Mommy, I rub

Scrapbooking Vyktore

(photo taken 13 Oct 2010)

Few weeks back, Faythe followed MIL to Vietnam, hence I had to work from home to take care of Vyktore. He’s quite a good boy and he never disturb me during the afternoons. He’ll either read his books, play with his robots, cars & dinosaurs, or fell asleep.

On one of the days, while checking out what he was doing, I spotted some colour pencil lines on the wall O.o. Then I went close and check it out. Mr. Picasso Hon drew some potato-head-figure on the wall in our bedroom. He smiled sheepishly and said, “Mommy, this one Ivan, this one Izac”.

Haiya boy, no drawing on the wall!! Forgot to warn him and didn’t know he started to enjoy drawing.

Few days later, Daddy & Faythe came home, then I showed Daddy Mr. Picasso’s work.

Daddy: Vyktore, who draw on the wall?
Vyktore: Jie jie…
Daddy: Are you sure?
Vyktore: Yes!!
Mommy: How can be Jie Jie? Jie Jie not at home, it’s Vyktore right?
Vyktore: No, it’s Jie Jie

Denial stage..but after some probing…

Vyktore: Vyktore draw one.
Daddy: Cannot draw on the wall OK. It’s OK..Your punishment

Daddy gave him an eraser and asked him to erase off his drawing on the wall.

Without much protest, he happily took the eraser and started erasing.

Vyktore: Mommy, I rub erase
Mommy: OK, make sure erase all off OK

Till today, he has not finish erasing his art!!

Once a while, when he remembers he’d go:

Vyktore: Hey..eraser *found the eraser on our luggage bag*. Mommy I continue to erase

OK boy, hope you will finish erasing soon. Luckily you were not decorating my wall with ink stamps. Then Daddy would probably get you to repaint the wall 😛

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