Empire SOHO

Daddy Jazzmint

We recently (not too recent actually) invested a SOHO unit in Empire, Subang. This is a brand new place, where there’s a shopping mall downstairs, Empire Gallery & SOHO units on top of it.

View of the inside.

It took us a while to finally get the keys, then we hurried to look for agents to rent the unit out.

Finally last week, the agent that sold us the unit found us a tenant :). The price we’ve got is pretty good.

Yay…it’ll be rent out from October onwards.

The tenant is a photographer based in HK :).

We bought the unit facing Federal Highway. This the view that we all fell in love with.

Ceiling-floor window…love it!! If only I can turn this into a photography studio 😛

10 thoughts on “Empire SOHO”

  1. hey u r lucky, quite fast u got a tenant. i got a fren who still couldn’t secure a tenant so she plans to sell it off.
    lucky our deal no follow up headaches, haha

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