Contemplative Photography, 17 Oct 2015

Life in HK Photography

Living in HK and having a hectic work life means that I have little chance to meet other people apart from my colleague’s, hon’s colleagues & my kids. I have always wanted to know more like minded people that has interest in photography. Hence I’ve joined a Meetup Photography Group. Only until yesterday I manage to join the 1st outing organised by this Meetup Group.

The topic of the day was Contemplative Photography. A very interesting topic focusing on things that people rarely pay attention.

We all met at Sai Ying Pun MTR Station at 3PM, then started the Photowalk thereafter, exploring some very interesting streets in Hong Kong. I was in awe, mainly because I rarely venture to this part of Hong Kong (shame on me). The entire walk took us about 2 hours and we ended walking the trails along Hollywood Road and Lan Kwai Fong.

Most of us made it to Insomnia Bar at LKF for a quick drink and viewing of each others photos. It was definitely a good outing. I got to know some cool people, made a couple of new friends and exchange some numbers. We were also made to post 5 of our photos to the Meetup Group for feedback.

Here are some of my favourite for the day.

A mermaid having a taco wall grafitti

Old style lift buttons that caught my attention

A dysfunctional fan outside a balcony of a flat

Playing with shadow

Lines perspective from an opened window

A sneak peak into an empty shop house

A lonely bird sitting on the TV Aerial

This graffiti certainly caught all of our attention

came across some shops selling Chinese Burning Stuff and couldn’t help to take photos of these lovely folded Hell Bank notes.

More lines from the Chinese Burning Stuff Shop.

A cat dwelling in its dream.

A taxi driver taking time off by the road side to clean up his taxi.

Patterns spotted on a wall, which I cropped it

Of round, rectangular and tall plants.

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