From Meh to Mie….

Scrapbooking Vyktore

I notice that I’ve not been blogging bout the kids individually for like ages!!! Thanks to the workload I’ve got at offce & home :(. Not forgetting all those travelling post and what nots.

Vyktore is turning 3 in June and we’re planning for a big celebration (to be fair since Faythe had a big celebration when she turned 3 last year). So what has this little boy been up to?

Speech wise, he’s still very very far from his peers but he’s certainly getting there. He’s been picking up alot of single phrase words and repeating every word of each sentence that we speak to him. Am I worried, YES, definitely!! At certain point of time I wander if he’s autistic or having learning disabilities? But sometimes when I watch him play and learn, I doubt he is.

He’s also starting to string 2 words together, but it’s really funny cause he has a long pause in between 2 words. e.g.


baby……two…… (he can count 2, last week Chin Nee came over with the bumbo boys and Vyktore said baby….two)


Most of the time he doesn’t speak clearly, but I’m trying very hard to catch what he speaks as some of the alphas he’s still not able to pronounce, e.g. F, S, Y.

Lately, he has changed from calling me Meh to Mie. And the other day when he say a plane, he said, Da…di….(too bad Daddy not around).

His world revolves around: CARS, TAIN(TRAINS), COP(HELICOPTER), PANE (PLANE), BOT (ROBOT). Those are what boys made off right ;).

Attitude wise, he’s pretty easy to deal with (probably cause his speech is not that advance yet) and easily contemplated with just his toys.

Oh and he now loves the stroller. Each time we bring the stroller out, he will fight with Faythe to sit on it. I figure that probably because the stroller gives him an experience like sitting on the car :P.

Eating wise, he’s doing very well in this area. He’s the rice boy!! Never go without rice for even a day. He hates western food except macaroni cooked with Chinese boiled soup (typical Chinaman eh). He’s now same weight as Faythe *roll eyes* and I’m pretty sure he will surpass the not-so-big Faythe very soon.

Going to school been easier nowadays as he has started to enjoy himself more.

Oopss..did I just turn this into a monthly update post…I’mafraid I just did. I’m really loving and enjoying every bit of him. He gives me less headache compared to Faythe for sure!!

22 thoughts on “From Meh to Mie….”

  1. Turning 3 ?? So mummy already plan what to hv for the birthday boy ??
    Some kids is slow on speech … i sure later he become a chatter box soon …. sometime i think …if our kids too active too chatter also we worry their might be hyperactive, too slow also we worry ….. izit out job of mum just worry worry worry abt our kids ?? 😛
    BTW, he got a very loving smile …. getting very handsome already….. Thanks for sharing with us …

  2. i love this scrap very much. simple, and filled with love … and Vyktore’s face is being centered. so this handsome boy is turning 3 soon! i look forward to reading more of the celebration!

  3. my case is diff here, eli likes parrot but jo looks like having a gold inside his mouth that make him hardly open his mouth 🙂

  4. Hi there Jazzmint! Been a while since I came over to visit, and your little boy has really grown!! And how cute and handsome he is!! You must be one proud mama! Just hung around your blog and saw many lovely layouts!! Some of my templates!! hehe, if you don’t mind me posting some on my blog sometime, drop me a line can? And one more thing, loved your travel pics!! I too contemplating going to vietnam for June holidays for a week or so (no time for anything longer as my older boy is P6 and there is PSLE (school leaving exam this year)) was that in Hanoi or Saigon? I’m hoping for a culturally different experience for a holiday and a holiday with a lot of history. and nearby and cheap! 🙂

  5. Does Vyktore take the pacifier? If he does, ditch it immediately coz that was what the speech therapist advised us when we brought Alycia to see her when she was about 2+ yo. It really worked!

  6. So, he gives you less headache? Hmmm…… that means the saying that the second child is always the most difficult to deal with is not correct.

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