It’s papa’s

Motherhood Vyktore

photo taken last year after I shave his head bald 🙂

I usually use Hon’s laptop at home whenever I need to access to internet as I’m too lazy to boot up my office laptop. One night while I was busy playing FB games, this conversation took place:

Vyktore: Mommy, you better stop playing.
Mommy: Playing what? (pretending blur :P)
Vyktore: This one, the game (pointing at my laptop)
Mommy: Why?
Vyktore: Papa will scold…
Mommy: Why papa scold?
Vyktore: Because this is not your computer. You are using his computer, later he scold you. He will find out
Mommy: (=.=) takut nya aku LOL…But papa is not here :P. You don’t tell papa OK, then papa won’t scold me *LOL*
Vyktore: OK, I won’t tell. But you better stop playing now.

Lets hope that he keep his promise and won’t betray me when his Dad comes home.

P/S: My son, papa won’t dare to scold me, if not nobody gonna fix his laptop when it breaks down :P.

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