Vyktore Laser Tongue Part 1

Motherhood Vyktore

OK, I think the best and quickest way to update blog is publishing all their conversations throughout all these years . Lets continue with Vyktore and his laser tongue.

30 Dec 2015, when he was 9+
Vyktore comment on tonight’s dinner, cooked by Daddy
ME: Are you OK?
VMHK: Yes. I’m finishing all the egg then the rice. The many other nights food was better. 

11 Jan 2016, when he was 9+
About death of David Bowie
VHMK: Mommy, everyday there’s someone die?
ME: Yes
VMHK: So it’s not possible that 1 day nobody dies?
ME: Yes, maybe tomorrow Mommy die
VMHK: ….no…not possible
ME: Why not, anything is possible
VMHK: I don’t want Mommy die tomorrow.
VMHK: Mommy, I last see that Doraemon creator died

19 Jan, 2016, when he was 9+
On his eating capability and why he eat
VMHK: I could eat 4 chicken pie, Faythe
VMHK: Mommy, I’m not hungry but I just want to eat. I just want to waste my body for fun. 

14 May 2016, when he was 9+
on washing dishes
ME: Vyktore I’ve finished washing.
VMHK: Yay!!! Mommy, thank you so much
ME: Huh…now your turn to wash
VMHK: huh???
ME: Yalah, I only wash mine, you still have all these to wash
ME: …*he thought I was all the dishes for him*

Early May 2016, when he was 9+

On strangers coming to our home
Door bell rang while I was washing dishes….
ME: Vyktore, go open the door, I think it’s Uncle Samuel
VMHK: OK. *Opens the door*….Mommy…it’s not Uncle Samuel
ME: Oh….walked to the door.

The man introduced himself as hon’s colleague. 

ME: Please come in. Hon is taking a shower, please have a seat
VMHK: Mommy, do you know him?
ME: No.
VMHK: Have you seen him before?
ME: No la. He’s Daddy’s friend.
VMHK: Mommy, you keep an eye on him OK. I go mandi

21 Aug 2016, when he was 10+ after summer holiday
VHMK: Mommy, I feel like no. 5
ME: huh???
VMHK: I don’t want to be the baby of the family. 
ME: Then? U want a baby ah?
VMHK: Yes!!
ME: You take care is it?
VHMK: *nods his head*…when he’s naughty I bite his backside. 
ME: …you only want a baby so you got chance to bite his backside la…cause we always bite yours 


26 Dec 2016, when he was 10+
On arcade toys
VMHK: Mommy, so arcade is not a good place right. 
ME: Ya…
VHMK: We just waste all the money to get al the things that’s no use.
ME: yup..
VHMK: In the end we throw away. It’s better not to go right
ME: Yes…best statement ever 


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