Now his turn…


to push his limits.

Vyktore is 80% of the time a goody-2-shoes fella. But sometimes he can be quite a monster and nuisance that you wish you can zip his mouth. He’s absolutely long winded, that I don’t think even an 80 year old lady can beat him. He will repeat the same lines for days, weeks, or even months!!

So last night, I went to Wai Leng’s place to pass her Faythe’s old school uniform. I shall let her cerita to you in her blog what happen to Yiu Yiu’s uniform :P.

Hence the kids were there like having a kids reunion/gathering and had great fun. So it was getting late, and I had to pack them to go home. Already close to 10pm.

By the time we got home and they took their medicine, Faythe was already half asleep. She got on to the bed and roll about, but kept quiet (not her usual self).

But Vyktore, was still quite an energizer bunny (from the outside), but actually he’s tired too. So I told them, no story tonight since it’s quite late, lets all go to sleep (actually I’m pretty tired, auntie visit).

There he was, sitting on the corner of the bed looking at his dinosaur book.

Vyktore: Mommy, I want dinosaur book.
Mommy: No Vyktore, no dinosaur book tonight. We are all tired, lets all go to bed OK.
Vyktore: NO. Mommy, I want dinosaur book.

Before that he already had his stint of punishment in the car because he smack Faythe on her head as she was holding the uniform and he wanted it to be his friend, not her friend O.o.

And I’ve already told him that tonight’s punishment, you gonna sleep on the floor mattress ALONE!!

So when he started pushing his dinosaur book story still, I took the rotan and wave.

Mommy: Lets all go to bed OK.

Faythe already settle down and started zZZzzz…

Vyktore still the same thing: NO. Mommy, I want dinosaur book.

So I lightly smack his leg with the rotan.

He suddenly woke up from his nagging stint and looked at me. And for the last time:

NO. Mommy, I want dinosaur book.

Mommy: I said NO…go to bed NOW!!

Then he went bawling in the most pitiful face…wuahh…..wuahhhh…..

Mommy: And don’t forget, tonight is punishment, you sleep down there *pointing at the mattress*

So I setup the mattress while he goes bawling

Vyktore: Mommy no. I don’t want to sleep down there. I want sleep with you

Mommy: NO. You go sit there.*pointing at the mattress*

Vyktore: I want sleep with you.

Mommy: Why must punish you tonight?

Vyktore: Cause I naughty. I beat Jie Jie’s head

Mommy: YES!! I’ve told you many times don’t beat people. If you accidentally kill Jie Jie how. Then you don’t have anymore Jie Jie. So tonight punishment, you sleep yourself OK.

Vyktore: Mommy…

Mommy: Sleep there!!

Vyktore: Mommy…sobbing and sobbing and lied down on the mattress

Mommy: Don’t come to my bed OK. So next time before you beat people, better think properly, after beat people, you gotta sleep alone.

He quiet down. Then eventually fell asleep after 10mins.

Geez…another Monster Mommy in action.

I’m getting the hint that nowadays whenever they are tired, instead of crying (like they used to when they were younger) they start behaving weirdly, e.g. doing things that you don’t want them to do, talking against what you tell them not to, and all sort of crazy attitude.

Daddy says I’m bias, that I seldom punish him and punish Faythe more. Obviously, the older one gets more because she’s the role example. If the elder is rotten, the young one will follow as well. So I tend to be more strict to her. But I definitely do not spare Vyktore from punishment as well when his time comes. If not Faythe will definitely feel I’m bias.

Photo taken 1.1.2011. A photo of him and Shirley the Penguin

Life as a parent…

4 thoughts on “Now his turn…”

  1. Now i slowly started to scold my small J … what u said is true abt eldest the role examples ….nextime when the small grow eldest, once kena rotan, the others also hv to rotan edi …

  2. Hi Jazzmint,

    May I know how you start reading bedtime stories to Faythe and Vyktore? About what age you started on them? Will it make them more awake rather than sleepy? I would like to try. So after read to them, just pat them to sleep?

  3. Thanks again for dropping by Jazz. Paiseh gotta trouble you, but it was great catching up.

    What you said about being tougher on the eldest is quite true. Yiu Yiu also always kena from me, but like you said, I always tell her that she needs to set good example for her mei-mei, coz the little just loves to follow whatever her che-che does.

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