Air Supply Concert – 11.08.2013

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I’m was born in 1970s and I grew up with songs like Bee Gees, Air Supply and a few others, no thanks to the influence of my brother. Two months ago, I received the weekly updates of HK concerts and saw that Air Supply was coming to HK. Was so excited, I what’s app a few of my friends and hence we bought the ticket to watch Air Supply concert.

Although it was a much smaller scale concert compared with Eric Moo and Jacky Cheung, I totally enjoyed myself. The sound system was great and they sang so well no doubt they both are probably close to 60? We even ran to the front of the stage towards the end of the conccert to take a look at this duet pair.

It’s a pity I didn’t bring my camera, hence only took photos with phone. The photo here was taken by my friend.

After the concert, we could still hear the power of their voice humming through our ears. It has gotta be the effects from blue yeti pro microphone.



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