Do you believe in fengshui? I don’t!! But sometimes, even if you don’t believe, you’ll end up believing it after sometime because life just gets tougher!! Some people say, when bad things happen to you, it happens 3 times berturut turut (in a row).

By looking at these pictures, I’m sure everyone is shocked. Me too!! I just can’t imagine how it could happen.

On the day after Christmas, we were all sleeping very nicely. At 630am, I was actually awake, but lying down on the bed thinking if I should get up now. Then the air cond went off…and it came back again…after a few mins, it repeated it’s on off stint.

Then I was thinking, what the he** is happening man. But I continued lying down on the bed, till suddenly I heard fire crackers sound. And so happen, my whole house went blackout. The I thought, OH SHIAKS…IS THERE SOMEONE STEALING DADDY’S BIKE!! Yeah, it sounded like someone started the bike.

Then next thing I knew, there were people outside my house and my neighbour was banging the gate, “Fire, fire”.

I was upstairs in my room when I open the window and heard my neighbour shouting, “Fire, Fire!!”

Then I rush down to check what happened. To my amaze, the meter outside the house was on FIRE!!

This time I really panic…cause I had to open up 2 locks to get out of the house (Thanks to the you know who, we’ve added extra security, which turns out to be cumbersome at times like this).

Once I opened the sliding grilled, I rushed to the gate as one of my neighbour was already holding his FIRE EXTINGUISHER. And while he run in, I quickly pull the hose and wanted to open up the water, but thank GOD that he manage to pull off the fire with the extinguisher and it ended up with another bang!!

After that, it was SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES time. My whole house smelt of burnt rubber. One of my neighbour offered to let us take shelter and settle down the kids. While I went back inside and got my handphone and start making call.

First call: Mr. Hon for sure. It’s only like what 5am his time, so when he picked up the phone. I told him, eh house on fire just now. Then he went, you joking right? I was like duhh…you mean I call you at 5am to tell you house on fire as a joke, c’mon lah, it’s not April Fool. No, I’m serious, really it was on fire!! The electricity went berserk and it caught fire. Then the neighbours came and pull it off.

He put down the phone after that, after telling me what to do and giving me a lecture the house must be overloaded bla bla bla…and the maid so blur, bla bla bla…what I did, bla bla bla….

Anyways, after that he called again and ask me to call this n that…oh, and he never forget to ensure his dear fishie was alright, despite the fact that the trauma happened to me and the kids…”kanasai betul laki ni”. I know him, if I can pick up the phone and call him, means I’m still alive and kicking. So no need to worry bout me.

I call TNB and reported the incident. And I specifically ask them to come ASAP if not my hubs is gonna be so mad about what is gonna happen to his fishie due to lack of oxygen in the tank.

Then I called MIL and told her I’ll drop the kids off early.

Then my boss & colleague. I thank GOD that my boss is very understanding. Somemore just started work. I think if other boss, they would have skin me alive for taking EL every week :|.

Then I sent a few sms to get electrician contact and my good buddy replied me with the contact. So I quickly call the electrician and ask him to come over.

I drop the kids off at MIL’s house and went home. The floor was oily…don’t know why!! So I decided to mop it while waiting for TNB & electrician to come. But it’s still oily after that..eww…anyways, since they took so long to come, I decided to snap some photos of the incident as proof (in case I want to sue TNB for causing such a havoc in my house) & testing my new camera (yes, I went to get myself a big present!!).

While waiting for them, I made calls to Alarm man, Roof man as well. I’ve actually made appointment to meet them in the evening, but since I’m at home, might as well the whole bunch come one shot and rob my purse lah…*big damage everywhere*

The people finally came at 10am. TNB checked and confirm the mains were crossed and it was the one giving problem. Arghh…wear and tear wohh…bla bla bla wohh….

So they changed the main incoming wire. Then the electrician spent a good 2 hours drilling, hacking and what not to fix up the temporary bypass electric for us.

TNB says they do not bring meter, so gotta wait for the meter (from meter dept), meanwhile use FOC electric (but according to Eve, they don’t give free, they backdate & charge you…grrr…).

Seriously, I think I’ve had enough of bad luck.

First it was the water tank. Yeah…we used up 400 Gallons on water in the house (till the vy last drop) and yet thought that something was wrong with Syabas, till later I realised it wasn’t and finally when we call the Plumber over, we found out the float was broken and caused the water not to fill up the tank.

Then it was the break in last week.

And now it’s the fire.

It all happens to the house, hurting my pocket so much…so do you believe in fengshui…I do, at least for now for these 3 cases.

Lets hope that’s the end of it.

At night Daddy called while we were at Atria getting something. He seemed to have mellow down from his wake up call and start to talk some sense in him. At least he asked what’s the outcome and all the other stuff (apart from his fishie). As usual, the super wife has settled everything. And he hung up the phone with a “Bye, Love you darling”..wuaahh…so senang only…

Now, I think next thing I really need to buy home insurance. Choi choi..must go call my agent now.

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  1. oh my oh my… U r really a ‘Super wife”..if this happen to me, i surely pengsan:P choi choi… hahaha… hope the bad luck go away from u Jazz!!!

  2. AIYO …… lucky not that serious … but already make us panic…..
    Jazz…. hope the sui thing go away fast fast and good things come to your way ya … take k .

