Toothless Faythe


* backdated post,3 Apr.

Her 1st toothless photo

About 1.5 months ago, Faythe’s lower incisor started shaking. When we went to the dentist, she asked Faythe to shake it harder so that it becomes looser and comes off easily. But knowing this girl, she just use her tongue to push it lightly. Obviously that’s not gonna make the tooth loose at anytime.

So I told her, every night we will do the tooth-shaking-procedure. I’ll count till 50/100 while loosening her tooth haha..and I tried to shake it harder so that it gets looser and looser.

One night she came and said

Faythe: Mommy, I think it’s ready to come out, why not we tie a string to it then you tie the string to the door and close the door.
Mommy: O.o. Whoa..where did you learn that from?
Faythe: Sponge bob LOL
Mommy: You sure? OK lets try

And so we did, but obviously it didn’t work la. As I slam the door, she follow the thread and run to the door as well *smack forehead*

So next night, I told her

Mommy: It’s OK. Tonight I think it’s gonna come out. Lets try to tie it again and I pull it hard. OK?
Faythe: Hmm…ok *she sounded a bit worried*

So I tied her tooth with a black string. On the count of 1,2,3……..whoops….it’s out!!

That was quick.

There were a lil bit of blood, but she was alright. I let her bite on some cotton to stop the bleeding as I didn’t have gauze at home.

She was very happy that the tooth finally came out. Why? Not because tooth fairy gonna come. But because she can put her tooth into the toothbook that I bought for her months ago.

I told her to keep the toothbook under her pillow before she sleeps. Next morning I sepit RM2 into her toothbook.

She knew it was me and she probe if I left the RM2 there, but I just pretended I didn’t know.

That’s another milestone for my girl. Time really flies, when she first had her tooth, she was only 5 months old. Now she looses it at the age of 6 years 2 months 28 days. And I even spot the permanent tooth sprouting out already.

5 thoughts on “Toothless Faythe”

  1. Bryan’s teeth just fell out last week. We did nothing to it. He just shake it with his tongue once in a while. So it did take a loooooong time for the teeth to fall out. But the benefit is, there was no blood at all, if you let the tooth slowly come loose instead of pulling it out.

  2. Wow! That is fast rite. Hmm, even reading how you all extratced the tooth make my knee go jelly laa. I think I will leave it to hubby when the time comes for Zoe..
    But, Zoe only sprouted her first tooth at abt 8-9 mths old…late bloomer, so I wonder whether her milk tooth will only come off much later …

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