A Spanking New Theme

Et Cetera

After many moons of not updating my blog theme, I’ve finally decided to change to a new one, after sitting there for hours looking for the perfect theme…something simple, with a big header. I’m a suck3r for huge wide header LOL…

I was tempted to change to 1 column blog, since I’ve been posting alot of photos recently, I thought that it’d be nicer, but nevertheless, I decided not to, as the whole blog looks weird!! I also had a hard time to find themes that could fit the width of the photos nicely, hence I was pretty limited to only a few in the end.

So here you are, and I redesign the blog header with 4 cool photos resembling each one of us in the family hehe…

I know, all of you will start laughing, especially at Mr. Hon’s Pic. I hope he don’t kill me when he reads my blog the next time.

I still have some plugins and what nots to fix on the new template, so once a while you might still notice that old template flashing out while I’m working at it.

Loving the fresh orange colour. This shall last for some time, at least the colour. Photos might change occasionally :).

28 thoughts on “A Spanking New Theme”

  1. simple & nice… .. i was thinking to change mine too.. but not dare , cos i m not familiar with the code code thingin.. hahahha…

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