Another PD Trip, 1st Aug 09

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I’ve been pressed left n right when I’m ever gonna post the photos up. This is what happens when you are a photographer and everyone expects you to post the photos up fast!!

(I love this pic of 3 of them together, giving that same facial expression LOL)

This post is specially for Daddy (he’s the one chasing me everyday when he can see the photos O.o).

We went to PD earlier this month. Yes!! AGAIN!!! We were supposed to go Penang, but at the very last minute, there were change of plans and Daddy feels that PD would be better, because there’s a bike expo in PD that weekend.

Since it was soo soo last minute, we didn’t even manage to book an apartment from our timeshare. So we did a day trip instead.

Daddy rode his bike down to PD with his biker friend, while the rest of us drove down (I’m the driver as usual).

The event was held at Eagle Ranch, a place I’ve been few years back when my office had team building.

Here are more photos of all sorts of bikes that were present at the expo. I got bored after a while cause I had to look after the kids and take photos at the same time, in the end I pass the camera to Daddy and let him take the photos.

Waiting at Eagle Ranch Reception

Daddy with a chrome plated bike

I love detail shots of the bikes, but Daddy prefers the full body cause he says that’s better

Look at the mini scooter!! So so cute!!! I didn’t allow the kids to go near though as next to it they placed a speaker and they were jamming out such loud music!!

A weird looking bike LOL

Vyktore posing with a mini racing bike

More bikes….I love the turquoise colour πŸ™‚

More details of the turquoise colour bike. I love the detailed RIMS!!

Yuen, Daddy’s biker kaki


more bikes……these are all chrome plated

I like how they engraved the wordings on the bike….details details…

Shots taken by Daddy

More from Daddy…

From  Daddy too…

Ms. Faythe happily running on the field

Sylvester the cat on a bike….wohoo……

More details…..slurps……

Another bikers gang just arrived at the location. We were leaving at that time as the weather looks like it’s gonna pour so heavily.

Daddy, posing with his dream bike (not his though :P)

Taken by Daddy…

Detailed skeletons

Triumph Brand

Mafia bike O.o.

Some old bikes line up in a row

After we left the expo, we went to have seafood and it was raining cats n dogs. We waited for a while till the rain stopped, then we went to the beach for some beach fun. This round Vyktore refuse to get wet and he was protesting in this picture when Daddy dragged him into the sea LOL.

He rather play with his Optimus Prime Robot

My 2 sour face kids posing for photos πŸ˜›

Faythe & Lin caught a baby spider and they were playing with it.

Vyktore was more interested in checking out Daddy’s bike. He must be thinking this will be his when he turns 16 next time :P.

Daddy was trying to do some baywatch-rolling-on-the-beach shot and here’s one of it :P. Sexy boh hahaha….

Vyktore found a preggy cat and he was happily feeding the cat with grapes O.o.

Lawrence & baby Jayden, Jayden’s 1st time going to beach and he loves it. But took him 2 hours to warm up.

Faythe, after enjoying herself at the beach for a few hours, she finally settle down in the car and play with Vyktore’s toys.

Vyktore was busy following the cat whenever it was heading to LOL.

Angie with baby Jayden.

Daddy & his bike.
Vyktore requested for a photo with the cat.

We had early dinner at PD and then headed back home. It was raining on our way back :(.

Lets hope we are not going to PD again in 2 months time.

20 thoughts on “Another PD Trip, 1st Aug 09”

  1. Wow! Sooooo many bikes and so ‘canggih’ looking ones. Is dat weird looking bike for display? Was wondering how the biker’s going ride with the seat at one end and the handles at the long end.

  2. this trip is more for the daddy than the mummy and kids. next time, maybe he will accomodate the 3 of you instead πŸ˜‰

    good shots taken tho’ and yay, wanna see the sexy mummy baywatch suit rolling action too πŸ˜›

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