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The fact that my 1st day of CNY was dampened with cold & fever, it somehow or rather affected my mood over the Chinese New Year. I had actually took leave for the whole week except on 4th day of CNY I was working due to standby.

On 5th & 6th day of CNY, we wanted to getaway from the kids at Bukit Tinggi, but I was too lazy and just recovered from sickness, I rather give it a skip.

Note: if the photos are too bright or too dark, it’s cause I’ve not calibrated my screen…gotta get it done soon!!

On eve of CNY

Faythe inserting notes into the angpau.

Kids help me to pack angpau packets. We did a lot of packing cause we are visiting old folks home this year. Faythe as usual is ever so eager…girls are girls :). As for Vyktore, he did help too, but he didn’t have the patient.

Vyktore inserting a stash of RM1 into angpau which I’m holding. I always prefer use RM1 instead of RM5 or RM10, cause it’s bulky hahaha…

On 2nd Day of CNY

Early morning went to old folks home to distribute AngPau. It’s a tradition from FIL’s day and Daddy wants to continue this. This is also the old folks home that we went during our wedding day.

Then we went to catch movies: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thieft (double thumbs up!!)

I had friends over at my house, ex-BB gathering. It’s great to catch up with friends who came back from all over the place (London, HK & Singapore). And we went gaga over lil Tsun Chuen who is already turning 2 months+.

And nope, my friends never forget my birthday, WJ even bought me a birthday cake :). How sweet…thanks dear. No photo of me and the cake as the photo was taken by Audrey. Need to get it from her :).

We spent alot of time chatting, catching up, gossiping (about office and love life of course :P). Then Eelaine & WJ left, so Audrey, Hui Shi & our family went to have dinner behind my house before proceeding to some drinking game at my house where my maid tried to poison all of us O.o.

On 3rd Day of CNY

Never do anything, just continue lazing around the house. We did manage to clean up the room upstairs which is now vacant since Lawrence & family has moved out to their own home. Packed a few bags of old books, notes and what nots. And we went for movies while the maid clean up the room.

Received a love sms from my MIL: I give you lots of hugs & kisses…xoxoxoxo…(as my birthday present O.o)

On 4th Day of CNY

Work Work Work….I’m on duty on 4th Day. It’s great to work during CNY actually, cause you can clear alot of backlog work and there’s no disturbance.

We also manage to catch movies: Little Big Brother. OK lah…I prefer Jacky Chan’s other movies.

On 5th Day of CNY

Went to GEL to sort out insurance payment for Daddy cause he cancelled his auto payment earlier.

Then we went to EPF Office to name our Pewaris as well as activate the online access.

After that, I went to splurge RM2700 to buy myself a birthday gift comprising of: A new desktop, 20″ LCD screen &  a bamboo fun. I definitely couldn’t see myself getting netbooks since my usage is pretty high.

On 6th Day of CNY

More spring cleaning & laze around the house.

On 7th Day of CNY

Vyktore been reminding us to take him for train ride ever since we started passing the LRT Station on our way to school in the morning. So we went for LRT ride. We took a ride to Pavilion hence we changed train at KL Sentral and it’s a big mistake. Cause from KL Sentral we had to walk to far to the other train!!! Should have just head straight to KLCC.

Here are photos taken on that day.

Want to join me for a ride?

Another shot of them with the ticket.

Father & son time. Vyktore is very scared of Mr. Hon so it’s not very often he will wanna get close to Daddy, but since he’s taking a train ride, he’s OK with Daddy.

The train parked far from the station.

Boarding the train. Thought Saturday nobody, but turned up quite packed too.

In the train. Vyktore is all excited.

Faythe looking out.

Vyktore looking out. He brought along Bumblebee for the train ride.

Pavilion. My first time setting foot here. This used to be my alma mater…sigh…I simply can’t imagine my school was that huge!! The moment I step into there, I kept wandering, which part of my school is this.

Fake cherry blossom trees outside Pavilion. Hate the scorching sun…super hawt & overcast!!

My latest punk hairstyle :)…Gosh, I look so fat!!

Outside the fountain. I suppose this is near our school Saga Tree & parking lots.

Entrance into Pavilion (ex office block), filled with lanterns.

Inside Pavilion. I must admit that they are so clever to put up the trees like growing from the sides of Pavilion. Nice!!

Another shot of the trees & lantern.

Faythe with her kungfu post with the Crane.

Vyktore trying to check out if the Crane is real :P.

Pretending to eat lotus seed LOL. We have lots of these at home, bought it from Vietnam. Simply delicious & healthy snacks!!

Vyktore at one of the stall checking out the CNY decorations.

Faythe trying to put the deco on her head as headgear.

Checking out some stones. Vyktore has obsession over stones O.o.

Tang Lung decoration from the inside.

A random shot from the top. I think this a coffee bar or somesort.

On 8th Day of CNY

It’s my Chinese Birthday. And of course it’s also the Pai Tin Kong day. We had fireworks all night which we watch from our bedroom window. I only manage to sleep at 2am :(.

On 9th Day of CNY

It’s back to work officially. Had visitors from Beijing & we had dinner at 1World Hotel. Didn’t take any photos cause very *pai seh*. Eating with big shots, takkan wanna take out camera take pic of food right :P.

And after that it’s work all the way……

On 13th Day of CNY

Morning went for a newborn photoshoot.

Evening went Lala Chong with Jayden’s family & my brother. Good thing we were there early. It started raining cats n dogs the moment we arrived. Bump into Wai Leng there too.

Will upload the photos later after I download.

And the coming 2 days…it’s the end of CNY…will get the kids open up their angpau and bank into the bank.

Not a very eventful CNY, but I’m sure this year would be a better year for all of us :).

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  1. love the photos 🙂 *sigh* i should have gone to pavillion cos i’ve been looking for a butterfly decor like the one faythe held on her head.

    hey, it’s a great tradition to visit the old folks home 🙂 btw, i just brought ashley on a train ride too…hehhehehee

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