Bukit Tinggi: 17 April 2010

Daddy Faythe Jazzmint Travelogue Vyktore

L-R: Vyktore, Jayden & Faythe posing for a photo. Each of them holding a Ironman Figurine.

Yet another travel post…gosh, when am I gonna finish with my travel post O.o. I think there’s like 3 more backdated travel post I’m gonna put.

So we finally made a trip to Bukit Tinggi, 1st time in my life, after seeing so many nice photos, many nice brochures, nice websites and what have you.

Reason is, Mr. Hon wants to take his bike for a ride and the only way he can do this is going for short trips. And while he rides, I will take our 4 wheels together with the kids & the GPS (in case we are lost). As usual, he don’t ride alone, his riding buddy came along. Since Lawrence & Jayden has nothing to do at home (Angie went for training), so they came along as well.

Our breakfast….

But it’s a 1 day trip OK…no staying over night. We left KL around 830am and started heading towards the highway. Stopped over at Petronas by the highway for petrol & had McD for breakfast.

Daddy mentioned that we should go to waterfall on our way back. Vyktore, 1st time hearing waterfall, thinks it’s very syiok, so he said, “Mommy, I wah go waterfall”. OK…I bet he’d scream when he sees waterfall later LOL.

So we continued our journey after our breakfast and soon arrived at Bukit Tinggi.

1st stop, Rabbit Farm. I recall that we arrived before 10am, hence it was still not open. We were the 1st there.

The cranes that looked like statues to Vyktore πŸ˜›

So while waiting for it to open, we chanced upon some cranes (I think) that was sitting on the grass over at the other side. Vyktore loves bird, he was so amazed at them. Then suddenly one of them started walking. Guess what Vyktore said….”Mommy, the bird can move…” LOL, sure can lah. They must have looked like statues to him earlier haha…funny boy. He even requested for some photos of him and the birds.

Vyktore taking photos with the cranes.

When the Rabbit Farm opens, we went in. Faythe was all excited when she was able to touch the rabbits. But Vyktore was screaming and refused to come along at first. But after convincing him, he finally came and join the fun. After patting the rabbit, he started to get comfortable and they all had great fun *torturing* the rabbit. Jayden at 1 stage was practically pulling the rabbit’s ears and lifting it up LOL. We were warned by the rabbit keeper to keep an eye on the 3 kids haha…memang pai seh.

Examining the donkey. Vyktore was scared of it.

After the rabbit farm, we went to see the donkeys…which looks so much like ponies. Faythe agreed to ride the donkey as that remembers her of Mulan. But Vyktore refused. Hence only Faythe rode the donkey and we took some photos, but towards the end, Vyktore wanted to get a feel of the donkey as well, so he sat at the back of Faythe.

Oh so crowded French Village!!

Done with the rabbit farm, we head to the French Village. Actually I was pretty excited about the French Village as there would be alot opportunity to take photos. But Daddy was in such a hurry, we just scrambled at the French Village like 10minutes, then went down to see the black swans, fed them with cornflakes *oops* and left the place. Yup, that’s how fast we finish that entire place. Arghhh…I hate it when I have to rush around like this…next time I datang myself and cam* kow kow…

Why he’s in a rush leh?

Well, he was in Bentong few days ago and went to eat this Ikan masak Tempoyak. So he wanted to go there to eat again and he was worried that the shop will be closed when we reach there. Grrr…

Japanese Garden mini waterfall. Jayden trying to open his shirt :P.

So after French Village, we headed off to Japanese Garden, to look see look see and enjoy the greens. Boy, I really wonder if there’s really no where else to go in KL…Bukit Tinggi is so crowded!!! And it’s not even a long weekend…WTF!!

After Japanese Garden, we head to Bentong to eat Ikan masak Tempoyak. It’s about an hour drive from Bukit Tinggi..and I really hated that lunch.

Kids KO-ed in the car as they were so tired walking up the hill LOL. So we actually left them in the car  (with the window open and within our view of course) while we had lunch except for Faythe that woke up and got down with us.

Yucks..I really can’t accept Durian in other forms…seriously, it tasted disgusting. No offence to those that love it, but I really beh tahan…not only me, even Lawrence & Yuen didn’t fancy that. So Daddy ate up the whole plate of Tempoyak Fish!! While we went crazy eating the stuffed green chilli with fish paste and don’t know what and some other dishes.

Faythe enjoying her chocolate ice-cream

Then Seng Yuen told us that his hometown was actually Bentong, so he brought us to this shop to eat have some homemade ice cream..yum yum…

Jayden was still sleeping in the car when we arrived at the ice cream stall, so we brought the ice cream for Lawrence to eat while he babysits Jayden.

