floor represent a city/country, e.g. London, Dubai, New York, etc. And boy I love their toilet, it’s designed based on each country as well!! Creative :).

Then we head back to the massage parlour to get our massage treat. 2 hours of heavenly massage, just what I needed after a long day.

Of course in between we had food and more food to satisfy our craving for spicy food. We arrive in HK on Sunday noon greeted by heavy rain. Took some photos of clouds and the scene was beautiful. Even managed to catch a glimpse of Tsing Ma Bridge. T’was a short 1 day trip to Bangkok.

大澳 (Tai O)

Tai O is a fishing village town cum island by itself, situated on the western side of Lantau Island. Some history of Tai O can be found here on wikipedia. Residing nearer to Tung Chung and easily accessible via bus or direct ferry. If you remember the movie, Project A by Jacky Chan, that police station in the movie, was actually filmed here. We didn’t manage to visit the police station, but only caught a glimpse of it as we travel back to Tung Chung by boat.

We came here last Feb during the end of winter. It was freezing cold but we enjoyed it. Since we were there after 2pm, we didn’t have much time to explore the entire Island, just a little bit here and there and there seems to be so much more to offer & explore here as compared to Cheung Chau. As usual, we wouldn’t miss trying out the restaurants there to fill our tummy. And we all agree that the trip to Tai O is better off with ferry than the whirly-windy road up the hill & down the hill via the bus.

Here are some photos taken during our 4 hours trip. More photos over at my FB album.

depleted wall and door, love the effect of it.

Look at this boy with oversized sunnies LOL

Youngest in the group, Ben.

Dried food products. Seems like it’s cheaper to buy here than Cheung Chau.

BBQ dried seafood.

One for the family. Gosh..the kids are not looking!!

drinks of all kinds of colours

Old roofs could still be seen here.

There were alot of old post boxes like this and I couldn’t resist to take pics of each of them.

pretty rose.

Old school grilles, with designs somemore..rare-ness :)

this is how they make assam?

Salted egg yolks!! We didn’t know they were selling salted egg yolks like this. We bought some to try, lovely.

Everyone busy lining up to by some peanut kuih, erm but we dare not try.

There were alot of houses like these, made of just metal sheets? Not sure why they use this instead of bricks.

The man squatting in front of the metal house. I asked him to pose as if he’s some gangster killing time LOL.

The house is so small, you have to use an external stairs to go upstairs LOL

A simple worship place, made with metal also O.o

Wow, I wish I could move this to my balcony LOL.

A man enjoying his snacks by the door

talk about details…even the grill has words engraved on it.

This uncle is trying hard to cycle..salute him.

more post box….

Made them sat on the stairs and took pics.

Fire Danger Warning, but smoking cigar outside.

Another cat.

Ah a postbox with my surname, how cool

Hon’s colleagues, Bala & Janet.

All sorts of jeruk on sale

Trying out the baked salted egg..tasted just like egg+salt, LOL

Vyktore enjoying biscuits sandwiched with maltose.

Fried wan tan noodles with sliced beef. Heavenly.

Sweet & sour pork is a must for kids.

Marinated jelly fish with fish cake. Local dish.

Fried prawns with soya sauce. My favourite.

Scallops steamed with spring onion and vermicelli. Nice.

Fried taufu

Lovely sunset. We’ve not been seeing sunset during winter but managed to enjoy the sunset in Tai O.

Peanut kuih, tried this elsewhere before, not bad.

Giant size dried oysters

waiting for the boat at Pier.

got this shot of them from far.

長洲 (Cheung Chau)

I’m sure most of you have heard about Cheung Chau (長洲) after watching TVB Drama Series for so many years. I’m one of them too. And I was excited when I came to know that Cheung Chau is not too far from Lantau Island. Cheung Chau is also famous for the Bun Festival which is held every year during May. I would definitely consider going there for photoshoot during the Bun Festival next time, when my kids are older and I don’t have to bring them along with me as it’s too crowded.

This was our first adventure to other Islands in Hong Kong. It was a hot Sunday afternoon. There’s a direct bus from Tung Chung to Cheung Chau (3M). We took a bus to the Pier, about 45 mins, then we took a ferry over to Cheung Chau.

Cheung Chau is very commercialised compared to other places like Tai O, Pui O, etc. When we alighted the ferry, the 1st thing that greeted us was McDonald’s!! As it was so hot, we succumbed to McDonald’s and went to get our Coca-Cola Slurpee. And that has to be the best ever Slurpee I’ve ever tasted in my life :).

Since it was lunchtime, we started walking along the way to hunt for food. Finally went into one of the restaurants and ordered some yummy dishes. After filling our tummy, we just continue walking and explore this place.

We saw a lady selling home made 豆腐花 (tau fu fah) and ordered some to try. Unlike back home where they serve 豆腐花 with gula melaka, here they serve it with syrup or yellow sugar. Still prefer the gula melaka version :).

After that, we headed to the beach where the kids had a great time playing while the adults chill out with beer at the restaurant (just beside the beach).

From Cheung Chau you can take a ferry back to Central as well and that’s what we did. It was a much longer ride. We had dinner at IFC Mall before heading home and call it a day.

Here are some photos taken at Cheung Chau. For more photos, visit my FB album.

Look, McDonald’s in Cheung Chau :).

Fried Mantis Prawn.

Stir Fried Kailan (looks super oily eh ^.^)

Kam Heong Lala (without the curry leaves)

Chilli & Salt Fried Tofu (this was a hit)

Stir Fried Crabs with Ginger & Spring Onion

Fried rice for the kids

Sweet & sour pork (for the kids too)

Steam fish..yummy :)

This lady was selling home made tau fu fah. Since it was so hot, we stopped here for our dessert.

