Wintermelon corn soup

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Last week, I bought some cookbook with Indon language for the maid to master her cooking. This is the 4th week we’ve been eating at home Mon-Fri. Sometimes out of idea for soups, especially when I try not to repeat it. But I quite enjoy this, and the maid also has more things to do in the evening. Here’s a very yummy soup that the maid learned from the cookbook, it’s pretty easy to make and children loves it.

1/4 – 1/2 winter melon
1 can corn in cream (can purchase from supermarket)
RM2 minced pork/chicken meat
1 egg
1-1.5 litre water


  1. Boil water in a pot
  2. While waiting for water to boil, cut the wintermelon into cubes
  3. When water is boiled, pour all the wintermelon in, boil the wintermelon till soft
  4. Pour in the corn in cream while waiting for the wintermelon to soften
  5. Then add in minced pork bit by bit, can shape into meatball as well if you wish
  6. Cover the pot, put slow fire and simmer for 10-15 minutes more
  7. Use a fork to test the melon if it’s soft enough
  8. Add in the beaten egg and stir to get the flowery egg effect
  9. Add in some salt to your taste
  10. Ready for drink liao…yum’s a pic of the soup, the ones that looks like cubes n cubes of ice, those are the transparent wintermelon. The minced pork can’t be seen (sunken underneath). Daddy & Faythe loves the soup…finish the whole bowl hahahaha…..

16 thoughts on “Wintermelon corn soup”

  1. There is one type of winter melon also call “shark fin” soup after boiling, sorry as I duno what’s it name, u may chk from the market!
    It looks like shark fin soup after cooking, delicious soup too!

  2. Jesslyn’s melon is called Yue-Chi Kua..

    Looks yummy.. We always boil normal standard soup.. maybe one day can try this one.

    Btw, your maid jaga Faythe or someone else does? How come she has spare time in the evening?

  3. Jesslyn: oh yaya seen it before, the skin macam water melon. Yet to try that, must try hehe…

    Zara’s mama: ohh…me ler jaga, I take care of her when we reach home, miss her mah :P. sometimes daddy will help also

  4. really admire your time management to reach home on time to care for lil Faythe so that the maid can cook on time for the family to have a lovely home-cooked meal..

    hubby & I eat out everyday except weekend..

  5. Hey, you can try using “Tung Kua” with minced pork and salted ducks egg too, without the corn. Tastes great too 🙂 Just that you need to take out the salted egg yolk and dice it into little pieces before dumping them into the soup. Workable with “Chit Kua” also ^_^


  6. twolittlefellas: 1 fella now can ler, 2 fellas i hope still can manage

    allyfeel: happy trying 🙂

    sue: wah ham tan..yum yum..will try that

    mom2ashley: cook for ashley when she’s older 😛

    hmom: kekeke..u publish for me isit 😛

    tracy: thx thx..maid must improve lahh.cause she do the cooking not me

    contended mom: welcome welcome

  7. wa… so yummy la. i cooked this kind of soup before but used a gua called the yue chi gua…. looks like winter melon and inside has got los of black seeds and looks like shark fin (matches its name)
    share more recipe ah

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