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a giant loaf of bread greeting us

I took half day off on Tuesday to accompany the kids to High 5 Bread Town, part of their school outing activity.

To be honest, I never want to miss any part of my kids life, watching them grow, from a baby till now simply amazes me. Although I’m a FTWM, I’m quite blessed to witness their many 1st in their life (not missing them). Also to admit, I’m kiasu lah LOL…want to take their photos mah

Vyktore looking bored in the class

And since Daddy is not around most of the time, I do feel that I have to play a part to document important events in their life so that when we are old, we can still remember what they did back those days.

Faythe, patiently waiting for the trip

We were all supposed to gather by 830am in the school. But after all the yakking, washing hands and what nots, finally at 9am, all the kids board the bus and hence begin our trip to Bread Town. Faythe was in Bus No. 7, Vyktore was in Bus No. 6. I followed Vyktore since he’s quite a handful, but to my surprise, he’s very good boy when he’s at school O.o. Mental note to myself, next year must follow Faythe.

Vyktore was pretty excited once we board the bus. I doubt he remembers us taking a bus last year to bird park. He’s pretty observant lately and ask alot questions along the way to the Bread Town.

Upon arrival, all 200 students and countless teachers & parents were crammed into the receiving area. Gosh, it was so stuffy and dark, some children started to get restless.

Kids getting restless waiting for the tour

We waited there for at least a good 30 mins, before the principal came and requested some of the older kids to go out to start the tour first, while the rest of the children sat there and wait. I’m glad that both Faythe’s class also stayed on together with Vyktore’s, so I could take some photos of Faythe as well.

I love his expression LOL. As though he stole the bread 😛

Each of them were given Sausage Roll (new product of High 5?) as tea break while sitting impatiently for their turn. Vyktore only eat the bread. So I gave his sausage to Faythe, the sausage lover :).

Then suddenly, Vyktore said, “Mommy, I want pangsai (big biz)”. Oh no…

So I brought him to the toilet behind, but it was all squat toilet, he was so afraid he’d fall into the toilet bowl (though I was holding him), he decided to hold on to his bowels. Poor fella.

Preparing for a class photo. Look at Vyktore ^.^ (hide my face)

Wait punya wait, I think after another 30mins, we finally moved out from that receiving room and went into another side of the Bread Town, where there’s a huge fake bread and all the classes stopped there to take group photos.

This is Faythe’s class, notice her tilted head LOL.

Then the kids were being seated in a mini theatre and they put on a mini video clip about bread & it’s history.

Oh..this cheeky boy again!!

After the history session, the tour guide finally tell us that we are not moving into the Bread Town. 3 things you can’t do while you are there:

  1. No Food
  2. No Drinks
  3. No Photos

No. 3 was a bit potong steam for me LOL. But it’s a private company and their policy, so have to observe lah, if not next time you’ll see my face in the factory black list :P.

Touching the fake roti

The tour starts with some statues of people preparing bread, etc…all those that they show in the mini video clip, they made it real life!!

We also had a chance to have a look at the many types of toaster, slicer, dough kneading machine and what have you.

Then comes the hot & interesting part.

We were showed how bread are made. There’s a glass tunnel where we walk thru. On the left & right we can see the workers & all the machines. Seriously, it’s pretty much all machine made. The workers there are just doing QC.

It’s an eye opener for me!! Vyktore was amazed as well, looking at all those giant machines.

Before I forget, this whole trip is so hot!! It’s like we are in the oven itself getting baked LOL.

So after the whole bread cerita (took about 30mins) , we came out to the souvenir shop, where you can buy High 5 products for a cheaper price. Luckily I didn’t buy, cause each of us were given goody bag (I brought home 3!!) consisting of: 1 loaf of bread, 2 cream buns, 2 mini cupcakes & 2 slices of fruitcake. So much so for my ab workouts, all this roti gonna kill it!!

On our way home, Vyktore ate the corn cream bun. He’s a roti lover, he can even it ’em plain!!

Time to go home, all so tired and stuck in the jam pulak. I almost fell asleep in the bus, but Vyktore keep on disturbing me..sheesh….

I guess it’s an enjoyable trip for them, as well as for myself. But I do feel that alot of time is wasted sitting around doing nothing. I seriously think that this school they should split their school trip. There are just too many students and it’s not easy to do all those co-ordination.

11 thoughts on “School Outing: High 5 Bread Town”

  1. Hee..Hee Sounds like even Mommy enjoyed the trip and learnt something too! I used too follow Aiden on his school trips too so you are not thaaat kiasu lah.. But ever since he is in Std 1 I’m not able to follow him on his trips and school activities as the school doesn’t allow it. 🙁

  2. that’s interesting. my kids havent been there yet.
    wah….faythe tilted her head because of her hair ka? LOL!
    and poor Vyktore…tahan cause she didnt want to use the squat toilets?

  3. Jasmine, I’m imagining how happy you should be…both of the kids are so lovely and can always give you very perfect poses!

  4. At least V can tahan when he said wanna pang sai. Mine if say wanna go means HAVE to go. And he sure wanna go when he’s out kai kai. *shake head*

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