Slurps…smooth and tasty tau fu fah.

 Do you think this fella is aged at least 50 years old? Look at how huge it is!!!

 We didn’t ride any of these, but thought that it’ll be nice to take some pics. Next time must rent and ride hehe

 Buying some salted fish to try. 

Walking towards the beach

Cheung Chau Buns

Kids enjoying their beach time

Tallest building in HK, IFC Mall, at HK Central. We took a MTR back to Tung Chung thereafter.

長沙灘 (Cheung Sha Beach)

Well, I’ve came here for almost 10 months, but haven’t quite blog about our adventures thus far, thought I’d start with this recent one. Lantau Island, that’s where we stay is pretty well preserved. If you’ve seen the various photos I’ve posted on my Facebook, you would be surprised that it’s Hong Kong. That’s also one of the reason why we are living there instead of in HK Island. You feel less hectic and more at home here than in HK Island itself. More laid back. Even the escalators are slower in comparison (swear I’m telling the truth cause I switch from fast mode to slow mode when I commute within my office and home).

There are alot of hiking trails (we’ve completed 2 so far), beaches, mountains, Island hopping (we’ve done 2 as well) and geological park. Back in March when the weather was finally warmer but not too warm, we took a bus from Tung Chung to 長沙灘 (Cheung Sha Beach). It’s a short ride on a windy road via Bus 35 (the one that goes up to Po Lin Monastery). It only takes 20 minutes from Tung Chung to Cheung Sha Beach.

Kids were delighted as usual since we get to break free from the usual shopping mall visits. We went there with our family friend, of which their kids are same age as ours (their best buddy here).

The beach was rather empty to our delight. We were informed that locals don’t normally flock here. They’d go to more commercialised beaches like the ones in Cheung Chau. Only the angmo will come here, and this area are usually populated by the foreigners that wants a laid back life and mainly those working in Airport.

I wouldn’t say that the beach was fantastic if you compare those back home in Malaysia, but definitely much cleaner and less muddy. I’d rate this above some parts of Port Dickson & Morib in terms of cleaniness.

For once, Vyktore enjoyed the beach so much and I was so delighted that he finally did. All this while he’d just sit on the mat and eat his snacks. Never want to get himself there. He claims that it’s dirty. But during this visit, he totally enjoyed the waves and rolling about on the beach.

There’s also facilities for you to clean up after the beach bathing which is well maintained. Changing room is also available. Don’t need to wrap the towel around you and change discreetly in the public hehe..

Here are some photos taken that day.

We will definitely return here again for beach bathing weekend.



Muine, Vietnam: 7th-9th Dec 2010

back dated post, with loads of photos ahead.

December trip to Vietnam was one of the longest we’ve ever done thus far. We were there for 11 days. This time round, we travel out of Ho Chih Minh to a nearby city called Muine.

7th Dec

The moment we landed in Ho Chih Minh on 7th, we quickly pack our clothes and all prepared for the long ride. 6 hours in the car in Vietnam is seriously no joke!! We rented a very comfortable 16 seater van (3 families).  Also try to imagine there were 7 kids in the van, with only 5 adults. Lucky thing is since it was night time, the kids were most of the time sleeping or asking “Mommy, are we there yet?”

We finally arrived at the hotel by 12am on the 8th. Took a quick shower and we all went to bed. Note: kids we wide awake since they slept in the car, but Mommy was like an owl LOL.

8th Dec

We booked the hotel via online and got a pretty good deal. Canary beach resort, it’s along Huynh Thuc Khang Street, almost the last hotel along that street. It’s a 3 star, but it’s very clean and cosy since it’s right at the end of the road. Suitable for kids. We only paid USD50/night. Breakfast included as well.

view of the hotel

another view of the hotel on the other side

after breakfast

After breakfast, we went to the beautiful long beach and hang around for a while. It was such long beautiful beach lined with groves of swaying palm trees!! The sand of course is not as fine as those in East Malaysia, nevertheless it’s beautiful.

love the beach don’t you :)


White Sand Dunes

Next destination is Sand Dunes. We decided to go for the White Sand Dunes (Bao Trang). Having a driver is great, cause he knows exactly where to go when it comes to tourist attraction, we don’t need to give him directions. The massive, saharan dunes lay 65 km NE of Phan Thiet. The dunes range from gold to pure white. There are 3 lakes surrounding Bao Trang making it more scenic. Apparently, the sand were blown all the way from Gobi Desert and somehow because of the whirlwind happening around Muine, the sand landed there. Seriously, out of no where you just see a pile of sand, but rest of Muine, is never a desert O.o. Amazing nature.

feel like in Sahara?

It was quite a long walk before we could see the foot of the Sand Dunes, maybe about 500m. But once you reach the Sand Dunes, you are like whoa…where am I going now? It’s just endless and huge!! So we just run up, following Daddy, since he’s the only one that has been here before. It’s fun & scorching hot as well.

Vyktore was dragging himself walking on the sand dunes LOL. So funny, we were all ahead, but he was walking so slow, we decided to dump him behind. There weren’t anybody at all at the sand dunes except us. Faythe was pretty fast at catching up with Daddy.

The tips about climbing sand dunes: You gotta be fast and lean your body forwards, cause if you are slow, the sand dunes will just slide down and you will never reach the top hahaha…we love the piles and piles of sand. Vyktore is the only one who took so long to climb up.

love this pic of Faythe & me. OMG!! Look at those big fat elephant thighs O.o.

When you reach the top of the sand dunes, the view is breathtaking. The shape changes every now and then due to the wind. So what you see here today, will be different the next hour.

In fact, while we were happily taking photos, strong wind was blowing and I could even feel the sand in it!

