Rush Hour


Working on Level 9

I came to know this game, Rush Hour, about 3 years ago when I was in Melbourne. Our friend had this game for his child.

I always love challenging puzzle games like these for myself and the kids as it works their brain and let them think. Learning thru play is always more fun.

So last year while I was shopping I saw this game, I instantly bought it.

Obviously I tried to test if my kids are ready for some puzzle fun.It comes with 40 levels: 10 beginners, 10 intermediate, 10 advanced, 10 experts.

So I thought them about the rules and what we are supposed to do.

Vyktore was more than interested to arrange all the cars within the playing grid. To me that’s not easy as well, because you need to arrange them in certain way so that all the cars can fit nicely in the playing grid. So I just let him do with it and practice his basic puzzle arrangement.

But Faythe got really engrossed, hence I let her try the beginners level to see if she can solve it.

Look at how serious she is

Surprisingly, she managed to solve all beginners level, all by herself, and intermediate level, she managed to solve with some hints I give her on and off.

She’s definitely a puzzle solver!! I also downloaded this game on the spare iphone for them to play, but they still prefer the real Rush Hour. I guess the touch and feel makes it more interesting than just poking at the screen :).

And here’s Vyktore’s masterpiece

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  1. may i know where can i get those puzzles? would love to get them for my daughter.

    ps: have been reading your blog but only a silent reader. 🙂

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