Baked Tuna Pasta

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Decided to try baking pasta on Saturday after getting the idea from Children’s recipe book. Here’s what we need:


80g tuna (chunks or flakes), mash them up

3 oz pasta (any shapes)

5 oz milk

1 egg

4 tbs of grated cheese (I used mozarella)


Preheat to oven at 190 degrees C

Boil pasta till it’s cooked.

Mix the tuna with the pasta together.

This is how it looks like…

Then pour the milk into a bowl, break the egg in and stir

Add 2 tbs of grated cheese into the egg mixture…and here’s how it looks like.

Pour the pasta + tuna mixture into small oven proof dish.

Then pour the egg mixture into the pasta + tuna mixture.

Sprinkle the remaining grated cheese ontop, bake for 15-20mins.

If you bake for 15 mins, there will be some remaining juices after that, a lil bit of soup I should say. If you bake for 20 mins, it’s all dried up. Depends whichever you like, I tried both :).

And here’s the final product. The top is crusty and looks burnt because of the cheese (if you don’t want it to be burnt like this, put the cheese much later – 5mins before ready).

And he’s the filling…yummy…Faythe finished 3/4 bowl of it :).

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  1. Sorry Jasmine, please ignore the earlier comment! OOooops..beginner for blogging 🙁 always make mistake…Nice “Baked Tuna Pasta” will try to do it next time. Today i also cook spagetti bolognise for my twins..heehee..This is the only pasta that i proud with and also is my favourite. Want to try how to cook Spagetti Cabonara..hv not try out yet.. 🙂

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