Then we went further, and they all slide down the sand. Kids love it. Faythe actually went up and down the sand a few rounds. I only when up once, sat there, enjoy the scene and took photos.

After spending an hour and all burnt under the desert, we were all knackered and walk back to our van. We were even smart enough to bring along cooler box all the way from Saigon, filled with ice cold Sprite, Coke & Beer. Muahahaha…..thanks Daddy for the smart move :).

Cham Kingdom Ruins

After sand, we went to see the Cham Kingdom Ruins, which is pretty near from where we were. Don’t ask he where, I really can’t recall how we got there within minutes. Must be pretty near.

Do you know Cham Kingdom? Actually, I’ve not heard of them as well. But did a wiki search and found that they were also known as Champa. Oww…that I know :). If you are a history buff like me, you’d know Champa was an Indian Kingdom once existed in South East Asia. Still don’t recall? Think Sanskrit LOL. They appear way before Mr. Parameswara time. They are even older than Angkor Wat, Cambodia!!

Wow, so they resided in Vietnam. Cool. Anything that is >500 years old is worth visiting (that’s Mr. Hon’s principle). When we arrived there, Faythe and rest of the gals didn’t wanna go down. So we left them chilling in the van with one of our friends, while the rest of us went down.

Just a short walk up the slope, you will see 2 ruins. Pretty small scale comparing to Angkor Wat & Borobodur, but heck, it’s worth some camwh0ring for sure.

The thing about this is, Vietnam government is not doing much to promote this place. There’s no tourguides there ready to con you, there’s no signs showing you what are all these and the history behind. So you feel rather lost at time. Don’t know what’s the purpose of those ruins.

There were alot of “petai-look-a-like” trees there. But when you open up, it doesn’t look like petai at all. Looks more like ammo for paintball LOL.

If you want to know more, go read the Wiki pages :).


So it’s lunch time. The driver brought us to a restaurant nearby. Actually we didn’t want to eat there, but seems like the driver is taking charge everytime when it’s food time (night before it was dinner). Maybe he’s earning some side income from all these. But we were sure not happy bout it. So lunch was the last time we let him decide where to dine.

prawn shells. All the prawns went into her stomach

We ordered alot of seafood, since Muine is by the sea. Love the fresh prawns, clams & snails.

steam clams. Dip the flesh into sauce, nyom nyom

stir fried prawns with assam ko…yummy!!

bake mussels

Faythe enjoyed the prawns so much, you can look at how much she ate here, all those prawn shell was hers only!!

Vyktore as usual had his rice & fried purse egg.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel to take a rest. I’m quite goners by then. But they wanted to hang out at the pool. So I sat by the pool and fell asleep while they enjoy themselves. Kids have tonnes of energy!!

Faythe swimming. She loves swimming.

Vyktore, jumping in and out of the kids pool. It’s a jacuzzi kids pool. Syiok!!

someone went to pee at the bushes 😛

Why is he crying? Daddy (the naughty fella) threw his sand toys into the beach and it got washed away LOL. Punishment for Daddy, he went and get him a new set after that, if not we will never hear Vyktore nagging “Why Daddy throw the crab” Why…..

Then later in the evening, we went to the fishing village nearby.

It’s a nice sunset view from the road. You walk the stairs down to the fishing village, and the slopes beside the stairs, they dry little prawns, maybe to make “Vietnamese” cencaluk? They just dry it on the slope, and my dear son initially was stepping on the slop and walking down O.o. Eww…I’m not gonna eat that.

Yep, Vyktore stepped on this!! Don’t buy Vietnamese cencaluk OK. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

boat they use to catch fish. Cool huh

By sunset, most of the fishing activity has ended, so there’s nothing much to see. We actually wanted to buy some fresh catch from them and bring back to hotel and get someone to cook, but unsuccessful.


Kids were already getting hangover from all the Vietnamese food, so we walk along the road where our hotel is, there were lots of restaurants. We finally decided to eat Western food hahaha.

After dinner, again they went to the beach. This time they went to catch crabs. I was dead tired. I slept at the hotel lounge. Love the sound of the waves hitting the shore. The sea breeze blowing. Whoa, I felt like I slept for 3 hours there!!

this was where I fell asleep.

9th Dec

The 2 man. Out looking for fresh seafood

Last day in Muine. So everyone had their breakfast, laze around the beach & pool. Daddy & Anuar (his friend) woke up very early to see if they have any luck buying fresh seafood from the fisherman. Mind you, just behind the hotel where that long stretch of beach located, fisherman sell their catch there as well. We drag the kids along as well, but they were so tired, they just sat at the beach chair, while I continue walking and take photos.

Just love the beach :). I also collected some sea shells along the way for Faythe. After check out, we had lunch at a nearby restaurant. Then we went to Phan Thiet town.

Went to the local market there to buy some crabs home to cook. Bought some Vietnamese tit bits as well. Then we started to head back to Ho Chih Minh by 3pm.

The journey back to Ho Chih Minh was bad. Not because of the traffic, but the kids!! When we were going to Muine, they didn’t know each other, so all were quiet and slept. But after 2 days, they are like BFFs (especially the girls), so they wanted to sit together, play in the van!! And the biggest problem is Vyktore wants to join them, but they didn’t allow. So he was complaining all the way from Muine to Ho Chih Minh. He even broke into tears if I recall correctly. Poor fella.

At the same time, Annuar’s kids were taking turns crying as well. Gosh…it was like orchestra in the car!! We were all glad that we finally made it back home by 9pm.

Twas the trip to Muine.

We love the sand dunes and certainly don’t mind going back there. But the journey to go there in a van  will definitely make me think twice. There’s no flight there, you just gotta go by van.

