Ushering 2016


The year of 2015 is coming to an end in just another 15 minutes (at the time I’m composing this post). How should I describe 2015? Exhilarating !!!

This year, I’ve made the most travelling counting back to all the trips (with or without kids). We started off 2015 with a Trip to Okinawa. Then in April, we headed to Perth for Easter Holiday. Come June, Hon and myself went to Bali for a short stay. Not forgetting making 2 trips back to KL in Aug & Dec. The highlight was definitely our 8 days trip to Romania. And we wrap up our year with a family trip to Bangkok just before Christmas.

It has also been a roller coaster ride in my career and I finally decide to take a break from work and spend more time with Faythe & Vyktore. It’s a huge step for me, as I’ve never been a homemaker OR even stop work (maternity leave not counted in this case) since 19 years old!! Not earning a single cent is totally new in my personal dictionary, given that I have full financial independence for my entire life since I started working.

In fact, for the past 2.5 months since I resigned, I’ve been busy tending the family, sorting out our personal life and got rid of our full time helper as well LOL. Yeah, it wasn’t expected, although we have very much plan for that to happen (getting rid of full time helper) sometime later in 2016. Some how, my resignation has helped to fast forward some of the plans that we plan to execute in 2016. I’ve also managed to complete 1 photobook within a short time frame of 2 days.

So here I am now, a full time stay at home mom. Sometimes I feel quite empty inside me, especially when the kids go to school, my better half go to work. I’m just hanging around thinking of stuff I need to do, but just can’t get my butt off from the chair LOL. I guess all the late night & long hours of work for the past 4 years has taken a toll on me and I’m just glad that I can laze around haha…but not for long.

Alright, enough of talking about 2015, so what are the plans for 2016?

When I started 2015, I made a resolution to go gym daily…obviously it has failed, as I’ve not lost any weight in 2015…booohooo….So I told myself, lets not be so aggressive. And for the rest of it, I can’t really remember what were my resolution as it’s been 365 days ago!!!!

Hence I’ve decided that I should jot down my 2016 resolution here so that I can review them from time to time and keep it as a reminder. So here goes my list:

  1. update my blog every once a week (at least)
  2. going gym/exercise 3 times a week (at least)
  3. eating healthy once a week. I’ve set wednesday to be healthy day for the whole family.
  4. catch up with backlogs of photobooks & editing. Target to complete 5 books this year.
  5. training Faythe & Vyktore to be more independent. I’ve given them task to do (chores at home) and we have started this in December as trial run.
  6. bringing my kids out of Lantau Island at least once a month to explore more of Hong Kong.

Here’s wishing everyone have a great start for Year 2016 and may we be blessed with a peaceful year and abundance of joy.

1 thought on “Ushering 2016”

  1. Hi Jazz
    SOOO long didn’t visit your blog.
    You’re not fat at all la, just right. No need to lose any weight 😀
    Your kids have grown so much and both are so leng lui and leng jai 🙂

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