You PIG!!!


OMG…when I heard that, my eyes almost popped!!

No, not that police curse me OK :P…but it came from Vyktore’s mouth O.o.

Photo taken last Saturday while they enjoying their jagung fighting lunch

I don’t know where he learned this from, probably from cartoons? Recently he’d go around and tell people, “You Pig” in a very jovial manner, then he will giggle and walk away.

I found out this few nights ago when he called Faythe that. Hence I summoned him.

Mommy: Vyktore, what did you say?
Vyktore: You PIG…laughing
Mommy: Hey, don’t call people pig OK, it’s very rude.
Vyktore: Cannot say people pig
Mommy: Yes, cannot do that.

Then I turn my back and walk to the bathroom

Vyktore: You PIG…^.^.

Mommy went berserk and walked straight to him and slap his mouth slightly.

Mommy: I say no calling people pig OK.

Recently, this obedient boy of mine is becoming like a monster.

His monster behaviour includes:

  1. Beating up Faythe very hard when he doesn’t get what he wants
  2. Snatching things from Faythe on purpose
  3. Calling people “You Pig” OR “You Crazy Crazy”
  4. Jumping from the bed to the floor (with no fear at all)
  5. Whining non stop till you give in
  6. Purposely jump around and when his leg has a bruise, he’d tell me, “Mommy, broken leg”

And I can see that item 1 & 2, he’s doing it out of attention. Cause each time he does it, he will look at me for my reaction as I’ve been telling him he should not do that and it’s wrong.

Maybe I must change my strategy and don’t bother bout it and play psychology with him to see if he still does the same.

The other day he bite Faythe on her arms till she cried so loud. There was a huge scar.

So to punish him, I pinned him down and asked Faythe to bite his arm back. And she did with all her might, he yelled and cried, “Mommy, Pain”

Padan muka. I told him that if you do that to Jie Jie, she will do the same to you. Since then no more biting.

So next time if you happen to meet him and he suddenly said, “You Pig” don’t be shocked OK. Help me slap his mulut celupar.

Side track a bit, tonight nothing to do, stare at my blog, thought that my header needs a refresher. Changed to picture of Faythe, loving it :).

15 thoughts on “You PIG!!!”

  1. Slowly teach. Better not use the bite back thingy, coz can get backfired. Especially in school, if a bad boy kick him, he might kick back and end up in a fight.

  2. wah .. so love ur new header .. ur girl so pretty . heh.. jeremy also call fat people ” fei chu”(fat pig) …. O.o

  3. you got shock with Vyktore, wait till you have a 14 yrs old hurdling the ‘f’ word and calling b*t*h.. I just had it this morning, and I really feel like slapping his face.

  4. I have been spanking him last weekend for calling people pig & hitting fathye for no reason..
    The next time I will use the shoe to spank his mouth..Mom used to spank me with the shoe when I start picking up 4 letter word & cursing people..

  5. love your header 🙂 how come only faythe ah? i think kids are like that…you tell them not to say that word, they will keep saying it. Vkytore is still a bit too young to understand why it’s wrong 🙂

  6. yr new header is nice. she’s beautiful.
    kids really kek sei,, will say the darnest thing at the darnest moment. Mine’s at the ‘stupid’ stage now. Like to mention the word tho she knows it’s wrong.
    eh.. luckily Vyktore didn’t say ‘you pig’ in public.

  7. Well, look on the bright side, his monster behaviour oni started recently. Mine started looooong time ago. hehehe I think boys will somehow give us more headache. *sigh*

  8. love the header you pig!
    maybe he learns from school. unless he watches astro ch 616 which has lots of silly cartoons which i hate it when my son watches i..

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