Now enjoy the rest of the photos from the trip.

At the hotel & beach, 8th Dec

Swimming pool at the hotel

Daddy checking out what they selling

A fisherman sorting out his catch

Common sight at the beach. Fisherman riding the bike

No customer, poor fella

Some boats by the beach side

Vyktore, enjoying the sea breeze

Crocs gang. When you go to beach, it’s very comfortable to wear these. The sand goes it, you wash them and they dry easily. No frills :).

Sand Dunes & Cham Kingdom Ruins, 8th Dec

On our way to White Sand Dune, saw a herd of cows walking.

The sand dunes from far

One of the lake surrounded by sand dunes

My favourite shot

Super duper hot

Look at them, can’t even open their eyes LOL

Daddy having a tough time to climb up

Faythe making her way up there


She’s very skillful in climbing those sand dunes. She’s the only one that went up and down umpteen times 😛

Father & daughter

Daddy throwing some sand down

Vyktore starts the slide

Sand formation. So cute, looks like lil sand castle

She found a rose in the desert O.o

Another shot of the lake

Vyktore posing at Cham ruins

My reluctant model @ Cham Ruins

At the fishing village, 8th Dec

Mending the net

All the boats

While waiting for the van to come fetch us

At the beach, 9th Dec

Crabs for sale

The beach

Cows also need to go beaching

Fisherman keeping his net

Saw this jelly fish while walking by the beach. I ran back to call the kids to look at it, but it was gone by then

Another sight @ the beach

At Phan Thiet Town, 9th Dec

The lazy bump that doesn’t want to walk

Dried seafood for sale

Longan for sale

Dried baby sotong

A variety of eggs

Vietnamese bak chang. Don’t try these, yucky!!

Baguette seller

Mooncake festival is over, but they still selling it here

Snacks anyone?

A pregnant lady selling seafood. And look at that giant squid!!

Trying out the pipe

Ducks for sale

Vegetables and chicken for sale

Those in the middle are chikus. Huge!! They are famous for ciku juice. Apparently very yummy. I’ve not tried it, but my MIL loves it.

Super hot chilli. More power than chili padi. We bought a kilo of this for MIL

My lengchai

Some shops in Phan Thiet

Some tower across the bridge. Too lazy to walk there, just take a snap shot.

Elephant Sanctuary @ Kuala Gandah, 21.10.2010

Wah liao eh, my blog is like turning into a travel blog :|. I really hate the fact that I do not have time to update my blog, but only post up photos of our trips. Sigh.

I was on leave last Thursday & Friday, supposingly go to Frasers Hill, but Daddy couldn’t find his golf shoes, so in the end we head for plan B, yay!!! I was already cursing if we gonna spend 3D2N at Frasers.

Thursday morning at 830am, Lawrence, Angie & Jayden came to our house. Park their car and load their stuff into our MPV and off the road to Kuala Gandah.

We stopped at Duta Toll to pump petrol as well as top up TnGo card. To get there, the fastest is probably use Duke Highway. From Duta exit, use the Duke Highway to head towards Genting/Karak. Then you will eventually end Duke. Join the Bentong/Bukit Tinggi Toll and soon join the East Coast Highway heading towards Kuantan.

Take the exit at Raub/Kuala Lipis/Lanchang. Once after the exit, you will see sign to Kuala Gandah, which is turn right. But since we were quite early, we decided to have an early lunch as we were not sure if there’s food at the Elephant Sanctuary.

Hence we turned left and drove towards Mentakab. It’s about 15-20mins drive when we finally hit a row of shops and had our lunch at Restoran Weng Look. Not a famous restaurant, but since Angie’s biz trip sometimes comes here, she informed us that she usually eats here. That’s how we ended up at this restaurant.

Curry Wild Boar

Zah Yoke with black fungus

Fried veg

Stir Fry wild boar spare parts with garlic & dried shrimp

A typical Chinese Restaurant serving home cooked food. We ordered 4 dishes. Fried rice for Vyktore & Jayden, wantan mee for Faythe.

Faythe at the restaurant, well rested

Didn’t rest, looks a bit tired

Ipad time

Faythe & Daddy

Vyktore & Daddy

Lawrence & the family. Look at Jayden, so grumpy LOL

After lunch, we left Mentakab and head to Kuala Gandah. The road signs are rather OK, didn’t get lost :P.

There’s also a Deerland & Petting Zoo, to the right of Elephant Sanctuary. Recommend to go here first, then only the Elephant Sanctuary, as this place closes at 4pm, and the 1st interaction with Elephants only start at 2pm. We missed the Deerland as we arrived there at 4.15pm.

fruits for the Elephant

The thing about this place, the admission is free. You just have to register upon arrival, inform them how many people will be feeding the jumbo, and how many people will be riding the jumbo. They will give you different colour stickers as indication.

Then they put on some video in the video room at interval of 15mins to show you how this place started, and the whole she-bang.

Vyktore with the giant metal Elephant

Telling Faythe how is it like sitting on the elephant

Jayden & Vyktore

Don’t know what’s up with the hands

We waited for a while and got bored eventually until 2pm, finally we went to an open area where they bring the Elephants in and introduce them to the crowd.

This poor ele, his tail got bitten off by the tiger

First they bring the elephants to the river for a quick shower. This is because in the morning, they bring the Elephant out for walk etc.

Smashing & eating the papaya

Kiss for the elephant? Yucks!!

After that, each baby elephant is chained to the ground on their leg and guard by their penjaga, while you may freely feed them, touch them. We brought RM60 worth of fruits for them LOL and they simply enjoy all the food. You may also purchase the fruits/peanuts there as well if you wish.

