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Faythe Household Jazzmint Scrapbooking Vyktore

(I hope Vyktore’s face didn’t scare you cause his mouth so huge LOL)

Wow…are we still celebrating Faythe’s birthday LOL…seems like that post took forever for the next updates. Seriously, I’ve been so busy to even sit down and think straight what I want to blog.

This whole week was a mad mad “photoshopping”. We’ve been engaged (two-pixels) for photoshoots over every weekend since like Christmas…Crazy rite. So I’ve been caught up with photo editing at nite, when the kids are asleep. Day time busy at work. Well do we call it good news or bad news. Seriously, I love my current job (oh, I didn’t even announce I got a job rite…*bleah*) and I also seriously love the photography business as I realise that it could actually be something that I’ve always wanted to do but never got to do it (due to the passion found so late, if I had found this passion earlier I would have been some renowned photographer by know – self flattering).

If I have to choose which one I’d go for, seriously, I don’t know. So there’s still no concrete decision if I’m ever gonna quit my full time job (which I have a love & hate relationship with) to chase the passion of my life. Anyways, so I’m still gonna be running around on 2 sides till god knows when.

So what’s been happening with the 2 kiddos at home:

  1. School coming into 3rd week before the CNY break. Faythe is doing very well as the *BIG SISTER*, she reassures me she’ll look after the brother.
  2. Vyktore, we do worry bout his speech, but I can see it slowly coming, we just gotta be a bit more patient. His latest addition is pek-kui. Can you guess what is that LOL…And he calls me Meh…yikes!!
  3. They run riots at home every weekend and weeknites, by asking me to draw, to sing, to read, to sing, to sing, to sing..whoa..alot of singing..and also to play of course

So what’s for CNY? I’ve done my CNY shopping 2 weeks ago. Today went to Petaling Streeet for a while with Sue and we went drooling over the red lanterns haha..so I bought 1 for my house. It’s soooo beautiful (later I take pic and upload ok). It’s a lantern made of cloth, and has silk flowers stuck on it, protruding outside the lantern, nice eh ;). And I went to buy 2 more pieces of CNY clothes for the 2 kids!!

Are we all ready for CNY? Of course. I’m starting to pack my bag, yeah you read me right, we won’t be in town this round :). Celebrating in Vietnam with Daddy this year & my Dad too. Then when we come back, Daddy comes home too. Yay!! Lets hope I get to see some interesting stuff while we are in Vietnam.

I think I’ll be taking a breakkie (very likely) till CNY. So Gong Xi Fatt Chai to all my readers.

44 thoughts on “Our Up & About”

  1. Y wud V’s face be scary? He looks like he’s having such a hearty laugh. Vy happy wat. 🙂
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to u n ur family too! A nice chg to celebrate CNY out of the country.

  2. Pek kui???? Mmmm…. I seriously don’t know. Pls pls.. tell me. I’m curious 😛

    Till then, have a good break, good reunion and Happy Chinese New Year.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year! Well, you really have to sit down and think properly before you actually make your decision to quit your job. As for me, I’ve just quit recently to fulfill my own dream. I’ve always wanted to set up my own business and do my own stuffs. After years of discussion, I’ve finally made up my mind to quit my current job.

  4. Great to celebrate CNY in a new destination… Just want to comment on your digital scrapbooking with your 2 kiddos – they all looks gorgeous!!! Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. Aiyo!!! You also tertangkap… Bought those lanterns!!! I actually went there twice..Thinking to buy or not… Where should I hang them… Sigh!! Anyways.. Gong Xi Fa Chai!! Wishing you and family lots of laughter, happiness and endless opportunities in the coming new year!!

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