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Throughout my life, I’ve only watch Concert for 3 times. And out of these 3 times, all 3 are Jacky Cheung’s concert. Not that I don’t want to watch other singers’ concert, but the timing was not right. When Audrey and Huey Fong came to HK to visit us last year, we found out that Jacky Cheung was having a concert in Venetian, Macau. All the tickets were already sold out when we learned about this, but later we found out that he added 2 more days and tickets were on sale!! We quickly grab 3 tickets and off we went to Macau on 29th Dec.

This is in fact my 2nd time watching JC concert with Audrey. The last time we went together was during our 20s!! And obviously JC never fails to amaze us. Although he’s 1/2 a century old (that’s also the title of his concert), but he’s even more energetic and charming than previously. Like he say, the older he is, the more good looking he is LOL. All his moves and dances left us in awe. He also paid tribute to his late godmother, Sum Tin Ha. His love notes are forever so touching and he sang them beautifully. He is no doubt a great singer.

There’s a heavy usage of graphics in this latest concert and I read that he choreographed the entire concert himself. Excellent job!! The stage moves from up to down, turn horizontally, split vertically. Then he came with a helicopter while singing and ending the concert with fireworks. Whoa, we were left amazed. He even did a short clip of himself in cartoon from young to old accompanied by his notes.

Come next weekend, I’ll be going for the same concert again, but this time in Hong Kong itself. It will be his final league after performing the same concert for over a year since 2011. I’m really looking forward to next week and this time round I hope I get a better view.

Here are some photos taken during his 100th 1/2 Century Concert in Macau. Oh BTW, if I’m not mistaken, the videoclip of him and Shu Qi was filmed in Macau as well, so watching the concert at Macau itself was indeed mesmerising.

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