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How to Shoot Fireworks

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After posting up so many fireworks photo and I did get some comments asking how to shoot fireworks, here are some tips. Note, I’m not pro huh..just gotta practice (that’s why went 3 times LOL) and I did some homework … Continue reading

Tutorial: Collage Pictures

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OK..this is very overdue tutorial for all the fans out there. Very sorry for the delay, just couldn’t get myself into writing down the steps. Here you go…this is something related to arranging the photos all very nicely in a … Continue reading

Tutorial: How to Scrapbook

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OK, as promised here’s the mini tutorial on how I do scrapbooking. I don’t think there are hard and fast rules and what’s right what’s wrong. Everyone has their own way of doing, so this is just one way that … Continue reading

Tutorial: Downloading Scrap Materials

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I’ve got some request from blogger Mommy & non Mommy to teach them how to do scrapbook…Well, I’m not expert lah, also learning and playing…Since there’s request, I’ll try to post one about scrapbooking in 1-2 weeks time, so those … Continue reading

Tutorial: 2 tones background

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Mommy is still crazily downloading pretty backgrounds, editing photos, downloading fonts. So lets have our 2nd lesson. Sharon request for one photo 2 colours…So here’s a post how we can turn a single colour picture to 2 colours. Very easy, … Continue reading

Tutorial: 2 tones photo

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Since I started blogging, sometimes itchy fingers, I’ll do some editing of photos…like what I did for the Magic Cream posting and also the most recent Faythe 9 months old posting. Some friends has asked, hey how you do that? … Continue reading