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The other day I asked Vyktore to help me put the fresh eggs into the fridge. So happen, there were 2 brown eggs remaining in the fridge, and the fresh ones were white eggs. Here’s the conversation that took place:

Mommy: Vyktore, can you help me to put these eggs into the fridge. (Took an egg and showed him how to put it since it’s his first time).
Vyktore: OK..(as he was placing the eggs) Mommy, when will this egg turn into this?
Mommy: (I was busy cooking, so weren’t looking at what he was doing) What do you mean this egg turn into this? Turn into what? Chicken?
Vyktore: No. When will this white egg, turn to brown egg (pointing the 2 different coloured eggs).

LOL, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Isn’t he so innocent hahahaha..

Mommy: Oh no, they don’t change colour. These are different eggs, that’s why they are different colours. They come from different chicken. Maybe the white ones came from white chicken, and the brown ones came from brown chicken. *Yes I was half correct, read further to see why they are in different colours ;)*
Vyktore: What about black chicken. What colour is the egg?
Mommy: there’s no black egg OK. They should be brown

Sorry, I didn’t know the answer. So today went to google to find out more. Seems that the colour of the eggs depends on the pigments which are deposited as the eggs move through the hen’s oviduct. The pigments are decided by the chicken’s genetic, with some breeds producing rich dark brown eggs while others lay snow white eggs. The eggs inside are essentially identical; there are no major flavor differences between chicken eggs from different birds, as the flavor is determined by the chicken’s diet.

Further reads, I found that there are even such thing like blue/green eggs. :|. Read here:

“It is also possible to find blue to green chicken eggs, which come from the Aracuana, a breed of chicken developed in Chile. Araucanas have also been crossed with other breeds to produce the Americauna, sometimes called the “Easter egg chicken” in a reference to its multicolored eggs.”

Whoa that’s interesting. Thanks to Vyktore, we now know that why the chicken eggs are in different colour.

If you are interested to know more, there’s an article that you can read thru. Thus solves the Chicken Egg Question.

I’m gonna tell him this tonight, and I bet the next question is gonna be: “Mommy, when can you buy me the blue egg, I want to eat the blue egg” LOL.

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    1. Dinah,

      No, he weren’t paying attention when I was telling about the blue eggs, but Faythe told me that we should bring him there to see the blue eggs O.o

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