  3. Good thing u hv alert n well-prepared neighbours. Mr Hon’s vy lucky to hv a superwife. Otherwise, he won’t be able to work so far away with a peace of mind.

  4. Alamak….really choi choi choi. Guess you must get a feng shui lou to come and check your house. Hopefully all is over now and you have a great 2009 instead. But I really salute you…..you are really a superwoman!!!

  5. Wei, happy new year to you and yr family. Hope this new year will be a good year for you. Buang all the “sui hei” and welcome all the “wong hei”….. Gong Xi Fa Cai also la.. hahahah….

  6. oh dear!! Lucky no one get hurt. 🙂
    Hope all the “sui sui things” had gone with year 2008, may 2009 will be a great year for you and your family. 🙂

  7. All 3 have happened, so good things should come your way now. I would have thought you already covered with home fire protection insurance? Its compulsory and a must to have rather than anything else.

    Good thing you have wonderful neighbours. You know sometimes you get neighbours who dont care at all.

    By the way, fighting electrical fire with water is a big no no. Should always use ABC powder fire extinguishers.

  8. Sometimes things just happen. what can we do?
    just be prepared for it n like u said..be a superwoman.
    thank God your boss is really really kind hearted. if me, i will surely think what la..this new staff..

    May your dream n wishes for the coming new year 2009 come true..for you and yr family.

  9. oh, it’s so serious, lucky your neighbours got to know it earlier before something worse happen. I learn something new today, I also don’t know can’t use water to fight electrical fire or I might have forgotten it at all.

    hope all the bad luck will turn up good in 2009! Have a great year ahead!

  10. so, so, so – the upstairs 2.5th floor affected ar ? (I assume here that since you managed to type this blog, you should be ok) =)

    Well, I’m glad I didn’t come back this trip, because if I was around, he’ll blame it on my accident-proneness.

    … which comes back to the 2.5th floor. If fire and get trapped, then a long way to jump down. Maybe I swap room with maid !

  11. You have really awesome neighbors! Yes, I do believe that bad things happen in threes coz it happened to my baby recently – first stroller accident, then UTI, then I accidentally cut her flesh while trimming her finger nails… all in a row! I hope 2009 will be a better year for you Jazzmint!

  12. OMG OMG OMG – good thing no one was hurt. When I asked you how’s your house at TJC yesterday, I had meant whether you’ve fixed everything after the burglary. I didn’t know another incident had happened. No wonder your smile one kind only 🙂

    Well, people says bad/good things come in three. So you can now look forward to three fantabulous things coming your way in 2009.

  13. dear jaz, u know what? this incident is very similar to many houses. just came to find out that recently my BIL in OUG suffer the same thing like yours. His main box was on fire. thank god his neighbour just came back and he was sleeping upstairs (3rd floor somemore!). I also found out my nanny suffer similar incident TWICE (first outside box), then the inside box (which almost caught her curtain on fire!). Luckily she was there watching tv in the afternoon…phiew…..

  14. It’s certainly crazy to have so many things happened continuously, and it’s all “gaw-gaw” one. The important thing is no one is hurt in the incidents. Hopefully the new year will bring you good luck.

  15. no lar..not feng shui la..it’s part n parcel with owning a property. Not all things r built to last..so bound to have breakdowns here n there..but in your case..a bit teruk only la..cos all came berturut turut…

    that reminds me..i hv a leaking roof to look at too…hate that cos it’s tough to find a reliable person who can do the job n not do further damage..u know what i mean?? roof memang very sensitive ma..

  16. This is exactly what happened to me last night! About 10pm the house electricity like tak cukup. Keep on blinking. We went to bed. At 12.30am, the whole house black out. Decided to called TNB to take a look. Luckly they arrived 30min later. And that black thing at the meter was like melt marshmallow. Luckly it did not caught fire. I think yours is not fengshui salah. Could be just luck. I believe fengshui and also luck. Luck is like a cycle after that it will be smooth again. Good luck to you in 2009!

  17. Aiyayaya… Why year end always like this one, sure many bad things happen especially those that tend to empty your pocket. So everytime towards year end, I feel so dreaded because knowing that there will surely be something that got spoilt or some negative thing.

    Luckily your neighbours are very helpful also.

    May 2009 be a better year.

  18. Holy smoke. Boy, luckily you are capable and managed to get everything settled so soon.
    I didn’t know such ‘wear and tear’ can cause so much ‘danger’ and inconveniences to people.

  19. Oh dear… Hopefully this is the last and all good stuff await you in the coming Ox year. My mom’s house also had the similar problem. Yours seems ‘smaller case’ than hers. Her electric box (inside the house, near the main exit) also burst midnight (around 4am), while she was deep asleep. Luckily my sister went home that night, and heard the explosion. Both escaped from back door, but the house was really smoked. The house was also safed by a kind neighbour with fire extinguisher. We ended up having to pay specialist cleaner to clean the house, coz it was practically SMOKED to the very part. For a few weeks no one could stay there. But thank God, no lifes taken.
    May God bless you and your family…

  20. Thank God for helpful neighbors and that no one was hurt. Yeah, like what the others said, hope the new year brings u lots of good luck for you and your family. God bless.

  21. Life…not all time smooth sailing…”3 sui 6 wong”…hopefully after this 3 sui things, you will get 6 lucky things later…just be glad and thankful no one get hurt after all 3 bad cases. Hope your Ox year is a better one…

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