Singapore, 04-08.10.10

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It’s time again to go Singapore for a business trip. Among all the 3 countries I manage, I enjoy going SG the most, cause I feel so much closer to home. Flight is short. I get to meet my friends and catch up. I love going to SG. Only thing is shopping there is more expensive :P.

I was there for 5 days this round. Shiaks…now I recall, my last year SG trip I’ve not even posted the photos O.o. *Smacking myself*.

This round it’s more relaxing trip. I went out almost every other night either with friends or business dinner or hunting for iPad. Yeah, I lug not only 1, but TWO iPads back for my BIL & MIL. Yes, you read me correct, my MIL uses iPad :P.

this the room, so big right. So busy, no time to enjoy the room except sleeping.

Last year, I stayed in Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore. But this year, our corporate hotel has changed to Marina Sands Bay Hotel.

I’ve also got my room upgraded for free for they ran out of city view room for the smaller room. Double whammy eh :P. A very nice view definitely. Simply breathtaking. With such a big room, I will definitely not require insomnia natural treatment during my stay in the hotel.

Honestly, I didn’t take much photos except of those in the hotel because I was too lazy to bring my camera everywhere. So there are no other photos except photos of Marina Bay Sands Hotel LOL.

The only complains I have for this hotel:

  1. They didn’t gave me new mineral water until my last day O.o.
  2. The TV channels sucks. Only 20 channels and only 1 Movie channel, the rest are news.
  3. The shower water is not strong enough. I prefer the shower in other hotels.

Things which amazes me:

  1. The minibar fridge uses a electronic system, the moment you remove the stuff from there, they will charge you!!
  2. They even provide you a whole set of wine glasses, maybe for those guest that want to celebrate after a big win at the Casino LOL
  3. They provide 3 key card for me, so I can actually bring 2 guest + myself to the SkyPark

Anyway, here are more photos of this latest masterpiece in Lion City.

Roof top of The Shoppe @ Marina Sands

A closer view of Esplanade at day time

Where all the financial institution buildings are

Night view of Esplanade

SkyPark. World tallest infinity pool

Another view of SkyPark

McLaren Mercedes Car in the shopping mall

Branded shopping outlets

The Sands Casino

Oh, they are so efficient, I got my loyalty member card on the same day I register!! It even comes with a picture of me. Cool eh.

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  1. gosh i need to hide my face dy. Ipod, Iphone, Ipad…… i m clueless. if i go get any of the gadget one day, i might need to go for classes to learn how to use it…

    Marina hotel…nice

  2. wow…the hotel is awesome, love to stay in one day but guess must be rocket high price lor!! so big hotel stay yrself ah, shd call us we go tumpang stay ma, hehe

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