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3 weeks ago, I went for a short break at Bangkok. The last time I went Bangkok was when Faythe was 9 months old, she’s already 7.5 now. That’s how long ago!! Why such a short trip? Cause I followed hubby’s flight there as he had a nightstop over at Bangkok. What was supposed to be a nice experience turned horrow when the flight was delayed for close to 4 hours :(. But I had to go early and check in since it’s a staff travel ticket. Hence I waited for 4 hours at airport.

When I finally arrived and check-in at Novotel, Suvarnabumi, it was already close to 5am :|. Luckily I manage to catch some sleep in the plane.

This means I only have roughly 12 hours to complete whatever I need to do, which includes: shopping, dining & massage.

First, we stopped at Platinum Mall. I bought some accessories at a steal of price. Next was clothes shopping, only managed to get some ruffled tops for both myself and Faythe.

Then we went to book our massage session at one of this huge massage parlour. Next was more shopping, but this round it’s at Terminal 21. This is a rather new mall, with a chic concept. It’s built like an airport concept, where each of the floor represent a city/country, e.g. London, Dubai, New York, etc. And boy I love their toilet, it’s designed based on each country as well!! Creative :).

Then we head back to the massage parlour to get our massage treat. 2 hours of heavenly massage, just what I needed after a long day.

Of course in between we had food and more food to satisfy our craving for spicy food. We arrive in HK on Sunday noon greeted by heavy rain. Took some photos of clouds and the scene was beautiful. Even managed to catch a glimpse of Tsing Ma Bridge. T’was a short 1 day trip to Bangkok.

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  1. wow, that’s like an F1 trip to bangkok 🙂 i like Terminal 21’s toilets too. Didn’t manage to shop there though. Only got a lot at Platinum 😛

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