Split tooth


Both my kids are short of 2 canines at the bottom. Somehow it never grew. Does it happen to your kids as well?

Apart from that, Vyktore has an alien tooth as well.

If you look at this picture carefully, you probably spot his lateral incisor at the bottom (near where I put my finger) looks jaggered. If you go really close, actually it’s 1 tooth, but the top part of it is split into 2. Macam 2 head snake you know.

When I first spotted it, I thought he was 2 teeth that grew closely with each other, then I did some inspection and found out it’s actually just 1 tooth that splits at the top O.o.

I’m quite sure it’s not broken or chipped off because I’ve been looking at that tooth for at least 4 years now!!

The other day, we brought him to dentist, it was his first time (Date: 19 March – just for my record). I was pretty worried he might freak out and bite the SH!T out of the dentist, so I did some demo at home to set his expectation right. He did chicken out in the morning while we were picnicking at the park, but after that he was OK. Actually, there’s a big hole in one of his molar and we need to get it filled.

He was fine with the brushing, though a bit fidgety. Then dentist suggest minor cleaning and scaling, that’s when he didn’t agree and refuse to open his mouth O.o. Even with much coaxing, he didn’t want it. So we ended up doing the filling for him without scaling. After the filling, he was so happy. And as a mini reward, I gave him 3 stars, for not freaking out at the dentist.

It’s his 1st experience, so consider quite good.

So back to his alien teeth. Apparently it’s nothing. Dentist say some people just have teeth like that. But the permanent teeth might just be a normal one. No worries bout it.

6 thoughts on “Split tooth”

  1. Actually I don’t really count and check my girls’ teeth hehe, unless the tooth looks alien lar. Don’t worry about V’s alien tooth. It’s only milk tooth right?

  2. You’re not alone…my boy is also missing 2 teeth. I thought it was the canines that were missing, but the dentist confirmed it was the 2 bottom incisors that were missing. Apparently genetic (from his Daddy) 😛

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