Mushroom Hairstyle

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After few months of keeping her hair long, we (MIL & Mommy) decided to change her hairstyle. MIL suggested bop or rather mushroom hairstyle. Looks fine to me :). Supposed to bring her for a cut this weekend since I’m going to trim my hair too. But MIL called this AM and told me she’s going to hairstylist, so she will take Faythe for a new haircut.

As usual, she’s very happy getting her hair cut!! Funny girl, whenever we say cut hair, she will say “Mommy Mommy, cut cut”. She remembered the last time I brought her to cut her hair 2 months back. She’s happier going to hairstylist than to paed that’s for sure LOL.

So here we have, presenting the girl with new hairstyle. I realised that after cutting, she has quite thick hair, especially the back, I can see a few layers!! Hmm…could this be my effort of putting brandy on her head last time. I did that to her once after we shaved her bald when she was 4 months old. Rub rub the brandy on my palm then just rub on her head. Anyone wanna try?

25 Responses to Mushroom Hairstyle

  1. beckysmum says:

    I think i should do this to Anne…
    She looks cute!! Nice hairstyle!

  2. egghead says:

    really mushroom lor… why ler 😛

  3. kimmy sia says:

    Reminded me of something.


  4. Shannon says:

    I thnk the new hairstyle suits her….. makes her look really cute…. :)

  5. Annie Q says:

    Faythe new hair style look nice. And she look cute with this hair style.Mushroom hair style is in trend now mah!

  6. msau says:

    Faythe really cute with this mushroom hair..: …next time wanna try Boom Hair ahh??`:lol:

  7. Jesslyn says:

    hey, this hairstyle look cute for kids lar, i trim the same to my girls too! :)

  8. simon chong says:

    such a cute hair style! like put a coconut shell & cut follow the mould…..
    hehe……………sis, your daughter got thick hair follow your gene..
    you also have so much hair like that when you were her age…hehe……
    she remind me of you…..8)

  9. Ponytail says:

    Very cute and neat! Such an adorable girl :)
    Hmm…might try that brandy formula on my hubby 1st….experiment…keke

  10. huisia says:

    Wow,nice le…
    Brandy really helped? Oh, i wanna try as Jo doesn’t have thick hair, he is like his grandfather, very less hair.

  11. Sasha says:

    Can or not? Brandy ? i dun have la..but i have tequila ..can or not?>

  12. Rachel says:

    She look cute n stylish … Eik, brandy? work ka, I wanna try to rub rub my Alvan head tis evening..hehehee

  13. Tracy says:

    Des is still with the same old ‘mushroom’ hairstyle since ‘sudah lupa’ when. Can’t think of any hairstyle with dat length. Looks cute on little girls mar. No meh?

    Aiyo, true or not? Heard from an old folk and tested on Des when she was little but *duh* didn’t work on her. Sudah rub, rub, rub so many times still sikit hair only.

  14. Looks cute, makes her face looks rounder & cuter. Lol. Aiya, wish I knew about the brandy trick earlier on 😛

  15. Vien says:

    Cute hairstyle! She must’ve gotten great service from the hairstylist to like having her hair cut..hehe

  16. laundryamah says:

    i thot girls usually like long hair…my niece will scream n refuse to hv hair cut..

  17. michelle says:

    Was tat her expression looking at her new hairstyle? I prefer Emily to have long hair. 😛

  18. babykhong says:

    Nice and cute hair! Brandy? Can work or not one? I heard before but I never try. Since Brae doesn’t have much hair, maybe I shall give it a try.

  19. nyonyapenang says:

    what a cuitie pie. 😉

  20. i’m quite sceptical to apply alcohol on babies/toddlers but somehow you have tested it and turn out ok-hor…..mmmmm…

    She look gorgeous in her new hairstyle…very cute…very smart looking.

  21. shoppingmum says:

    It’s nice, and she looks “younger” and fresher if shorter hair.
    Huh? Brandy ya… No need to wash off? I don’t really like alchohol smell.

  22. Angeleyes says:

    aiyoyo…Fathye look so darling… she’s cute with any hair style lar… 😀

  23. zara's mama says:

    very cute though.. hair stylist cut or you cut? Lucikly she looks like you.. 😛

  24. geetha says:

    Hey, brandy works ah? I should try it too..

  25. jazzmint says:

    beckysmum: hehe yaya..they look so cute with this hairstyle

    egghead: nice mah…or else can call coconut oso

    kimmy: wah she so round meh 😛

    shannon: tq tq

    annie q: trend kah?? hmm maybe mommy can also go cut the same haha

    msau: broom hair how one lah 😛

    jesslyn: yalorr…

    simon: yah..lucky thing her hair genes follow me

    ponytail: haha..but must ask hubby shave first woh, or else mmight not work

    huisia: i think it works kwa…

    sasha: alamak tequila!!

    rachel: haha go go try on him 😉

    tracy: it’s only talk lah, but not truth…eee…

    immomsdaughter: nvm..can do for 3rd one 😉

    vien: haha yah…they are very nice to her

    laundryamah: i think she havent reach that hiau stage yet LOL

    michelle: oo..i ask her pose for me mah 😛

    babykhong: yup give a try no harm

    NP: tq tq

    2littlefellas: tq tq..not direct apply i think ok lah

    shoppingmum: oh no need to wash off, leave it dry, it will evaporate mah

    angeleyes: hehe tq tq

    zmm: hairsytlist kenot get so straight haha

    geetha: worked on faythe..give a try..for who, champion or president?

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