Vyktore *screams*

Running away from the Elephant

Then they introduced the older elephants, there’s 1 as old as 72 years old!!

Enjoying the papaya

One for the Elephant. Look at Faythe how to pose, she’s so afraid of the elephant LOL

Who’s B-U-T-T bigger?

After all the feeding frenzy session, you can take a ride on the elephant (without the seat, just hang on to it real tight). It’s just a short trip around that area, but fun enough for the kids.

Vyktore initially reluctant to go, but I told him I’m going up, in the end he followed. After that he was not afraid of the elephant anymore. He even went to touch the baby elephant.

Youngest in the place, weighing 400kg!!

Vyktore touching the baby elephant

Then it was the last activity. Where you can ride on the elephant, and it will lie down on the river and dump all of you into the river LOL.

Of course I didn’t opt for this. Daddy & Faythe went into the river straight, without waiting for the elephant. I hope they don’t get neck acne after swimming in the river.

Mr. Hon swimming

Faythe & Mr. Hon

Don’t ask me how clean the river is. During the bathing session, I saw the elephant pooped in the river :P. But Daddy says that since the river is flowing down, so the poop gets carried away pretty well, so no chance of swallowing any poop woh.

Everything was done by 3.30pm and you can hang around there as long as you want. They close at 530pm.

A short trip that the kids enjoy for sure, getting up close and personal with the jumbos. More photos on FB.

Taipei: 29 Jul – 3 Aug 2010

*** Warning: long post ahead with plenty of photos….

Recently, we went for our Annual Honeymoon Trip to Taipei, Taiwan. Actually, we were supposed to go Taipei last year, but didn’t make it there due to work commitment at that time. But heck, I need a break, so I finally took 4 days off from work, coupled with weekends we were at Taipei for 6 days.

As usual, we did not engage any tour operators to bring us around, but just free & easy and do a bit of self planning before that. I asked my colleague as well whom has been there several times, contacted a co-worker there as well to meet up with him and off I flew to Taipei.

Day 1 – Arriving @ Taipei

The flight departs at 10am. My 1st time flying with AirAsia X. Check in Q was long as usual. But I really love their Self Check In Booth. Totally hassle free. It took less than 5 mins to complete the whole check in & issuing of boarding pass. Then I just had to dump my luggage at the counter and off I go. So much more efficient compared to MAS Self Check In Machine, which have to key-in so many other details.

Mr. Hon was to meet me in Taipei, he flew direct from HCM to there with VN Airline, but only arriving at 9pm at night.

flight of steps waiting to serve the passengers

The flight to Taipei was rather pleasant. The seats are quite comfortable, I think even better than MAS planes. I seriously wouldn’t mind flying AirAsia X again. I was well prepared, knowing that I’m not gonna spend RM30 renting in-flight movies, hence I downloaded 2 movies into my iphone LOL. So I basically had my own in-flight movie haha…

AirAsia X

View from the plane, about to land in Taipei Airport

Arrived at Taipei closed to 2pm. TPE is rather far from town and it cost RM140 for cab!! Yes, cabs are expensive. Hence I did some checking and got more information from the hotel way before that. I took a bus instead :P. Only cost RM14. It was so far, but I dare not fall asleep as I could not anticipate when it’s gonna reach town. At the same time, I was sms-ing Mr. Hon the bus information so that he doesn’t get lost at night when he arrives.

I took some photos while I was in the bus. Very amazed with their traffic, no jam!! Not many tall buildings. Some part of the city looks rather old. Streets are pretty clean.

Busy street, yellow cabs that are very outstanding

Seriously loving the yellow cabs that stands out in the street

One of the many SOGO Department Store in Taipei

Finally, step down at bus stop No. 10. Was so hungry, I went to 7 eleven to get a quick fix. Their 7 elevens are like mushrooms, every other street you’ll see 1. They range of products they have there are pretty interesting too. They also have benches for you to sit and eat your food :). Nice ya.

The hotel, Ambience Hotel

I took a walk down the street to where our hotel located, Ambience Hotel. A small hotel, but the design is very modern & contemporary. Normal rates: RM400. I got a very good deal, buy 4 days, free 1 day. It came up to RM245/day. The hotel room is rather small, but nicely decorated with sleek looking furnitures & fittings.

the hotel room. Small & compact, but very nicely designed. All very modern. If you bring kids, they can even offer extra bed at no extra charge.

Oh, not forgetting the free wifi in the hotel.

It was already 5pm when I check-in. Tried to take a nap, but sms-es keep coming and was trying to make arrangement with my friend. It was drizzling as well, so I stayed in the hotel till close to 9pm. Then I took a walk from hotel to the bus stop to wait for Mr. Hon. Though it’s 10pm at night, you feel very safe walking on the street. And there are still many people on the street, probably just after work or night class.

Walking up the street from Hotel to bus stop, spotted Pizza Hut.

Some shops by the street.

The shop 50 X, that’s famous for bubble tea.

This the junction where the Eva Air Bus stops. Waited for Mr. Hon here. Next to this is a 7eleven.

Finally met Mr. Hon at 11pm, went back to Hotel to freshen up. Then we went to Huaxi Night Market. This is the nearest night market from hotel. It’s also known as Snake Alley Night Market, a place where they sell snakes & such as food ^.^. Of course we didn’t eat snakes lah…it was pretty late by the time we arrived there, most of the shops were gonna close. Just quickly grab supper & went back to Hotel.

Day 2 – Guang Hua Digital Plaza, Taipei Central & Keelung Night Market

Spotted this mailbox when we passed by some bike shops

Guang Hua Digital Plaza, your 1 stop IT Mall

Well, we were not supposed to go to Guang Hua Digital Plaza on 2nd day, but Mr. Hon insist we must go check it out since it’s so near from our Hotel. He brought along his DIGITAL SHOPPING LIST. We took the wrong route and ended up walking a whole lot more to arrive at this place.

