Damai Laut, Lumut 5-7 Sept 09

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For the 1st time in my life, I’m enjoying extra public holiday since I started working in Selangor State. So over the long weekend, I planned for a short vacation for the kids, without Daddy *bleah*. Can’t wait for him, and since he’s not a beach go-er, might as well we go first.

It was actually Sue’s dept trip to Damai Laut, Lumut over the weekend. She told me she’s bringing her kids along & her mom & the whole platoon. So I thought, shiats…am I gonna rot at home or what, so I took the kids there as well, away from the hustle & bustle of city life. I even decided to dump the maid at home, but manage to get Cheryl to tag along with me.

We left KL close to 11am on Saturday morning. 1st and only stop, of course it’s Bidor. What else to eat, Herbal Soup Duck Noodles!! OF COURSE!! I shared my portion with Faythe, whom was very hungry at that time while Vyktore had his mixed rice.

After that we head straight to Damai Laut Resort and along the way, Sue’s car miss a few turns here n there. Finally check in the hotel at 3pm. Took a short nap as I was really tired after the long drive.

Then we took the kids to the swimming pool & beach. But Vyktore didn’t want to get wet. He was more than happy just sitting there daydreaming.

Vyktore taking bites of Ice Cream from Cheryl. Vyktore refuse to get down to the beach. So he settle himself on a big rock and watch Faythe collecting sea shells.

Sunset over at Damai Laut. The sky was actually orangy, but I was playing with the camera WB to see what are the different results hehe…

We had dinner in Sitiawan for the 1st night. Pretty cheap dinner, 9 adults and 4 kids only cost us like RM14/pax.

Next day, we went to Turtle Sanctuary @ Segari. It was quite a distance from the hotel. Not very sure why, but this place is full of flies!!! They even got into our car and we spent some good time clearing all the flies from the car O.o.

We enjoyed ourselves looking at all the turtles (from big to small). I think this is a Olive Green Turtle.

Vyktore, Izac, Ivan & Haslina watching the turtles swimming. Izac & Ivan even touched the turtle when it swam close to the pool side. I touched the turtle too. Feels soft and nice ;).

Baby turtles swimming in a separate pool.

Sue & her 2 boys riding on a Giant Turtle.

The kids at the buggy. I like this photo of everyone riding on the turtle haha….too bad I’m not there only :P.

Then we had McD for lunch before heading to Lumut town to buy some souvenirs back home.

We were all knocked out by the time we arrived hotel at 4pm. We slept till 7pm and it was time for BBQ Seafood Dinner at the hotel. KIds eat free and Adults only pay 50% of the price. Not bad. Though there weren’t much variety, the food was pretty tasty.

View of the pool from our room. That’s Vyktore, refuse to get into the pool in the morning.

Vyktore, throwing the beach ball to Faythe.

Passing the ball around. Faythe tried very hard to persuade Vyktore into the pool but failed of course.

Faythe, trying to hide from papparazzi Mommy.

I love this shot of Faythe throwing the ball up. A view of Kellie’s Castle from the side.

Next day we check out and left Lumut at 11am. We took a different road to go back to KL as we intend to stop over at Kellie’s Castle.

View of Kellie’s Castle from the carpark. I bet if it’s fully built, it’d be a great historical piece.

Taking some photos at this beautiful stoned walk way. Some people say they spotted the Kellie’s Spirit at this walk way. Eeek…

I’ve heard so much about this Castle, but seriously, this the 1st time I set my feet on this place. Well, there’s nothing much here actually, just an abandoned castle with some notes here and there indicating what could possibly be if the castle were fully built. It’s a very nice place for photoshoot though.

I like the spectacular view from the top of the castle. Can even see the Caves over at Ipoh!!

Myself, camwh0ring at the Kellie’s Castle with Vyktore.

Myself again, camwh0ring with Faythe & Vyktore.

Some plaster ceiling design found at the castle. Pretty amazed that at that time plaster ceiling is already available. Probably imported from UK and cost a bomb O.o.

An abandon building just behind the castle. This building has alot of Melayu Architectural influence.

Kids chasing each other at the castle. Look, my lil princess even wore a crown and she says she’s the princess hahaha…

View from inside one of the rooms with 2 doors.

Lift shaft. Supposingly the 1st ever lift shaft in a building ever existed in Malaysia, if it was completed.

View of the castle from the roof top. This area does not have wall, pretty scary.

Stairs, not sure leading to where, didn’t dare to go down via this way.

Another view of Kellie’s Castle from the roof top.

See the photo on the left, the roof doesn’t have any barrier/fence at the side, scary huh…

A view of the castle from the foot hill.

Last camwh0re photo with Vyktore before we leave for KL.

Thereafter, we drove all the way back to KL.

I enjoyed the trip very much, very relaxing and children oriented haha…The kids enjoyed themselves too. Faythe with all that swimming & collecting sea shells at the beach. Vyktore with all the turtle watching.

I just realised that each week when I blog, most of the time I’ve been blogging about the places we go, and nothing much apart from that *smack forehead*. Will try to write something else next week, I promise :). No more trips hahah…..

26 thoughts on “Damai Laut, Lumut 5-7 Sept 09”

  1. Oh..I feel like going on a holiday after seeing your beautiful photos 🙂 Wow, you even went to Kellie’s Castle? It look so ‘new’ now. I went before it was made a tourist attraction and that place was spooky 🙂

  2. I went to Damai Laut maybe 6-7 years ago for an event and the service SUCKS big time. Even to the point we refused to pay them until the GM had to come to our office for discussion 🙂 Hope things are better now. Hubby was asking if we should plan a short trip during the long Raya break. Still haven’t thought of where we can go. I love Kellie’s Castle too, went there several times when I was growing up in Perak. The last trip was probably 4-5 years ago, but it looks much nicer/newer in your photos.

  3. Kellie’s castle was on Discovery channel few days ago and it was an interesting documentary. The stairs leading down was to a tunnel if not mistaken that leads to an Indian temple..

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