Can you share your PC room with your other half?


My answer is a NO.

2 reasons that I can’t share room with him:

  1. He loves aircond. The moment he comes into the room, he switches it on. I hate it because it blows directly behind me and makes me chill. And not forgetting making my lips dry…I prefer to use the fan, anytime.
  2. He’s the utimate messy man. He leaves his things lying around and then start searching for it at every other place except where he left. I bet my things will be lost as well very soon.

And because we’ve been sharing room for the few months since we moved the kids bed into the other room, I’m currently suffering from tornado-after-effect every now and then whenever he comes home. Is this a man thing or is it only my other half?

Picture taken at Great Wall during our Beijing Trip this year.

    10 thoughts on “Can you share your PC room with your other half?”

    1. No, its not a man thing. We are opposites of you. I am the messy one who can’t find my things and I drive my neat freak absolutely up the wall with my messiness. Haha.

    2. I am the opposite. I am the one is messy while my spouse is the neat one so it is definitely not a man’s thing. But he loves air con too while I prefer the fan.

    3. Cannot share… Mine is like your option number 2! Always looking for missing stuff everywhere but not under his nose. LOL

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