Deciphering Vyktore’s Language

Scrapbooking Vyktore

Vyktore is a serious late talker. When we celebrated his 3rd birthday, that was the 1st time he said Nemo (2 syllabus word) after so many months saying MO.

Soon after that, he started picking up words like a sponge absorbing water, repeating every word we say. Sometimes he seems like an old man, keeps repeating his words over n over again until you acknowledge what he says and repeat it yourself.

And the words he speaks are totally out of pronounciation (80% of the time) and we all have a hard time trying to figure out what he’s trying to tell us. Unlike Faythe, when she started talking, she speaks with clear pronounciation without us having to guess what she was saying, Vyktore is the total opposite.

Here are some of the words I manage to decipher for the record :).

  • Wa chi wa-ter – Want drink water
  • Wa chi chu-chu – Want drink susu
  • Toh fah – you’ll never guess what is this, it means Optimus Prime. Don’t ask me why he says toh fah LOL, we try to teach him say Optimus Prime, he just some how short cut it
  • Toh fah big wo-li – Optimus Prime Big Lorry
  • Bar bee – Bumblebee, another short form from him
  • Fider – spider
  • Sh eat fider – fish eat spider
  • A-wu – ants
  • Ra way – runaway
  • Tock up – buttock up (when I wear pampers for him at night I usually say buttock up)
  • Put meh shene – put medicine
  • Yelo – saying hello over the phone
  • Papa jak big sh – papa catch big fish
  • Mac-do-wer – Mcdonald
  • Chi-chen – chicken
  • Sell sory – tell story

Although I have a hard time deciphering all his words, I totally enjoy it because they sound so gibberish and cute. Seriously, I never been thru this phase as a mother of 2, hence I’m enjoying myself decoding and we sometimes have a good laugh after decoding these words. But sometimes it’s quite confusing and frustrating for him and us as well, cause we try to hard to think what he tries to tell us and we keep getting it wrong.

When Daddy came home last week, the 1st thing he asked Faythe, “Can di di talk now”. This is what our witty girl answered:

He can.

In the morning, he will say, “Bad robot, bad robot”

In the afternoon, he will say, “Bad robot, bad robot”

At night, he wll also say, “Bad robot, bad robot”

hahaha……..that is so Vyktore!!

15 thoughts on “Deciphering Vyktore’s Language”

  1. He he Sean is like that too. I still dont understand him half the time.

    But I think this phase will be over soon and like you, I just enjoy the cuteness. =D

  2. so funny lar!
    I think it is very fun sometimes when kids speak that way like when Darrius started talking we too have a hard time decoding.

    Vky will soon be a smooth talker, so don’t have to worry too much

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