Vyktore nose-bleeding with Chocolate Ice Cream LOL…

We all each had our share of ice cream and ice kacang with ice cream. Both the kids had Chocolate Flavour, while I had Jagung Flavour. Daddy had Ice Kacang with Ice Cream as topping. Delicious!!

We left Bentong close to 2pm and started to head home, but we stopped on the way at Hutan Lipur Lintang to go to waterfall.

Walking towards the waterfall

I tell you, Vyktore been pestering me since 9am till 3pm that he wants to go waterfall. But when we arrived and he saw what waterfall was, he refused to go join the fun LOL. Yeah, this his 2nd time experiencing waterfall. 1st time was like 2 yrs ago, I doubt he remembered.

Faythe building sand castle next at the waterfall.

Faythe couldn’t wait but just dive in together with Daddy. She’s been taking up swimming lessons for sometime, hence she’s very into swimming now.

Look at his ker lien face LOL

Vyktore refused to go in and even after I tricked him into putting his feet into the sand, he just wanted to sit on the rock and stare at all of us LOL. So I end up sitting next to him most of the time, and occasionally trying to coax him to come with me to another side of the waterfall where it’s very shallow and the current is slow.

Nope, MCA didn’t cheng us dinner, but so happened Daddy park his bike there.

We spent a good 1 hour at least at the waterfall, then we went to Bukit Tinggi Village to have very early dinner, at 530pm!!

On our way home, we were hit by the rain..poor Daddy, all drenched by the time he reached MIL’s house LOL.

Some photos taken for this trip. Plenty of photos ahead :P. Definitely didn’t enjoy the “rush-ness” of this trip.

Vyktore’s favourite Ironman

Ironman Mark II

Bad Ironman (according to Vyktore)

Faythe wearing odd shoes LOL

Kids taking a photo outside the house

Faythe & her fancy nails. Yups..nail painting has started.

Faythe enjoying her pancake

Vyktore taking a sip of the Ribena

Simply yummy…can be McD advertisement or not πŸ˜›

Why Jayden look like this? LOL..He was sitting on his chair, then it suddenly fell backward but he landed on the floor seated. Then he gave this look to us haha

Faythe fooling with her pancake

Who ate the pancake!!!

Faythe taking photos with Morning Glory. Notice her special baju, inspired by Winx Club O.o. MIL ordered it from her tailor and she has 3 sets. Faythe designed this herself and insisted the butterfly ribbon in front.

Touching the rabbit.

Vyktore’s 1st encounter with Rabbit…totally fell in love and tortured it *oops*

Kids enjoying themselves at the rabbit farm

This the cheeky boy that pulled the rabbit’s ears LOL

I heart this photo very much

Donkey & Daddy

Faythe on the Donkey

One for the clan

Giving the donkey a kiss

Donkey Mulan Style!!

More donkey photos

French Village from far

Bumped into Cheryl when we were about to leave the Rabbit Farm. I heart this photo too..Cheryl do you :P…

Flea market at the French Village. I like that suitcase LOL

Faythe kissing the purple flowers. She’s crazy over purple O.o.

Black swan

Kids with black swan

Trying to mes around with the white swan

Feeding time

Oh shiaks…it’s too late…

Another family photo

Tower or what?

Walking up the Japanese Garden…extremely tiring!!

Vyktore, defying gravity in his own way πŸ˜›

Look at Faythe’s bored face after climbing up the hill

Vyktore & his Ironman collection

Faythe pretends to be in the jail LOL

Vyktore’s turn

Oversized sunnies…

Daddy enjoying his ice kacang. Faythe, my poser.

Yuen doing mud facial wash there LOL

Vyktore holding back his tears..poor fella, he was so bored

Taking a puff?

My willing model

Snacks time, raisins…

Enjoying their snacks


Vyktore biting raisin

Faythe showing me Monkey face while we were waiting for our dinner

Vyktore & his Ironman again…

That’s all for Bukit Tinggi Trip.

Have a nice weekend everyone…I’m taking my 2 kids for movies again this weekend ;).

18 thoughts on “Bukit Tinggi: 17 April 2010”

  1. What a matching family! Mother and Father wearing black sunglasses; Sister and brother wearing clothes with a little green:)

  2. What’s tempoyak fish? Fish cooked with durian?

    I like the shot of the little boy (Jayden) trying to take off his clothes behind a rock. A sense of mystery.

  3. hey jazz, what a coincident..i also just had a post on bukit tinggi but mine was so DEAD, haha
    yr trip there sounds nice thou bit rush. as usual i heart all yr photos !!

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