Of H1N1 & Borobodur

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Last friday, SIL sms-ed to inform me that Faythe’s classmate been contracted with H1N1. But school at that time didn’t take any actions. I checked with SIL (also a paed) what we should do. She advise that we should give the kids flu jab, just in case.

Today I sent them to school as usual, at 10am, I received a call from the principal. Usually when I get a call from school, I sort of panic. Cause I’m worried something bad happened to them. Maybe they fainted in school O.o. Maybe they had nose bleed (which they often do) & it went out of control. Then the principle told me that they need to quarantine her class, so I need to pick her up.

Good thing I didn’t have any meetings on this morning, so I went to pick her up. Teacher gave her tonnes of homework to make sure she’s occupied O.o.

2 hours later, MIL sms-ed me, Vyktore is also under quarantine, since he has close contact with Faythe. Yikes!!! Do I have to quarantine myself too? I checked with my HR mgr, not necessary, since we don’t have any fever.

They are both fine, in fact I think they are happy they don’t need to go to school, especially Vyktore. Vyktore has a bit of runny nose, but that’s more like dust allergy more than anything.

Time to boost everyone’s immune system with more Vit C.

I’m still busy tidying up my photos from Borobodur. Looking back at all those photos, sometimes makes me wonder how capable human are. Even before Christ (B.C.), they could build such mega structure. Isn’t it amazing. When I was there, I touch and feel the stones & carvings on it. I could feel the history in me. Well, I’m very much of a history freak. My ambition was to be an archaelogist!! *Don’t laugh OK*.

Can’t live my life to be an archaeologist, but visit to such place really brings back good old history memory :).

Here’s a photo taken from the top of Borobodur. The view, simply breathtaking. That lil triangle hanging in the sky is Gunung Merapi, life volcano. Not a photoshop add-on-mountain ya (in case you wondering :P).

I spent like 3 hours trekking this whole place till the driver got worried and kept SMS-ing me where am I. Seriously, I mean, it’s a historical site OK…you sure gotta spend some time here. And with so much of trekking, I doubt I need to get myself a nordictrack audiostrider 990 pro to keep me going.

10 thoughts on “Of H1N1 & Borobodur”

  1. Then you really really have to go to Angkor Wat. You will be doubly or triply amazed by the mega structure of angkor wat.

    Love your blog.

  2. Some parents are so inconsiderate, why they never think of other kids? If the kid sick then better let them stay at home rather than go spreading the germs around!

  3. yes, you should make a trip to Angkor wat. Now with 2 young children and live so far off Malaysia, dont think will have a chance to go visit Angkor wat soon.

    Luckily, both kiddos are alright. Yes, get a flu shot. And the H1N1 shot is only effective the first 24 hrs after fever.

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