Just like any other IT Mall, but rather organise and the stuff here are cheap!! I bought some rechargeable batteries for only RM30, for the same I paid RM80 in KL!! This place eventually became our hang out place O.o. We came here 3 times & spent most of money here!!

After 2 hours going around the IT Mall, we went back hotel to put our loots & then head to the nearest MRT Station.

The weather: RAIN!!!

All wet when we arrived at the MRT Station, cause I predicted the wrong weather and didn’t bring raincoat along with us.

Taipei 101 from Dr. S.Y.S. Memorial Hall

We went to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. From here, you can catch a glimpse of Taipei 101 as well. Actually nothing much to see here. This place has an auditorium often used for concerts and such.

There’s a big statue of Dr. Sun outside the Memorial Hall.

And on the inside, there’s another big statue of him, guarded by 2 GOH (Guard of Honour?). These guards do not even move an inch O.o. They do the changing ceremonial every 1 hour and we were lucky enough to witness it without having to wait for 50 minutes :P. More photos of the guard changing ceremony.

this the fella standing still for an hour

Oww…so sharp!!

The guard’s feet LOL

New guard taking place

As it was still raining we had our tea at the restaurant in the Memorial Hall. Hi-Tea with nothing much to eat except plenty of veg :P.

See his face, look so bored eating the veg hahaha

Some of the food we had during hi-tea.

I’m a fan of raddish when you simply boil them with soup. I ate a whole lot of this.

Oh, this rice is simply divine. Don’t know cook with what, but yummy.

More veg..erm actually those are non sauces, supposed to be spread for bread. Took it by accident.

Giant Omochi, giant grapefruit

Then we had the chance to walk around the Memorial Hall where there were some wall paintings where we try to figure out who are those characters.

Don’t know what principles is this?

See the far left, Gandhi is there!! That’s like the only person we could figure out LOL

I like this one. Looks like the Expandable Movie Poster. I purposely ask Mr. Hon to stand like one of them.

During the Japanese occupation?

Dr. S.Y.S. Memorial Hall from far

Finally the rain stopped and by 4pm+, we took a walk to Taipei 101. 2nd world tallest building after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It was quite a distance, but Mr. Hon can really walk!!! I’m already limping from behind.

Taipei 101. Clear skies compared to earlier it was so gloomy. Photo taken while we were still far.

Nearer to Taipei 101. The taxis are all parked outside the road, I love the perspective of this photo how the taxis are lined up against the Taipei 101 Building. You can’t see the taxis cause I’ve watermarked that area LOL.

The 1st 5 floors of this Taipei 101 consists of shopping mall. Then you can take the fastest elevator to the 88th Floor where the observation deck is located.

Shopping outlets like Pavillion/KLCC

SInce I’m here, I insisted to go up to 88th floor, but Mr. Hon didn’t want to. He says a waste of money..cis..So I went up there alone, took some photos, and came down.

Steel structure supporting the building. Ruyi shaped don’t-know-what-you-call holding the steel bars. Though the shape of each ruyi at Taipei 101 is traditional, its metallic interpretation is plainly modern.

Think this the 4th floor, before reaching the floor where you hop on to the elevator

Came very close to the damper baby, this building is designed to withstand earthquake & typhoon. It’s a pity that the weather was not so good on that day, hence the 91st floor were not opened. This the outdoor observation deck.

In the elevator…moving so fast I needed time to balance the pressure in my ears.

Taipei view from 89th floor

I like the yellow & green contrast of this shot.

Another view of Taipei from another side.

Look, I spotted a rainbow!! Lucky me ;).

Damper baby at 88th floor

This the floor on the way to see the damper baby. There’s some meaning to it, but didn’t have time to stop and read. It changes every few seconds with different pictures. Cool.

After the quick dive & tour at Taipei 101, I met up with my friend and he took us to Keelung Night Market, very far from the city and not reachable by MRT.

Keelung Night Market

Tried some famous local delicacies, as recommended by my friend. You definitely need a big stomach to take in all sorts of food sold here.

A famous Temple. This is where the start of the Keelung Night Market.

First stop, went here..to eat…

this…notice the white rolled sheet. It’s like thicker version of chu cheong fun rolled. Put in soup with cabbages, raddish (yum yum) & some prawn paste ball, fish paste ball. I likey :).

Then we went to this stall..and had..

this!! Fried eel in soup. Something different, nice too :)

We were so full we decided to stop eating and just walk around the night market.

Hand made popiah skin :)

Walking towards the Harbour. A quieter street away from the Night Market.

Keelung City Hall Building

Night view from the Harbour. Didn’t bring my tripod, just using my shaky hand LOL.

We also took a walk to the harbour as well as to the top of the hill to get a good view of Keelung itself.

We ate this before we left the Night Market. Seriously, I don’t know what’s this. It’s transparent looking like sago+flour. They just scrap it out from a huge tong (like those tau foo fah tong) then add some sauce, some garlic, some veg. That’s it. Not to my liking, but something interesting to try if you happen to go to this market. Yeah, you can only find it here.

View of Keelung from up hill

That’s the end of Day 2.

Day 3 – North covering Beitou & Danshui

Lots of MRT, lots of walking. We walk to MRT everyday to start our journey with. Takes about 10 mins to get there from hotel. On the way, we see some interesting stuff. MRT is really convenient in Taipei. Even more convenient than MRT in Singapore!!! Super many stops, super frequent, super long…I’m very impressed with their MRT system.

The church. One and only church I spotted during my trip there.

