I don’t mean to greet you with this yucky creature on my blog LOL, but seriously, this is what we caught like 1 month ago after we came home from our CH Trip.

It has been going in and out of my house via the small gap of our sliding glass door. So one evening, it was attempting to come in but failed. So I thought, why not set the trap right at the small gap of the glass door. So we (my bro & me) hung a piece of biscuit in the trap, opened the trap door and had it facing out, so that if it tries to come in, it will run straight into it!!

Then we went for dinner. When we came home…VOILA!! We got 1…

Faythe freaked out when she saw this. But Vyktore (surprisingly) was all excited and claimed that he’s not scared. He even watched us KO it with hot water. I’m very brave right :P.

And guess what..after this, there were 1 more that was coming from the kitchen, to the car porch, using the same gap at the sliding glass door!! Arghhh…So I set the trap again, with a piece of oatmeal biscuit. Seriously, they are that hungry, it even bite our house cushion covers at one time when we were at overseas :(.

Left the trap for few days, nothing happen. But after a week, VOILA!! We’ve got 2!!! Am I that good or it’s pure greed :P.

2nd one died under the cold rain.

Since then, fingers crossed, so far no further sign of this thingy in the house.

Am I afraid? Nah…Mr. Hon feels afraid and geli, but not me. I can whack cockroaches with newspaper, catch mouse, what more eh LOL…but I feel very geli if it’s lizard..and the tail!!

Note: Promise that I won’t put this up for more than a week, if not you’d be thinking my blog had turned into a pest infested blog LOL

8 thoughts on “Catch-2-Mouse”

  1. you’re sooooo brave! u’re like my hubs while i’m like ur hubs! i’m not scared of cicaks but i wont kill them…only terrified of roaches!

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