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Tonight as I was sitting in front of my PC blog hopping, Lawrence came and told me that there’s water rationing.

Then he reminded me about this email my colleague sent out last week about water disruption throughout Malaysia. So I thought oo, could be our turn today. But I didn’t recall reading my area affected in that email.

Anyway, so off I went to try dig some info from our dearest Google.

I look for water rationing and it didn’t provide much info, hence I thought, might as well try Syabas.

Guess what, Syabas is on Twitter!! This is really cool!!

And to add more coolness to this, they actually twit about their water disruption on twitter!! ROCKS totally!!

It’s very rare that our service provider are on twitter announcing disruption. If you expect this from screamyx, I bet you will never get it, cause to them they are never down, only your line has problem :P. Not that I use screamyx, but I’ve heard enough complains about them.

And I did a Ctrl+F (Find function) and tadaa…here’s what I found. Strike lottery also not that tepat LOL.

Bravo to Syabas for being so up to date with technology, in fact I’m not even a twitter user, getting too old to catch up with all these stuff.
OK, back to my OT :).
In case you want to check your area, here’s the twitter website:

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