A park that we passed by, with Mr. Hon’s name in it 😛

Nice building with lovely butterfly motives.

Petrol station, with lots of love :).

This is where we board the MRT

We visited the National Palace Museum in the morning. Take a MRT to Shihlin station. Then take a cab from there.

If you come to Taipei, this is a must go tourist attraction!! It is the national museum of the Republic of China, (erm but located in Taiwan :P) and has a permanent collection of over 677,687 pieces of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks, making it one of the largest in the world. Most of these items are collections from the Forbidden City which were moved to Taipei during the Cultural Revolution.

No photos are allowed!!

The National Palace Museum main artifacts categories are:

  • Bronze
  • Painting
  • Jades
  • Ceramics
  • Calligraphy
  • Rare books
  • Documents
  • Curios
  • Pottery

The museum is said to house some 93,000 items of Chinese calligraphy, porcelain, bronzes, landscape paintings, portraiture and figurines from Beijing’s Forbidden City and 562,000 traditional books and documents. There are 6,044 bronzes, 5,200 paintings, 3,000 works of calligraphy, 12,104 pieces of jade, 3,200 examples of lacquer and enamel ware, as well as assorted carvings, fans, rubbings, coins and textiles.

With a collection of this size, only 1% of the collection is exhibited at a given time. The rest of the collection is stored in temperature controlled basement vaults.

Alot of interesting things to see, but you gotta have some patience & able to read Chinese words. So to us, it’s more like jut sweeping thru all the rooms and looking for what is interesting to see.

The notable item:

  • The “Jadeite Cabbage”: A piece of jadeite carved into the shape of a cabbage head, and with a large and a small grasshopper camouflaged in the leaves. The ruffled semi-translucent leaves attached is due to the masterful combination of various natural colour of the jade to recreate the color variations of a real cabbage. Very impressive piece I must say, but so small man O.o. Lucky never miss it LOL.
  • The “Meat-shaped Stone”: A piece of jasper, a form of agate, the strata of which are cleverly used to create a likeness of a piece of pork cooked in soy sauce. The dyed and textured surface makes the layers of skin, lean meat, and fat materialized incredibly lifelike. Yes it look so real, you might have eaten it mistakenly!!!
  • Mini Curio Boxes. There are so many types on display, each of them at the size of less than 30cm. In it comes with all the treasures, so tiny I bet it will be lost if you were to ask me to keep it.

We left this place at about 1pm. Had lunch nearby Shihlin MRT Station, then head to Xin Beitou Station.

My lunch: Some veg, a piece of black pepper pork meat & some vegetarian

Mr. Hon’s lunch. Giant chicken drumstick, some taugeh & some vegetarian.

Went for dessert at another shop. Over ripe mangoes in shaved ice & sago. This one goes really well on a freaky hot day.

We waited for the MRT to Xinbeitou rather long. I guess when it’s non peak hours, the MRT frequency is lower.

Camwhoring at the MRT station.

I’m definitely not modelling for the train. Don’t know why Mr. Hon caught this pic O.o.

Beitou, known for it’s Hot Spring. Arriving at Beitou station, once we got off the MRT, this greeted us.

Some shops @ Beitou

Seriously, during summer, I wouldn’t recommend to come here. It’s freakishly hot walking under the sun to the Hot Spring Museum. Then continue the freaky walk to the Hot Spring for some hot bath. *Sweats*.

The Hot Spring Museum

The Hot Spring Museum from outside

Since we didn’t bring any swimming suit to join in the public Hot Spring, we rented a room for an hour to have a private Hot Spring dip. Almost terpengsan after dipping for 30 minutes. I can feel my heart beating double it’s usual rate.


After the hot spring adventure, we head to Danshui. A must go for tourist. A lot of tourist attraction, but since we were there at 5pm, we didn’t go to all those places. We just spent the evening walking along the river where there’s a night market.

Outside the Danshui station

So full of people, so crowded!!

Each night market has its own specialty. This one is A-Gei & Shrimp Roll. Oops..we didn’t get to try A-Gei. But we definitely had some shrimp roll and many other food.

Some food I spotted at the Danshui Night Market.

Grilled sotong…slurps..No, didn’t eat this

Fried shrimp roll..ate this, nice!!

Ate this. Giant scallop cooked in soup.

Fried Japanese Taofu. Didn’t eat this.

Grill taufu with some sauce. Didn’t eat this.

Fried baby crabs & baby prawns. Yes we had these.

Sausages rolled in butter & flour batter & fried. Seriously high cholesterol food!! Didn’t eat this.

Don’t know what is this, giant Omochi?

Like our kaya ball, but this is quail egg version. Looks good eh :P. Didn’t eat this.

Ice cream that is tall enough to topple any time LOL. Didn’t eat this.

Taiwan sausages!! Must eat!! Don’t know the black one is made of what, but definitely prefer the normal ones.

More fried food. Didn’t eat this of course!!

Pororo on sale

Puppies. Taiwanese loves bringing their dogs for walk. They even go to temple, go into MRT. Basically everywhere!!

We continue walking and enjoyed the Sunset. I love the sunset here, beautiful!!

Sunset against the dock. People can board a ferry from here and go to the other side of the river, Bali.

I wanted to have a photo of the sunset & myself, end up having this.

Sunset, closer shot. See the people, walking at the dock towards the ferry.

We had our dinner here at one of the shop selling crabs. Crabs filled with roes!! Only cost RM12 for 2 steam crabs. Eat till you siao. We ordered 4 LOL.

Mr. Hon enjoying his crab.

Crab filled with roe.


Xiao Loong Pau, Taiwan version. Same as any other Xiao Loong Pau. But this is so cheap, the whole basket were full of it. Our whole dinner only cost us RM50 if I recall correctly!!

