No TV Weekend…yeah!!

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Wow, I can’t believe it I actually wrote that. No TV for the weekend!! Usually they will spend like 2-3 hours watching their favourite show during weekends. I’ll try to limit as much as possible cause they are already watching loads of it during weekdays @ MIL’s place.

So what we did this weekend? Well, supposed to go for cupcake deco event, but Faythe’s age is below the eligible one, so end up didn’t go. Daddy was off on Saturday, and early morning he dig all of us up, for breakfast. Apparently he wants to go Sri Kembangan cause MIL is there at the other house. So, pack the kids and off we go. Faythe loves going to that house cause she can runaround in the huge garden.

So we had lunch there instead of breakfast. Then we reach home close to 3pm, everyone slept in the car except ME (the driver)!! Then we went for movies at 5pm. Movies are not cheap, so we got a cash advance and watched Golden Compass. Daddy didn’t go cause he claims that he’s having sore throat. So only myself, 2 kids & maid. Vyktore as usual, fell asleep half way thru the movie. Faythe finished the whole movie. She’s watching it 2nd time, she watched it few days ago with Daddy during his off day. She could even remember some scenes and tell me what happen….wahh…

Then dinner eermm…seriously I can’t recall what we had, but it was a quickie since Daddy is working on Sunday need to go to bed early.

This morning when I woke up, Vyktore was already wide awake, flipping the books in the room. I took him down gave him milk, thought want to sneak out to market alone, but Faythe woke up. so I brought her along with me to the market. Went to buy some stuff to cook for dinner tonight.

Then we went to tesco and gave my pocket a big hole, replenishing all the groceries. After that went home while Vyktore had a short nap. Reached home had a quick bite and off they went swimming in their inflatable pool upstairs.

While they were busy upstairs, I quickly boil the soup and prep the rest of the ingredients for the remaining dishes. We have very special soup today. Pears with lean meat…yum yum…After their pool session, I force them to nap for 2 hours haha…cause I can sense that Faythe is starting to be a bit cranky.

Woke up close to 5pm, started my cooking while the kids played ball at the garage. They had a great time there. When I finished cooking, Daddy came home just on time. Had our dinner and we drove out to get some medicine for his sore throat.

Came back, they packed up their toys..and all went to bed. Lovely weekend without TV!! Yahoo!!!

What did I cook?

  1. Pear soup with lean meat, add some oysters (hou see) & shredded dried sotong
  2. Bake brocolli, cauliflower & carrot with cheese topping
  3. Stew potatoes with chicken
  4. Steam minced pork with shredded dried sotong & tung choy

Verdict of the dinner – everyone loves it. Daddy is packing the leftover stew potatoes & chicken with some rice for tomorrow’s flight.

16 thoughts on “No TV Weekend…yeah!!”

  1. yeah-la Jasmine .. you are amazing-lah. i dunno how many times i said this already but seriously, you are very ‘keng’-lah. so efficient… tending to kids, cooking and yet can do nice layout almost everyday… not to mention ppp some more. my salute to u.

  2. Wow..super woman! So busy and yet still got time to blog and cook!
    Salute u to bring two kids for movie, so far i havent do so. hahahaha..i’m scared they wont sit still for the whole movie.

  3. a nice weekend… faythe so good ar, can finish the whole movie, won’t she keep asking you about the movie? what happened …? why, why and why … like what my boy did when he watched DVD, sigh …

  4. Wah! you are really a supermum… and your recipe is so healthy no oil for stir-fry or frying. My DH cannot eat everything with steaming only. *sigh* No TV weekend is great for the kids and adults too… we do have lots of activities besides watching TV.

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