We continued walking after dinner. Mr. Hon spotted some beetles for sale at a pet shop. He ended up buying one, thinking of bringing it home for the kids. Unfortunately, it was dead the next day LOL. Poor fella, must have died of coldness in the hotel room.

One of the shop there were so many people lining up, but don’t know buying what.

More shops….

Taiwan roti bom?? Inside is filled with meat & 9 chai.

Cute looking pancake :).

Sausages, stuff with veg..looks yummy, but too full to try anything seriously…

This is for Vyktore, he loves Shark, hence I took this photo to show him :). Think this a sharksfin shop?

A very tiring Day 3. By the time we reach hotel, my legs definitely need massage!!

Day 4 – South East covering Maokong & Taipei Central again

Mr. Hon wants to go enjoy some Taiwan Tea. Hence I did some research and figured that the best place to go is Maokong. We travelled south east, all the way to Maokong Station, the last station on Wenhu Line.

Look how fast the people walking…

It was quite a long journey since Maokong is the last station. We took the MRT from Central.

Nothing to do, taking pics of each other in the MRT

See the boring look :P.

After the raining session on Day 2, it stopped raining till the day we leave Taipei. So hot that you can feel it burning your skin. Wrong timing to go Taipei :P. Somemore people was telling me it’s Typhoon season, no way man…a drop of rain also no where to be seen.

Where do you want to go?

From Maokong Station, we took a gondola right up to the Maokong Mountain.The zoo is also there.

Gondola ride was cheap. Think we paid RM5 per person, and took like forever to reach the top. 4KM apparently!!

From far, the only visible building is Taipei 101.

A temple, built on the mountain!!

Upon arrival, there are many tea house where you can sit down, sip some tea, enjoy some food. There’s a Tea Museum Mr. Hon wants to go. So we walk and walk and walk like no tomorrow and still couldn’t find the Museum. Then later realised we walked the wrong direction..shesshhh!!

Cat statues at Maokong

Dainty tea shop.

Chairs in the teashop.

Spotted some flowers outside the teashop.

Ohh..I love this, wish I could bring it back as my props for newborn photoshoot

Cafe sighboard

A cafe by the mountain side. They converted an old junk to a cafe. Cool…

Temple @ Maokong

Too tired, we had lunch at one of the restaurant, took a rest before continue walking. In the end we took the shuttle bus to the Tea Museum which turns out to be a bit of disappointment. The museum only has 1 floor displaying some teapots made by some famous Taiwanese teapot makers.

Stir fried potato leaves

Century egg fried with taufu, peanuts & dried chilli…Love this!!

Thinly sliced Pork chop in sour plum sauce that is not sour enough :P.

Bitergourd fried with salted egg

Took the bus back to the Gondola station and took the Gondola back to the Maokong Station.

We went to Wufenpu next. This the place to go if you want to buy super cheap Taiwan clothings. Wholesale price even if you purchase 1 piece. As cheap as RM15!! But beware, the quality are rather low and the fashion there is pretty shocking LOL. Not for my age definitely. More suitable for the 20s. Do not go here on Monday because it’s only for wholesalers.

So I didn’t buy anything, just went from shop to shop LOL.

Then couldn’t decide where to go, we end up going to Taipei Central. Went window shopping at:

  • Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Shopping Mall
  • Eslite Bookstore – heaven for bookworms, but not for us, cause most of the books here are in Chinese :(

Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Shopping Mall. This is one of the Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Mall. There were easily 4 to 5 of them at every corner of the junction!!

Taipei 101 at night.

At night the bright yellow gleam from its pinnacle casts Taipei 101 in the role of a candle or torch upholding the ideals of liberty and welcome. From 6:00 to 10:00 each evening the tower’s lights display one of seven colours in the spectrum.  The colours coincide with the days of the week. We were here on a Sunday night.

Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Colour Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet

The cycle through the spectrum connects the tower with the rich symbolism of rainbows as bridges linking earth to sky and earth’s peoples to one another.

Text taken from Wikipedia.

We head back to hotel and had early dinner at 8pm at a restaurant near our hotel. Then we went to Snake Alley Night Market again, hoping to see more things, but seriously, nothing to shout about except watching some snakes skinned alive!!

Day 5 – Ximending

We did some IT stuff shopping in the morning, then met up with a friend to have lunch. After that went to Ximending in the evening. A very slow day.

I brought my camera along to Ximending, only to realised that it was out of battery & I left the spare battery in the hotel..DUH!! So no photos of Ximending.

This place reminds me about Up Down 9 Street in Guangzhou.

Many youngsters hangout here, many shops, many restaurants.

We had some snacks while venturing into each and every shop that is note worthy.

If you want to shop here, you really have to spend time combing thru the shops and comparing prices.

The shops closes at 11pm, pretty late eh.

We spent a long time at one of the shop selling Japanese stuff (like 100 yen) and also Watsons. Mr. Hon bought an Oral B Electric Toothbrush at RM70 only!!

Day 6 – Going Home

Great, finally finishing this post :). Since we have to be in airport by 2pm, we didn’t go anywhere far apart from the Digital Plaza. Yes!!! Again!!! Even had our lunch here.

Then went back to hotel and pack the bag..half the load are IT stuff O.o.

Check out at 1230pm and took the bus to Airport.

Will I go back to Taipei again? Yes, definitely. We have plans to bring the kids here maybe year end. At the Maokong Station, there’s a complex, just for kids!! The Zoo is also located there.

The environment is rather clean, quite kid friendly. The people are very friendly too. Just make sure you can speak some Mandarin and you can survive here.

But definitely must wait for winter to go there. No more summer trips to Taipei.